Thomas Kilik
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Ring Names The Dragonheart
Height 5'10"
Weight 213 lb.
Date of birth September 3rd, 1981 (26 years)
Place of birth Raleigh, North Carolina
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Resides Las Vegas, Nevada
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Trainer Sean Cupid, Greg Cupid
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Life Before Wrestling

Thomas Kilik spent most of his early childhood in a suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina. However, that changed when his father, a successful businessman, was forced to relocate the family out of state due to his job commitments. Thomas reluctantly said goodbye to his friends and family in Raleigh, and moved with his parents at the age of 12. This move was to be short-lived, however, as his father’s job required the family to continually move all over the country. This proved far too much for Thomas to bear, as he never could settle down in one place and trust anyone for too long, as he knew that he would have to say a sad goodbye before long. At the age of 16, Thomas told his mother that he would rather go back to his aunt’s house in Raleigh than keep moving all the time. At least in Raleigh, he reasoned, he would be able to stay somewhere for more than a year. His mother sadly agreed and he packed his things and was given a tearful send off the next day.

At the bus station, however, his mind changed. He did not want to go back to Raleigh. Everyone knew him there as a little 12 year old boy, and he felt that he had changed much more than that. The only other bus that was leaving within the hour was one bound for Boulder City, Nevada. It cost more than the ticket to Raleigh, but he took almost all the money he had and bought the ticket. He boarded the bus and was in Nevada several hours later. He stepped off of the bus into a strange city, but at least nobody knew him there. He slept in a cheap motel his first night but had no idea what he would do for food or money once what he had ran out. The next morning while eating breakfast in a local diner, he overheard an old couple talking excitedly about their trip to Las Vegas. He approached the couple and asked them for a ride, to which they agreed. They thought he was over 21 already and he looked safe enough, so they asked few questions.

Las Vegas

Once in Vegas, he thanked the couple for their kindness and checked into a run-down motel that was very far from the famous Strip. He tried to use as little of his money as possible, but it ran out at a fast rate. Left with no money, he asked the motel owner if there was any way he could possibly work in exchange for his room and a meal. The owner, a fairly corrupt man, agreed and had Thomas “clean” the guests’ rooms in order to search and steal their valuables. Left with no choice, Thomas agreed. After some time of doing this, however, he realized that he could just take their valuables and tell the owner that he found little or nothing in their rooms. He kept the jewelry and money he stole inside of his own room until he felt that he had enough to leave the motel. Upon leaving however, he and the owner got into an argument and Thomas narrowly avoided being stabbed when the man pulled a knife on him. Thomas dodged the man’s lunge forward with the knife and the man fell off-balance and hit his head on the edge of the counter and fell unconscious and bleeding to the floor. Thomas left the place as fast as he could.

He spent the next couple of years as a petty thief and conman, learning quickly that he could use his intelligence to get quick money out of tourists. He got a fake ID made that said that his age was 21, and it allowed him to enter casinos and gamble despite being only 18. However, one of the casinos caught up with him and he was found out and arrested. He paid his bail and went back to conning people out of their money on the streets. He missed his court appearance date, and continued doing what he was doing. Unfortunately, one day he decided to pickpocket the wrong man. The man was an off-duty policeman and Thomas was arrested again. At the station, and upon taking his fingerprints, they realized that he already had a warrant for his arrest due to him missing his court date. He had missed his summons for so long that there was no other alternative but jail time. The charge of theft added to his sentence, plus he still had the original charge of underage gambling to answer. In all he spent 2 years behind bars in a minimum security prison. He was released on his actual 21st birthday.

Having spent time in jail, he did not want to go back there but he did not know what to do. Not a lot of places that paid well would hire an ex-convict, no matter how small the crime was. He had little money but he was now legally able to gamble in the casinos. He decided to try his luck in a poker tournament that was sponsored by a small hotel and casino. He did not win, but he was a part of the final table and left with much more money than he initially had. With money in hand now, he decided to head back to where he should have gone in the first place: Raleigh.

His flight to Raleigh landed at 5 in the morning. He hoped that his aunt and uncle had not moved away. He stepped out of the taxi and walked up to the door as it drove off. He knocked loudly on the door and it was answered several seconds later by his aunt, who seemed shocked to see him. He was gone for several years and they had hoped that he was not dead. He had a lot of questions to answer, but he refused to tell them anything. His single sentence to their questions was, “I made some bad choices, leave them in the past.” It took some time, but he eventually gained his family’s trust again. He also contacted his mother, who started to cry on the phone as she spoke with him. He apologized for everything he had done and asked for her forgiveness. He got it in an instant.

North Carolina Indy Scene

However, being out of a job, he needed some way to occupy himself. His aunt’s neighbours and his childhood best friends, the twins Sean and Greg Cupid, would wrestle in the nearby high school gym twice a month with a local indy fed. Thomas had gone to one of the shows and was amazed at the atmosphere that even a small crowd could generate. Growing up watching WCW and WWE, he was used to seeing arenas that were filled with tens of thousands of people on his television screen. The gym contained just over a hundred people, yet their interest in the show clearly beat anything that he had seen on TV. He began to gain interest in it, and he asked the Cupids how he could possibly start a career in wrestling. They offered to train him but reminded him that they wrestled as more of a hobby. They had full time jobs during the week, Greg as a schoolteacher and Sean with a computer software development company.

He learned quickly, using his memories and experience from his childhood ju-jitsu classes to dodge his opponent’s attacks and catch them in joint locks and submission holds. His technical mat skills improved steadily and he was clearly the better technical wrestler than either of his trainers, the twins having had little experience in practicing ju-jitsu. They were aerial experts, and Thomas wanted to learn how to do that, too. He practiced on their trampoline endlessly. It was more difficult for him to learn, but he kept at it and progressed at a steady pace. He kept sparring with them as well, and his skills soon improved to an amazing level.

The Cupid twins got the management of the indy fed to take a look at Thomas’ ability when he fought a match in front of them with Sean Cupid. The show was hours away from starting, and there were no spectators in the gym as yet, but the owner of the fed liked what he had seen. He asked Thomas if he would be fit enough to also wrestle a match on the show itself. An out of breath Thomas smiled and nodded.

He was introduced as “Thomas Kilik”, not his birth name, but he had been going by it ever since he had gotten out of jail. He was booked to lose that first match, but he enjoyed every minute of it. Over time he moved up the ranks in the fed, and was main eventing after several months due to his talent and attitude.

England and OPW

He caught the eye of a recruiter for a fed in England, and he was offered a contract with them. After discussing it with the owner of his current fed, he accepted the offer and moved to England.

Unfortunately, the fed he was invited to join folded quickly after several of its wrestlers failed to appear for an event and the management there was forced to cancel the show. The management of that fed promised to find him another fed, however, and he was soon drafted into OMEGA Pro Wrestling. The OPW was brand new, but its owner was a man who had booked for another popular fed in England and he had a lot of support behind him. The first OPW card featured three matches that would determine who would fight for the OPW title at the next big event. Thomas won his match and moved on in the mini-tournament.

The title match was fought in a barbed wire cage, and Thomas had to face two other men. Thomas had never fought in a cage before, and the prospect scared him a little. The match itself was brutal and bloody, but the end came when Thomas jumped from the roof of the cage, through a hole, and onto one of his opponents with his Imploding Star Press. He won that match and became the first-ever OPW champion. He lost the title two months later due to politics that began to shine through in OPW. He spent the rest of his OPW career in midcard obscurity, winning the Hardcore title twice but losing them quickly on both occasions. He was a very popular man with the fans, but the backstage politics meant that he would not be put into the main event again.

However, OPW’s main financial sponsor pulled out of their contract and OPW closed their doors. A revival was attempted a few months later, but it failed miserably. Thomas joined another fed based in England, Battle Cry Wrestling. The BCW was not afraid to put him into the main event, and he did not let them down. His skills also improved even further, the European technical style of wrestling being incorporated into his own moveset.

A Death In The Family

Eventually Thomas settled into working the English indy scene, and made quite a name for himself. His willingness to make his opponent look well made him a very popular man in and out of the ring. He found himself a steady performer in the upper midcard and main event ranks and several feds were willing to book him.

Unfortunately, his mother had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and he sometimes had to ignore his booking dates to be with her. This led to him getting a reputation of flaking out on feds, and his popularity declined. The matches that he did wrestle, however, were still amazing. He alternated between visiting his mother, and wrestling to finish a written contract he had with one fed in particular.

He was backstage at an event when he got the call that he wished he would never hear. His mother had died. He abandoned everything and left the arena. He took the next flight to Raleigh and never returned to England for several years.


He took some time to mourn his mother's death but eventually decided to restart his career. Greg had been deployed to the Middle East as part of the Army reserve, and Sean was looking for a new tag partner. He joined Sean and quickly re-established himself as a great wrestler.

One day one of the fed's bookers overheard Thomas talking backstage about the direction the company was headed. Thomas had some ideas in his mind about how to make things better. The booker walked up to Thomas and suggested that he should approach the rest of the booking team with his ideas. He did so, and was offered a booking position. With the new role, his active wrestling career was put on hold, and he focused on booking. He wrestled occasionally.


A man named Chris Maxwell attended a show with the intent of hiring Thomas as a booker for his fed, which was about to reopen. Maxwell had the added bonus of seeing Thomas wrestle that night and he was impressed with what he saw. He approached Thomas backstage and introduced himself. Over the next few weeks, Maxwell not only convinced Thomas to be the head booker for his fed, the WRF, but also to be an active wrestler as well.

Thomas quickly established himself as a main event wrestler and was involved in a high-profile feud almost immediately. He feuded with Revelation, handing the much bigger wrestler his very first WRF loss by pinfall. Revelation repaid the favour by defeating Thomas at the next pay-per-view.

After that feud, he became involved with Bobby Bodacious, winning the final match of that feud by a matter of inches in a cage match.

He challenged for the WRF title for a period of time before getting into a feud with Eric Desalve, winning a First Blood match against him in the final match of the feud. That match saw a side of Thomas that few had ever seen and is hailed as one of the most brutal yet technically sound wrestling matches ever.

After Eric Desalve, Thomas became involved with a newcomer to the WRF, Kristopher Damon. The intent of that feud was to establish Damon as a legit force in the WRF. Damon thanked Thomas immensely at the culmination of the feud.

Apart from wrestling in the WRF, Thomas is also their head booker. He leads the booking team in their decision making, and lies directly under the owners, Chris Maxwell and Chris Davis.

The Future

Thomas sees no changes in his near future. He has expressed no desire to leave the WRF. He is signed to a WRF-exclusive written contract, with permissions given only to wrestling occasionally with his old fed in Raleigh or to other events that the WRF explicitly approves of.

He is very well-liked and respected backstage in the WRF, and has stated on numerous occasions that he has finally found a home in wrestling.

Wrestling Facts

Entrance Music - "The Unforgiven" by Metallica

"Remember The Name" by Fort Minor

"Easier To Run" by Linkin Park

"Runaway" by Linkin Park

Favourite Moves

Shooting Star Press (top-rope, standing, running, springboard)

Cannonball Press (he presses his knees close to his chest in midair in the cannonball position)

Shooting Star Frogsplash

Shooting Star Senton (rarely used, since it his his best friend Sean Cupid's finisher, but he is capable of performing the move)

Lou Thesz Press with punch combination after landing

Missile dropkick

Asai moonsault

European uppercut

Dragon screw

Texas cloverleaf

Finishing Moves

Burning Hammer (VERY rare)

Imploding Star Press

Inverted crucifix armbar

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