Real name Terry Gene Lipps
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Height 6'4
Weight 275 lbs.
Date of birth August 11, 1953
Place of birth Tampa, FL
Date of death February 25, 2007
Place of death Hershey, PA
Resides Hollywood, CA
Billed from Hollywood, CA
Trainer Piro Matsushita
Handled by
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Debut 1977
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Thunderlips (born Terry Lipps on August 11, 1953), is a former American professional wrestler who died while wrestling for the WNWA.


Early in life, Terry Lipps was a standout in little league baseball. He also spent ten years playing bass guitar in several Florida-based rock bands, including Puckus and Infinity's Beginning. Many of the wrestlers who competed in the Florida territory at that time would visit the bars in which Lipps was performing.

Lipp's impressive physical stature soon caught the attention of wrestlers Jack Frisco and his brother Gerald. Together, they convinced Lipps to give wrestling a try. Having been a wrestling fan since childhood, Lipps was eager to do so. He trained for nearly two years under the watchful eye of Piro Matsushita, a hard-nosed taskmaster. According to Lipps, during their first training session, Matsushita sarcastically asked him, "So you wanna be a wrestler?" and then casually (and to instill respect, purposefully) broke Lipps's leg before he could stop him.

Lipps dominated wrestling for decades, including once wrestling World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Rocky Balboa, before deciding to tackle the WNWA in 2006 as part of WNWA Vice President Bob Osborne's bsWo. The bsWo were a rogue group that at its height consisted of The Lummox, "The Drunk Guy" Horatio Hernandez, Cyrius Suk, Bone Saw McGraw, The Liberal Librarian, and Suxx Pac (who was killed in a match against fATAS). The group wielded tremendous political power and even had its own referee, Gary Galapagos. Thunderlips fired The Lummox & The Liberal Librarian in a fit of rage after the two were unable to defeat Broadway Brad in a handicap match in which he gained a World title shot.

At the WNWA Legends Reunion pay per view on August 21, 2006, Thunderlips defeated an exhausted Dale Taylor (who had already wrestled four other men in a fatal five way elimination match) for the WNWA World Heavyweight Championship. Osborne ordered Taylor to defend the title at that moment and Thunderlips scored the win after a legdrop. Thunderlips then spray painted bsWo on the belt.

Thunderlips only defended the title twice, once against the jobber Billy Bell. Recently he lost a non-title match to Steve Shocking at the Smoky Mountain Slaughter PPV. He then lost the title to Broadway Brad at Season's Beatings after at first appearing to lose by count-out. WNWA President J.R. Ewing overturned the decision and forced Galapagos to restart the match as a no-DQ match. He then fired Bob Osborne. The match was marred with interference by Captain Redneck who sought revenge for Thunderlips costing The Supremacists a Coward Waves the Flag match earlier in the evening. After Redneck severely beat Thunderlips, Broadway Brad gained the pinfall victory.

Thunderlips later defeated Cyrius Suk to win the World title after Suk took a dive for him. In a match against Captain Redneck at the February Free For All PPV, Thunderlips suffered a fatal heart attack while "Thundering Up." He was then victimized by a bloody Cleveland Steamer attack from The Liberal Librarian and The Turd.

Personal Life and views

  • Thunderlips was the star of his own reality show OIL TV called "Thunder Knows Best." The show focused on his life at home with his wife and two children.
  • Thunderlips encouraged kids to "Say your prayers to Satan, cheat, and take your steroids, brother!"
  • During his WNWA career, Thunderlips wrestled in six matches- losing a title match to Captain Redneck, winning a sham match against Cyrius Suk, losing a non-title match to Steve Shocking, losing a no-DQ match to Broadway Brad due to outside interference, winning a no-disqualification match with outside interference against the jobber Billy Bell, and attacking Dale Taylor after a 45 minute match to win the WNWA World title.


  • Thunderlips used the "bsWo Theme" as his entrance music.


$1.3 million per year, brother!

Title History


  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Leg Drop of Doom
  • Bigboot
  • Regular moves
  • Punch
  • Elbow Drop
  • Back rake
  • Face rake
  • Rear chinlock
  • Face rake with boot
  • Clothesline
  • Running elbow

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