Thursday Night Titans (TNT) is the flagship, weekly show for Titan Pro Wrestling. TNT travels around the country, typically doing 2-5 shows in a single state before moving along. TNT is featured in premier arenas and stadiums around the country, letting everyone see the world-class action of the Titan Superstars. Tickets typically range from $8 for a cheap seat, to $150 for a premier seat.

December Shows

December 28th

  • Christmas Tournament: Philip Storm def. Hellraiser. Storm becomes first ever Titan Christmas Tournament Champion.
  • Rooster def. Michael de'Archangel.

December 21st

  • KayeM def. Romane. KayeM got some help from Rooster for the win, while Rooster's girl, Beulah, distracted the ref.
  • Company-Wide Battle Royal. Jared McCallister eliminated Maria Valdez to win the #2 Contender for the West Coast Title.

December 7th, 2006

Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada ... Mandalay Bay Events Center

  • Philip Storm def. Jason Creed
  • Xander Grace def. Diabolik
  • Noah Lions def. Ace Static
  • Jay Romane came out to the ring, demanding KayeM come and face him in a match right then and there. KayeM came out, and the two traded words. Nathan Kurr came out, telling them they'd have match for the #1 contendership for the West Coast Title at Winter Warfare
  • Nathan Kurr announced a company-wide Battle Royal for the #2 Contendership for the West Coast Title
  • Skylar Sage & Michael de'Archangel fought until a countout, resulting in a Double-DQ
  • Rooster def. Maria

November Shows

November 30th, 2006

Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada ... Thomas & Mack Center

  • Skylar Sage def. Ace Static
  • Maria Valdez def. Diabolik
  • Jared McCallister def. KayeM
  • Michael de'Archangel def. Noah Lions
  • Rooster def. Jay Romane

November 23rd, 2006

Titan officially opened its doors on November 24th, 2006. The show was held in San Diego at San Diego State University.

  • Rooster def. Corey Baine
  • Maria Valdez def. Azreal Graves
  • Michael de'Archangel def. Jay Romane

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