New Kontra
Real name Tierre Fountain
Ring Names "Kontraversee"
"Tierre Fountain"
"The Kid"
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 209 lb
Date of birth September 15th, 1988
Place of birth St. Paul, MN
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Resides Omaha, NE
Billed from St. Paul, MN
Trainer N/A
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Debut 2006
Retired June 2007- December 2007, (returned)

Tierre Fountain is an American professional wrestler, better known by his in-ring name Tierre or Kontraversee. He currently works for the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance and PWSWF rosters.


Before Wrestling

Tierre was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. Having to fight almost everyday just to get from home to school, from school to back home, he caught an episode of WCW Monday Nitro that instant he knew he wanted to be a wrestler.

Wrestling Career

Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

Tierre entered the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance in the spring of 2007, making his name in the now-defunct High Fly Division. He would disappear from FWA months later after a loss to AJ Hart in a battle for the High Fly Championship in June of 2007.


Tierre debuted in PWSWF under a new name of Kontraversee. On the January 13, 2008 episode of Heat, he defeated Kericho to earn a chance at the X-Division Championship. A week later he defeated Marcus Larkin. At Resurrection, Kontraversee and Kericho lost to Walking Death in a match for the tag team championships. The next night on Heat, he lost to X-Division Champion, Chupacabra. After the match he requested a rematch. On March 9th, 2008 at Clash of the Champions XII he along with Ryan Taylor and champion Chupacabra lost to Rion Kuroda in an Ultimate Xmatch for the PWSWF X-Division Championship. Four days later on an episode of Mayhem, Tierre beat Rion Kuroda for the PWSWF X-Division Championship. On March 26th at Closure, Kontraversee lost the X-Division title to rival Ryan Taylor after he inadvertently knocked his girlfriend Sharqueeta off the apron unconscious. At the start of Season 10, Kontraversee unsuccessfully participated in the Battlebowl tournament. At the first PPV of the season, Kontraversee won a four man ladder match to earn a shot at the TV Championship. The next night on Mayhem, Kontraversee defeated Johnny Malibu to win the TV Championship after attacking him before the match, turning heel in the process. He then successfully retained against Malibu a week later before dropping it the next week to Fuzz. At the PPV Turbulence, Kontraversee teaming up with Mack Crenshaw, defeated PWSWF legends Jeremy Lightning and Vile in a Money in the Bank tag ladder match. Two weeks later on Mayhem, Kontraversee and Mack Crenshaw cashed in their Money in the Bank contract, defeating Tank and Van Vader after a grueling match up with Apache and Vile. After the match, Kontraversee and Crenshaw, with assistance from newcomer Malik Jackson and newly turned heel, Desmond Young, laid out the former tag champions and formed Blaq Powah.

Blaq Powah

On the July 15, 2008 episode of Mayhem, Kontraversee formed Blaq Powah with fellow PWSWF superstars Mack Crenshaw, Malik Jackson, and Desmond Young. Throughout the rest of the summer, Blaq Powah engaged in a feud with the New Age Horsemen minus PWSWF World Champion Tony Ortiz, and to a lesser extent, the Unholy Alliance. On the July 28th edition of Mayhem, Blaq Powah traded their titles back to the New Age Horsemen. After a short brawl between the three teams, PWSWF representative Jack Money informed them that at the Vexxed PPV, they would face each other in a War Games style Terrordome match. At Vexxed, Blaq Powah lost to the New Age Horsemen in the Terrordome. Though they lost, Blaq Powah was able to get the last laugh in the end and stood tall after throwing Tank off the top of the 100 ft. cage, unconscious. During the pre-season, Kontraversee won the annual Eddie Guerrero Memorial Cup, defeating Vile in the finals. At the start of the 11th season, Blaq Powah made it known that they would be on top of the PWSWF once again. They successfully acted on their claim by taking home every championship in the PWSWF at the Heatwave PPV (except the PWSWF World Championship). After interference from new PWSWF tag team, The Rock Squad, Blaq Powah lost their titles back to Savage Vengeance on Mayhem. With the retirings of Malik Jackson and Desmond Young, Blaq Powah has been regulated to a tag team. Mack Crenshaw and Kontraversee are currently engaged in a feud with Crenshaw's former tag partner P.T. "PimpJuice" Jackson.

Return to FWA

Tierre returned to the FWA under the Kontraversee gimmick on the February 8th edition of FWA Fight Night in a press conference. On March 7, 2008, he made his in-ring return on Smash squashing David Weinstock. On the March 14 edition of Fight Night, Tierre squashed The Shadow Chief in singles action. The following week Tierre and Chief had a rematch where The Shadow Chief came up short once again. Two days later at the Back In Business PPV pre-show, Tierre once again defeated The Shadow Chief. On the following episode of Smash, Tierre was handed his first loss since returning to The Shadow Chief after a heated confrontation backstage before the match. In mid-spring, Tierre started a feud with Black Hurricane, who he felt was trying to steal his thunder. At Payback, their match went to a no contest after Tierre’s brother Yung Wun attacked him pre-match. After months of tormenting Black Hurricane, Hurricane finally defeated him at Desert Storm in a Bootcamp Match.

Fight Night Brand

A week after Desert Storm, Tierre was drafted to the Fight Night brand.


After much speculation, Tierre was traded to the CrossFire brand. He is currently on a leave of absence from FWA to focus on his PWSWF career.


In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Superkick
    • Corkscrew Moonsault
    • HMX (Three Amigos)
  • Nicknames
    • Mr. Kontraversee
    • S.T.P.'s Finest

The S.T.P.

The S.T.P. is an interview segment featuring "Mr. Kontraversee" Tierre. The segment debuted in PWSWF, and most recently was used in the FWA On the segment, Tierre interviews rivals and other members of the roster, usually taunting them in the process.

Championships and Accomplishments

Personal Life

Was jumped into a gang at the age of 12. Walking to school one day, he was jumped by some thugs who stole his things, that same night he turned on WCW Monday Nitro on his television and wanted to turn his life around and become a wrestler. He and his step-brother Yung Wun went to South High School where Tierre met Sharqueeta Jenkins. Their relationship would be short-lived as Sharqueeta disapproved of his street life. Prior to debuting in the PWSWF, he reconciled with Sharqueeta and she's now his ring manager.

During his first stint with the FWA, he met Keisha Porter in a night-club, she became his manager until he left the FWA. In his return press conference, Tierre explained her absence by saying "I kicked that hoodrat to the curb".

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