Tiffany Marshall
[[Image:|px|Image of Tiffany Marshall]]
Real name Tiffany Marshall
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Height 5'9"
Weight 121 lbs.
Date of birth November 21st, 1985
Place of birth Los Angeles, California
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Resides Boston, Massachusetts
Billed from
Championship Wrestling Federation
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Tiffany Marshall is currently employed as a ring announcer for the Championship Wrestling Federation.

Early Life

Tiffany Marshall was born to a wealthy California family on November 21st, 1985. Her mother and father had a relatively unhappy life together, and traveled frequently for business. This often left Tiffany alone in her home with nothing to do but watch television. At the age of 5, Tiffany found a wrestling production on cable television. She instantly became hooked, but knew she lacked the talent or resources to become a successful wrestler. As soon as she graduated from high school, she left her torn family behind and drove to Austin to work with a local wrestling promotion. She worked her way up from the mailroom to the ring platform, calling the matches. When Anthony Romeri went to see one of the shows in order to collect some talent, he saw the undeniable charisma Tiffany had in the ring. Romeri hired her on the spot and flew her out to Boston.

Personal Life

  • Tiffany has been romantically linked to both Chris Camry and Adam Aerts in her stint with the CWF, although both relationships were suddenly broken off when the wrestlers were fired or retired from action.
  • Tiffany has only one pet, a cat named Tinkerbell.

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