Tiger Lily
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Height 5'4"
Weight 108lbs.
Date of birth June 20th, 1986
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Resides Orange County, California
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Divas Unleashed
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Debut April 2006 (Divas Unleashed)
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Growing up in the upper-class suburbs of Orange County, California, Lily Connors has had what one may call a perfect childhood. Her family lived a life of luxury near the California shore, in a large mansion situated in the same neighborhood of celebrities such as George Clooney and Teri Hatcher. Her father was a wealthy banker, who came from a long line of businessmen who were also in the banking business. Lily is the oldest of four daughters and is certainly the most outspoken. By the age of four she had the dream to follow in Madonna’s footsteps and become the next big superstar.

However, these dreams were simple fantasies and Lily never saw the inside of a recording studio. Instead, she attended a very prestigious private school for girls, graduating at the top of her class. She was captain of the gymnastics team, as well as the cheerleading squad, which would explain her award for “Most Energetic” at her high school graduation. Her life was just as normal as any other teenager’s that is if other teenagers lived in a mansion with a staff of twenty-three and spent their weekends shopping on Rodeo Drive. It was around her 18th birthday that Lily decided she wanted to become a professional wrestler.

There was no particular reason for her decision to become a wrestler, mostly it stemmed from the fact that no one believed she could ever participate in such a demanding sport. In an effort to prove everyone wrong, Lily enrolled in a local wrestling school just for the heck of it.

Wrestling Career

Divas Unleashed

In April 2006, Lily became an exclusive wrestler for the all-women’s federation, Divas Unleashed. She starting wrestling under the name “Tiger Lily” and made her debut on DU’s Exile by defeating Xaria Xenia Xenos in a debutants matchup.

Lily continued to steamroll through DU by beginning a lengthy winning streak. She made her PPV debut at Bitch Bitch Bang Bang by teaming up with Mystika to defeat Tracee Nguyen and Noriko Lee in their native country of Japan.

After the PPV, Lily became involved in her first on-screen feud with wrestling legend and reigning Askai Champion, Dame Barbara. The dueling divas clashed many times in tag matches in the weeks proceeding to Forsaken Destiny, where Lily was scheduled to wrestle Dame Barbara for the Askai Championship.

After winning the Askai Championship at DU’s grandest event, Forsaken Destiny, Lily’s career began to skyrocket. She’s become a fan favorite within the company, having won the Diva of the Month award twice in her career, once on her own and once with the Monroe sisters as Blonde Ambition. In late 2006 she was nominated for two FWA awards but lost out to Crystal Hilton in both categories. However the night was spectacular anyways as Lily got to perform on stage with her friends Tequila and the woman who beat her, Crystal Hilton.

She’s challenged for the Unleashed Championship a few times and is hopefully looking to add a run with that belt to her list of accomplishments. But until that day comes, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’ll continue to get the party started along with her BFF’s in Blonde Ambition.

Tiger Lily was surprised by the addition of Felicity to the group, and the two seemed to be at odds since the start. At first there were many small incidents, but eventually things boiled over after a match between Lily and Yuku Shiro which Lily had won. During the victory celebration, Felicity had entered the ring and attacked Yuku Shiro but Lily felt that such tactics were not needed and tried to prevent the attack but ended up getting attacked when Yuku was able to recover.

This lead to a match at the Divas Unleashed PPV Every Bitch But Me where Lily was placed in a triple threat match along with Felicity and Yuku Shiro for the Divas Unleashed championship. This was Lily's third attempt at the Unleashed Championship. For the first bit of the match Felicity and Lily seemed like they were having a friendly match against the champion but eventually after both had prevented the other from winning, the two had finally come to trading blows and catfighting in the ring which allowed Yuku to regain an advantage. It was Felicity that ended up winning this match and the championship by pinning Yuku while Lily was knocked out after Yuku's Life Hammer finishing move.

Felicity and Tiger Lily will face on an upcoming edition of Exile where the loser of the match has to leave Blonde Ambition.

Trademark Moves

  • Summer Lovin' (450 Splash)
  • Snaggletooth (Chick kick)
  • OC Flip (Sunset flip powerbomb)
  • Wavefront (Top rope hurricanrana)

Titles Held / Accomplishments

  • Divas Unleashed Champion
  • Divas Unleashed Askai Champion
  • September 2006 Diva of the Month
  • Febuary 2007 Diva of the Month (w/ Blonde Ambition)
  • DU's Top Model

Theme Music

  • "Centerfold" by Pink (current)
  • "Express Yourself" by Madonna

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