Tim "The Human Buzzbomb" Selvidge is a wrestler for VSW (Vegas Stakes Wrestling) in the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance. Shootclub Wrestling Alliance He has also competed in SCI (Shootcamp International) and SCW (Shootcamp Wrestling)

Starting Out (11/12/06 - 11/26/06)

Tim Selvidge started out in Shootcamp, the training ground in the SWA, and embarked on a 25-match winstreak after he dominated BaconBoy.

Shootcamp International (SCI) (11/28/06 - 02/24/07)

Tim Selvidge gets his first piece of gold by winning the SCI Gladiator Championship from Backalour on 12/13/06 at SCI Ritorno Alla Gloria! in a barbed wire ropes match, possibly bringing Tim to the forefront of SCI and giving him the boost he needs to become a future hardcore legend.

The winstreak continues in SCI until 12/15/06 when "The Fox" Conner Kendrick is able to beat "The Buzzbomb" by knockout in 10:48.

12/21/06: Battaglia Del Mercato. Tim defends the Gladiator Championship against the man he took it from, Backalour. The match, Tim wins on DQ because of the interference on Hoodlum's part. This sparks a feud with Hoodlum's tag team partner, "Suicide" Steve West.

January saw Tim Selvidge as a contender for the SCI Heavyweight Championship. It didn't take long for Tim to win the gold on 01/06/07 but it did provide fuel for the fire on the heated feud between Selvidge and Steve West.

On SCI's final show 01/18/07's Life as a Rookie, Selvidge beat his rival,Suicide Steve West by pinfall right in the middle of the ring.

January saw Tim continue to dominate the Heavyweight Title scene until the end of the month.

February would see Tim tag teaming with SCI TV Champ, Enfuego as "Competition". With this, their first match showed them capturing the SCI Tag Team Titles which they successfully defended throughout the month en route to amassing the 2nd longest career winstreak of any tag team currently in the entire SWA.

Ironically, this saw Tim lose his SCI Heavyweight Title to his tag partner, Enfuego the next night after they both won the Tag Titles. Tim had the chance to win the title back, but couldn't and he was in contention for the SWA Junior Heavyweight Title instead.

Tim won the SWA Junior Heavyweight Title from Randall Arson on 02/21/07, but he lost it to Groovy Gravy in his first defense on 02/23/07. This was Tim's last bow in SCI.

Shootcamp Wrestling (SCW) (02/26/07 - 03/24/07)

Not necessarily Tim's shining moments. Tim first off did not even know he was wrestling for SCW until the night he got there. He tried unsuccessfully for the SCW Heavyweight Title throughout the month, which was won (and kept) by "DV8" David James Vallen.

Selvidge and Enfuego though, were able to keep their winstreak alive and win the SCW Tag Titles right off the bat which they defended successfully throughout the month.

03/04/07: SCW Shotgun Sunday: Tim Selvidge defeats "Candyman" Peter Belois.

03/13/07: SCW Frontline: Tim Selvidge tries unsuccessfully for the SCW Exhibition Title in a Blindman's Bootstrap Match with Ric Afflis and the defending champ, The Jaybird. This was considered by Tim to be the most idiotic match he's been in to date.

(note Ric Afflis won the match)

03/25/07: In Selvidge's last SCW match, he faces the Jaybird at SCW: Declaration of War. He loses by count-out.

Vegas Stakes Wrestling (VSW) (03/26/07 - )

Tim and Enfuego make their way into VSW. Tim tries unsuccessfully to win the VSW TV Title in a tournament.

On 03/27/07 Competition suffer their first loss, and lose the SCW Tag Titles to Far Out (Jaybird/Clix) but that is of no concern since Competition is in VSW at the moment.

Both Tim Selvidge and Enfuego have been mentioned by "Primetime" Elijah Hunter on SWA/VSW Popular Demand. Afterwards, this really gets to Buzzbomb and him and Enfuego crack Elijah Hunter's skull with what has become known as the "Chairshot Heard 'Round the World"

On 04/24/07, Tim participated in VSW Live taking on Arch Stanton. Sadly, he lost, but will be teaming with Enfuego to take on Elijah Hunter and Ricky Valero at VSW All In.

04/29/07 VSW All In saw Tim team with Enfuego to take on Valero and Hunter who have dubbed themselves the "Natural Born Playaz." It was an exciting match with Competition picking up the victory after Enfuego nailed The Inferno.

May proved to be a hard month for Tim to swallow. He had his hopes set on being the SWA Hardcore Champion, but it just didn't pan out for him. He (along with everyone else) was never to unseat the current champ, Raven Gray from his spot.

On top of that, 05/06/07 VSW Collision Course saw Tim Selvidge go one on one with "The Dragon" Drew Ryan. Yes, Tim was able to pick up the win with his patented rolling fisherman buster "I Saw It Done In A Movie Once" but he was immediately bum rushed by Elijah Hunter in the middle of the ring.

The next week, Tim Selvidge found himself dangling 30 ft. above the ring with his hair dyed pink and in drag compliments of Crisis Intervention Aces High. Tim sadly has yet to find a way to get the pink hair dye out so he has appropiately dubbed himself "The Pink-Haired Singapore Cane Swinging Freak" from it.

05/13/07 VSW Collision Course saw Tim in the Iron Man Tournament. In the first round he had to face his tag partner and because of it, toughest opponent in Enfuego. Enfuego was able to score the pinfall with a top rope moonsault but not without a hard fought match. Enfuego himself though didn't go all the way either.

Before the cameras cut off for the night on that episode, Selvidge and Enfuego caught up with the Natural Born Playaz with Kristin Kross caught in the middle of the whole fiasco. Looks like things are heating up for the big PPV.

Memorial Day Mayhem saw Competition lose to the Natural Born Playaz in a very controversial manner when Ricky Valero used Kristin Kross as a meat shield to block Enfuego's "Inferno" as Enfuego leapt over Kristin (and Ricky) Ricky capitalized with his "Ain't So Pretty" for the win. But the feud still wasn't over.

At the next Collision Course,06/03/07, Tim and Enfuego both invaded Elijah Hunter and Ricky Valero whilst they were running their mouths. Tim and Enfuego came up with the idea for a street fight at VSW Tilt.

Collision Course 06/10/07, Tim lost his match against Redneck Intellectual Randall Arson. After the match, Randall Arson freaked out when Dark Penguin Lord sent a video message to Arson about the Jurong Bird Park Match.

Collision Course 06/17/07, Extreme Randy issues his hardcore challenge to anyone backstage and it was Tim who answered the call. Because of this, the match was on. Even though Tim connected with a Death Valley Driver that dumped Extreme Randy headfirst into a flaming thumbtack trash can, Tim still lost when Extreme Randy locked on his trademark Texas Cloverleaf and Tim had to submit.

VSW: Tilt, The big street fight, which is now coincidentally for the VSW Deuces Wild #1 Contender Spot, saw both teams of Competition (Enfuego/Selvidge) and The Natural Born Playaz (Valero/Hunter) square off with weapons legal. It culminated into a double team flapjack by Competition on Hunter through a flaming table that would pick up the victory for Competition! And a shot at the Deuces Wild Titles sometime soon...

On 06/30/07, Competition won the VSW Tag Team Titles by defeating The Drones V and VI by pinfall in 30:57. This marks Competition's 3rd Tag Title reign.

On 07/08/06 on VSW: Collision Course, Mr. Walter Knack had ordered for Rostam Zadgan, the only active member of the Evil Alliance (then Deuces Wild Champions) to defend the title in a 2 on 1 handicap match against Competiton (Selvidge/Enfuego) and Competition were able to pick up the victory and the titles after a corkscrew moonsault pin by Enfuego.

On the 07/22/07 Collision Course, Tim Selvidge is seen in the office of Walter Knack with Extreme Randy talking about the Sin City Champion, Nero Flynn and as the arguement comes to a head...who else appears but DPL?

On Collision Course, 07/29/07, Tim Selvidge makes an attempt to claim the Sin City Championship under the 24/7 rule by sneak attacking Nero Flynn in the parking lot. It doesn't work though.

Also, at the big SWA PPV, Competition ends up losing the Deuces Wild Championship to the Evil Alliance in a triple threat match that also involved The Natural Born Playaz.

08/12/07 Collision Course sees a big triple threat for the Sin City Championship pitting the new Sin City Champion, Dark Penguin Lord against Extreme Randy and Tim Selvidge. DPL was able to pick up the win.

08/19/07 Collision Course saw a six-man tag match pitting Competition and Elijah Hunter against Wyatt Carlton Milhouse and the Evil Alliance. Didn't end up too well as Elijah Hunter double crossed Competition, leaving it as a 2 on 3.

08/31/07...VSW Viva Vegas. Competiton vs Evil Alliance for the Deuces Wild Championship and in a huge double DDT, Competition picks up their second title. The crowd went completely insane!

09/12/07 Collision Course, Tim Selvidge interrupts Extreme Randy by spearing him to the ground and pummeling the living daylights out of him. Extreme Randy is the current Sin City Champ and Tim is still on his quest to nab it. This just proves it and adds fuel to the proverbial fire.

On the 09/21/07 Collision Course, Extreme Randy defended his Sin City Championship against Tim Selvidge. As Selvidge was just about to put away Randy with "I Saw It Done in a Movie Once"...Sue Schneider comes out of nowhere, delivers Lights Out to Randy, and cracks Selvidge over the head with his own lightbulb baseball bat. Randy picks up the win.

October sees The Brigade making their presence known in VSW. They really are getting under the skin of Tim Selvidge, along with Enfuego and Dave Vallen. There may be something huge coming up from all of this....

10/07/07 Collision Course showcase Tim Selvidge and Sue Schneider in a Hardcore match. Tim is still seething over his loss at the hands of Sue. It ends up a No DQ as Extreme Randy bum rushes the ring. Mr. Walter Knack decides to make a Triple Threat for the Sin City Championship. Extreme Randy vs Sue Schneider vs Tim "The Human Buzzbomb" Selvidge.

10/21/07 Collision Course sees the rivalry for the Sin City Championship really sizzle as Tim and Sue have a confrontation. Later, Tim and Enfuego team up to defend their Deuces Wild titles against The New Old School. It's a no contest as The Brigade storms the ring.'s made official that at SWA Zerohour it'll be a 4 on 4 match pitting Competition, Dave James Vallen and Macgyver vs The Brigade.

The 4 on 4 match would leave Selvidge and his crew defeated, but not completely beaten. The feud was just heating up. Tim kept his sights set on the Sin City Championship as a sort of a side project, but now it seemed his focus shifted more towards the Brigade.

The big PPV on Nov. 2nd, Halloween Hell saw Tim Selvidge try again for the Sin City Championship in a triple threat against Extreme Randy (Sin City Champ) and Sue Schneider. Tim lost as Randy grabbed his pants to hold him down with a schoolboy pin.

11/11/07 Collision Course saw Competition (Selvidge and Enfuego) defend the Deuces Wild Championship against the Evil Geniuses. (Aconite/Bobby Biceps) Competition dropped the titles after Biceps gets the pin on Enfuego.

11/19/07: SWA King of the Mountain saw quite possibly the biggest match in Selvidge's career. An 8 on 8 Sudanese Razor Wire Cage Match. 11/26/07 VSW: Jackpot saw Tim Selvidge finally pick up the Sin City Championship against Extreme Randy.

Sadly the Sin City Title reign wouldn't last long due to the new promoter Max Deathrage wanting to strip all champions of their gold. Tim took exception and first laid out the two officials Rob Fugazi (with a Human Dart) and Kaen Blackthorne (with a clothesline) before planting Deathrage right in the middle of the ring with a Kansas City Crash and Burn.

On the next Roll of the Dice, Tim Selvidge, Greg Steele and Enfuego would go head-to-head-to-head in a triple threat where the winner would keep the gold and the losers would be stripped.

Competition took on Xtreme Chaos on the December 17th edition of Roll of the Dice. It was a fast paced match with Selvidge delivering the Kansas City Crash and Burn to Maverick Duncan for the pin.

VSW: Christmas in Hell: Greg Steele vs Tim Selvidge for the VSW Lights of Las Vegas/Sin City Championship. A hellacious match that saw steel chairs,trash cans and kendo sticks come into play. Selvidge proved to be too much for Steele as he dropped him with a Kansas City Crash and Burn to win not only the Sin City Title, but the LOLV Title as well.

01/01/08: Roll of the Dice HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was the start of a VSW version of Blind Faith for the High Roller Championship. Tim Selvidge ends up teaming with Happy Jack in a match against Bobby Biceps and Billy Rathbone. Tim seemed to be dominating the match but came up short due to Bobby Biceps managing to sneak in a small package for the pin.

Signature Moves

The Human Dart: Tim bounces off the ropes...either of his own free will, or from an opponent's whip...when he comes back...he lets loose with a huge spear takedown.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Tim hooks his opponent for a belly to belly suplex...then he launches his opponent over his head...and backflips keeping his opponent in his clutches, and as his opponent is overhead belly belly suplexed, they are also crushed by Tim's body.

Didn't See That One Coming, Did Ya?: Tim will jump into the air and wind his arm up...and as he comes down, he comes down with a huge bionic elbow that cracks into his opponents skull.

Blood in Your Urine:A Belly to Back Suplex...where he twists his opponent 180 degrees and drops them groin first onto his knee...he may follow this up by bouncing off the ropes and hitting a boot to the face...or The Human Dart.

Bombs Away!: A top rope senton bomb. After teaming up with a high flyer like Enfuego, a kamikaze mindset tends to rub off.

I Saw It Done In A Movie Once: Tim's former finisher before adopting The Kansas City Crash and Burn. Starts off hooking an opponent in a fisherman/Perfect/Henning plex and using the hooked leg as a lever to roll the opponent 360 degrees onto Tim's waiting knee. A rolling fisherman facebuster essentially.

The Bass Line: Modified Texas Cloverleaf with Tim stepping back and placing a foot on the neck of the downed opponent, really wrenching the back.

!!! Driver: You probably would never think Tim could do this, but he gets his opponent on the second rope and he himself climbs to the top rope. He gets his opponent's head in between his legs and frontflips off, sunset flipping the opponent, and spiking their head straight into the canvas from 6 feet up. Don't think you'll get up from that any time soon.

The Kansas City Crash and Burn (Tim's actual finisher): The move starts off with Tim hoisting his opponent up in a reverse death valley driver position, on his shoulders with the opponent face up. From here he flips the opponent over and he turns himself inward to catch the opponent who is now face-down in a stunner/cutter position, snapping the opponent's neck off his shoulder.

(if feeling extremely agressive, he'll even bounce off the ropes and finish it off with a huge running boot to the opponent's head)

Titles Won

SCI Gladiator Championship 1x (12/13/06-02/25/07) Won from Backalour, vacated when SCI closed.

SCI Heavyweight Championship 1x (01/06/07-01/30/07) Won from "Suicide" Steve West, lost to Enfuego.

SCI Tag Team Championship 1x (With Enfuego) (01/29/07-02/25/07) Won vacated titles in tournament, vacated when SCI closed.

SCW Tag Team Championship 1x (With Enfuego) (02/26/07-03/27/07) Won vacated titles in tournament, lost to Far Out (Jaybird/Clix)

SWA Junior Heavyweight Championship 1x (02/21/07-02/23/07) Won from Randall Arson, lost to Groovy Gravy.

SWA Hardcore Championship 1x (11/06/07 -11/27/07 ) Won from Sebastian Blake, lost to Sebastian Blake.

VSW Tag Team Championship 4x (With Enfuego) (06/30/07- 07/03/07 ) Won from The Drones, lost to Pen And Penguin Gamers.

(08/15/07-08/18/07) Won from Roscoe Law & Steve West, lost to Roscoe Law and Steve West

(09/13/07-10/02/07) Claimed vacant titles, lost to The New Oldschool

(10/23/07- 11/23/07) Won from The New Oldschool, lost to Evil Geniuses.

VSW Deuces Wild Tag Team Championship 2x (With Enfuego) (07/08/06-07/29/07 ) Won from The Evil Alliance, lost to The Evil Alliance

(08/31/07- 11/11/07 ) Won from The Evil Alliance, lost to Evil Geniuses.

VSW Sin City Championship 2x (11/26/07-12/11/07) Won from Extreme Randy, stripped of title by new promoter, Max Deathrage.

(12/25/07- ) Claimed vacant title, defeating Greg Steele. Also claimed the LOLV Title in the match.

VSW Lights of Las Vegas Championship 1x (12/25/07-01/01/08) Won from Greg Steele, also winning the vacant Sin City Championship in the match, stripped of title by promoter Max Deathrage due to not meeting weight requirements.

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