Tina McRosen (born Aprill 5th 1987) is an American Stripper turned Porn star turned profesional wrestling valet who goes by the ring name Tina Sextrous.

Early life

Born in upstate New York to strictly religios parents, all though she apeared to be a typical "Girl Next Door" she was far from it and was considered the black sheep off her family. She did well in High School but dropped out after learning from the principle that in order to go to college she'd have to get at least an A in PE, something she was never good at and she thought she'd never be either.

Stripper days

After she dropped out of high school she went to work as a stripper much to her parent's disaproval, however she quit after she witnessed her employer raping annother stripper something that would prove vital later on as she was called on as a witness at her for employer's Court Date where she helped him get 15 years in prisson.

Porn star

After that she sort work as a porn star this time telling her parents that she had been employed as a secertery for a French speaking company (neither of her parents know French), she made a few minor apearences before landing a staring role in "Tina's Sexy Island Adventures" alongside fellow Porn Star Shelly, the movie was a big success and the girls remained loyal to Kenny ever since, after Kenny goty blacklisted and her parents found out the truth (after a freind of there's showed them a tape off "Naughty Girls 1" another one of Kenny's films which Tina and Shelly stared in) she followed Kenny to the New Japan Dojo where she was trained.


She, Shelly and Kenny toured the indy circuit together following him everywhere, after a breif stint in NAWA she joined WRW alongside Shelly and Kenny.


  • Her mom's Polish whilst her dad's Irish.
  • She plays electric guitar.
  • Durring her stint as a Porn star she was popular among fans for energectic portrayels off sex.
  • Her ring name was a name she adopted durring her porn star days to keep her parents from kowing her real ocupation.
  • Dispite dropping out off High School she is resonably intelegent.
  • Whilst touring the indy circuit with Kenny and Shelly her former employer escaped from jail and targeted her, as a result she was put in a witnes protection program and was forced to no-show many planned indy dates, surpeisingly this is something she often jokes about as the FBI agents who guarded her turned out to be huge fans off her movies.
  • Whilst filming a threeway shower scene with Shelly and another women for "Tina's Sexy Island Adventures" she acidently knocked the other women out when she leaned her head back not knowing the women's head was just below it resulting in an accidental headbut, it wasn't serios however and the three women finished the scene the same day. She often blaims her inexperiance in the industry for the accident and both Shelly and Kenny agree with her saying that out off the three women in the scene she had the least experiance.
  • Contary to popular belief neither Tina or Shelly have breast implants and they have said that there breasts are just natually big, Tina has said (whenever she's asked if her breasts are real) that her parents would kill her if she got breast implants

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