Titan Pro Wrestling

Titan Pro Wrestling is an Internet E-Federation that is angle/RP based. It opened permanently on November 14th, 2006 with a roster of 8 individuals in San Diego, CA. It currently has a single, weekly show: Thursday Night Titans and bi-monthly PPVs. 14 Wrestlers currently call Titan Home. Titan is continually on the lookout for people that want to become superstars.

Titan Pro Wrestling
Federation Name Titan Pro Wrestling
Abbreviation Titan
Shows Thursday Night Titans
Previous names None
Time open November 14th, 2006- Present
Owner(s) Nathan Kurr
Based in United States
Federation type Angle/Roleplay Hybrid
Pay-per-views Bi-Monthly
Website Titan Pro Wrestling


Titan boasts of a serious, hardworking, yet laid back and fun atmosphere. Some rich history and vivid storylines are all part of the experience. Titan is a hybrid Angle/RP fed that works off of both, to create an interactive storyline that can focus on a number of things.

Titan has a 2 RP a week limit, making sure that its members can juggle real life, and online life at the same time and still be competitive. Any number of the members would love to help you get setup if you're new or want to back into championship form.



Titan currently has 2 championship belts. The smaller and less important of the 2 belts is the West Coast Title. And bigger belt and most important single piece of gold in Titan is the Titan World Title. Typically the best wrestler in Titan is allowed to hold the belt high and be the champion.

Titan World Title

The Titan World Title (TW Title)is currently held by Rooster. He beat Michael de'Archangel for the title at Winter Warfare. The match was an extraordinary cage/ladder match.

West Coast Title

The West Coast Title (WC Title) is currently held by Jared McCallister. McCallister beat out KayeM in a traditional ladder match to get the gold at Winter Warfare.


The Beginning

Titan opened its doors officially on November 23rd, 2006. Signing 8 wrestlers within the opening 72 hours, Titan was was ready to go and Kurr announced a company wide, Round Robin Points Tournament to decide who would compete for the Titan World Title.

Rooster, Michael de'Archangel, and Maria Valdez pulled out in front and for a couple weeks, made it look like a possibly Triple-Threat match for the Titan Title, but it wasn't so, when Mr. Kurr decided to pit Rooster and Valdez against eachother. Rooster came out on top and gained the 2 valuable points, meanwhile, de'Archangel and Skylar Sage had an incredibly tough, bloody brawl that ended with both being DQ'd. Mr. Kurr made an executive decision and decided to give both de'Archangel and Sage one point. The tournament ended that night, with Rooster and Michael de'Archangel on top and ready to fight to the end for the Titan World Title.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kurr decided to have a company-wide Battle Royale for the #1 contender for the West Coast title. The winner would face the winner of the KayeM/Jay Romane match (KayeM had cost Romane numerous losses over the opening weeks and Romane wanted to get back at KayeM). KayeM beat Romane in a TLC-Kurr's version match with some help from Rooster. Meanwhile, Jared McCallister outlasted 8 other contestants to become the #2 contender for the West Coast Title.

Both matches for the Title were scheduled for Winter Warfare 2007, and it looked to be a huge first PPV for Titan and everyone else involved.

After Winter Warfare 2007

With Rooster set as the Titan Champion and Jared McCallister crowned the West Coast champion, its time to decide who is worthy of both #1 contenderships. Mr. Kurr instead announced a double dose of Triple Threat action, the winners would face eachother the week after for the #1 contendership for the West Coast Title.

Meanwhile, Michael de'Archangel and Philip Storm battled it out to see who really is the future of Titan and they fued for the #1 contendership to the Titan Title.

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