The Titles Up For Grabs match first came into fruition on November 24th, 2004 when Lennox Armstrong and Xtreme faced off against the WcE Elite. The match was created after a suggestion by Xtreme, who had become fed up with the interference by Rocky Stevens every time he faced Adam Belmont. His theory was that if Rocky was actually in the match then he couldn't interfere. The basics of the match are that there are two teams, each with one member holding a title. If one team gains the pinfall or submission victory then the member of the team without a title automatically wins the one the other team holds. The tag match itself is under tornado rules and thus features all four men in the ring at once.


Titles Up For Grabs I

Wednesday, November 24th 2004
Wednesday Night WildSide
Lennox Armstrong and Xtreme defeated Rocky Stevens and Adam Belmont.

Titles Up For Grabs II

Wednesday, January 26th 2005
Against All Odds
Orion and Edward Freeze defeated Xtreme.

Titles Up For Grabs III

Sunday, June 5th 2005
War Games I
Adam Belmont and Ace Johnson defeated Ken Forte.

Titles Up For Grabs IV

Saturday, June 25th 2005
WcE PrimeTime
Nick Punk and Samson defeated Lennox Armstrong and Edward Freeze.

Titles Up For Grabs V

Saturday, February 26th 2006
Valentine Vendetta
Adam Belmont defeated Samson.


  • London, Ontario has hosted most Titles Up For Grabs matches, with two having been held there.
  • The match, although it began as a tag team contest has since been held as a handicap match and even a singles contest.
  • Adam Belmont has competed in the most Titles Up For Grabs matches, having been in three; two of which he has been on the winning side.

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