Real Name Sontito Capaci
Date of Birth May 21, 1974
Place of Birth Newark, NJ USA
Height 6'2"
Weight 242 Pounds
Entrance Music The Godfather Theme
Current federation(s) Sports Entertainment Xtreme (2008-Present) as Vice President of Wrestling Operations


Tito Capaci made his wrestling debut in Legacy Wrestling Entertainment. He quickly rose the ranks and became one of the most sought after wrestlers in the world. Tito has been part of numerous stables and held world titles in some of the most well-known wrestling promotions in the world. Capaci's popularity (or infamy) grew through a number of controversial moments, most notably the title steal from More Power Wrestling. Capaci had successful runs in various promotions owned by the LWE and can now be found in the growing regional promotion, Universal Wrestling League, and the global promotion, United Wrestling Company.


Universal Wrestling League

Tito Capaci is currently enjoying his strongest outing in this promotion. In addition to being considered to have the greatest UWL legacy as voted on by his peers, Capaci was UWL World Champion for over two months (6 title defenses) and destroyed the consecutive win streak record. Capaci is the only wrestler in UWL history to be competively active and not lose over a six month period. Capaci is currently teaming with a long time rival, Jay T. Nitro, in the Universal Wrestling League. The two superstars won the UWL Tag Team Coronation Cup and earned a chance to win the belt from Josh Eagles and a mystery partner to replace Kid Luck at the Nightmare Supercard event. They won that match and are currently the UWL Tag Team Champions.

Capaci has defeated the best the UWL has had to offer. He has won matches which included Josh Eagles, Shawn Stevens, Eric Helms, Teddy Davis, Cody Cross and others. Capaci's greatet moment came in the double-shot supercard for the Tag Coronation Cup Finals Supercard. On September 29, 2006 on Night one of the Cup supercard, Capaci defeated Cody Cross in 50 minutes to win the UWL World Heavyweight Title. He immediately defended that title against Josh Eagles, which ended in a no contest. The next night, Night Two, Capaci and Jay T. Nitro defeated Josh Eagles and Kid Luck, then UWL Tag Team Champions, to win the Tag Team Coronation Cup. Capaci lost his UWL world title to Flying Diamond Cutter Man at Final Countdown, the December Supercard event for the UWL>.

United Wrestling Company

Tito Capaci is easily a first ballot hall of famer in the United Wrestling Company. He is widely regarded as the greatest UWC Television Champion in the company's history and is the reigning UWC World Heavyweight Champion. He has been with the UWC since the beginning. His accomplishments are vast and several of matches were key to the success of the UWC.

Capaci has had several feuds in the UWC. Most notably, his feuds with Jay T. Nitro and Slayer have resulted in some fantastic matches. Slayer defeated Capaci to become the first ever UWC World Heavyweight Champion. Capaci did not get down and went on to become the UWC Television Champion where he took on all challengers until an injury during a title match cut Capaci's title reign and a short three month sideline stint. Capaci returned to find some "bad apples" in high places on the UWC card, including the UWC World Champion. Capaci's return ran most of these bad apples away from the UWL and the company was set back on track for greatness once again.

Capaci's legacy in the UWC would not be complete until he won the UWC World Heavyweight Championship. He finally achieved that dream by defeating Slayer, Jack Hunter and then world champ and big-time Capaci rival, Jay T. Nitro. Capaci still reigns as the UWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Capaci has brought back his stable, La Famiglia to the UWC, inviting Matteo Bersanelli and Eddie Buchalini to form an all-Sicilian La Famiglia for the first time. Both Matteo and Eddie have had committments outside the UWC, putting the stable on hold.

Past Promotions

Legacy Wrestling Entertainment

Legacy Wrestling Entertainment catapulted Tito Capaci into stardom from alomst day one. Capaci, after being offered a contract by the owner of the LWE, Rob Matthews, did not take long to make a global name for himself. He quickly offended Shane Sheridon, then LWE Hardcore Champion, and earned a match for his title within one month of being on the LWE scene. Capaci promptly won that match and had thirteen successful title defenses, making him the arguably the greatest LWE Hardcore Champion of all time. He also won the LWE Television Title. And amid much controversary, Capaci won the MPW (More Power Wrestling) World Heavyweight Championship and turned it into the official LWE European Championship belt. He never lost the European Championship Belt is without question, the greatest LWE European Champion in history.

Stables were quick to grab a talent like Tito Capaci because of his loyalty to his friends and his ruthlessness to his enemies. The first stable to welcome Tito Capaci aboard was called, "The Definition." It included Rich Morrison, considered the greatest wrestler in LWE history, Chester Coban, along with up and comers, Kaikuto and Brock Hoyle. Morrison, with the help of Chester Coban - Morrison's protige, turned on the other members of "The Definition." Capaci quickly regrouped Hoyle and Kaikuto and formed "La Famiglia" for the first time.

Legacy Wrestling Entertainment, however, tried to stay too cutting edge and amidst all the high-tech improvements and ideas, eventually went brankrupt, though tried to reemerge several times unsuccessfully. Capaci tried to help the company get out of the red in several of their new ventures, but the company never was able to reclaim past glory.

More Power Wrestling/The Golden Triangle

Tito Capaci joined More Power Wrestling...but under a secret identity. He signed on as Allen K. Anderson, supposedly a CIA agent with abilities to disguise himself in several different ways. The irony was very apparent. In a very short period of time, AKA became the More Power Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. After two defenses, the MPW merged with two other promotions to form The Golden Triange, or TGT. Allen K. Anderson (Tito in disguise) became the last MPW World Heavyweight Champion (never defeated) and the first ever TGT World Heavyweight Champion. The reign ended, however, when Capaci took the belt from TGT to the LWE and made it the LWE European Title. This action was known as the New York City Screwjob.

The New York City Screwjob


The New York Screwjob is possibly the most controversial event in all of wrestling. More Power Wrestling and Legacy Wrestling Entertainment were competing in a huge ratings and promotional feud. LWE owner, Rob Matthews, and MPW owner, Jamez Hewitt, hated each other and their respective promotions in turn hated the other. Jamez made it known that no wrestler in the LWE had the talent to win the MPW World Heavyweight Championship. An open challenge was made to the LWE roster by Jamez to sign with More Power Wrestling and attempt to win the MPW World Title. It was obvious that Jamez would have held all LWE fighters back, so none took Jamez up on the offer. Nobody...except for Tito Capaci.

The Plan

The plan for Tito to win the belt was simple. Guise himself as someone else and win the title. Capaci, while a rising star in the LWE, was not the recognizable wrestling figure he is today. The original plan was for Capaci to win the title and reveal himself at the earliest possible MPW Pay-Per-View and vacate the belt to humiliate Jamez and his company.

The Action

Capaci did indeed create an "alter ego." This new personal came in the way of Allen K. Anderson, a former CIA agent. AKA quickly rose the ranks of the MPW and won the MPW World Title within two months of signing a contract. More Power Wrestling quickly merged with two other companies for financial purposes and the title was renamed the MPW/TGT World Heavyweight Title. Capaci, disguised as Allen K. Anderson defended the title twice. The week before the MPW/TGT PPV, however, Capaci made an edit to the gameplan. The MPW/TGT weekly show and LWE Assualt appeared simultaniously. Allen K. Anderson suddenly appeared on LWE's assualt, callling out the LWE World Champ, Rich Morrison. LWE fans and MPW/TGT fans thought they were finally going to see the two company's world champions square off, but when Rich Morrison and his posse made it to the ring, AKA ripped off puddy mask to reveal it was Tito Capaci all along. With Morrison and other LWE wrestlers high-fiving in the back, Capaci took the microphone and determined that the belt was no longer the possesion of MPW/TGT and was from that point forward the LWE European Title.

The Fallout

This single event ended the MPW/TGT vs. LWE feud. The TGT website plastered "SCREWED AGAIN!!!!!" on their webpage over the debacle. Both companies suffered hits from this feud and how it ended, but TGT was by far hit the hardest. TGT never recovered from not having a world champion to fight at their first Pay-Per-View and file bankrupcy within two weeks. With the help of some very respected men in the wrestling business, TGT tried to rebound, but simply couldn't.

The LWE took a short term hit from the rest of the wrestling community. The men who were helping the TGT took sides against the LWE and because those men were respected, LWE was shunned for a short period of time. The truth soon came out and LWE was vindicated and flourished for some time after the event.

The New York Screwjob probably is the single most influential event in Capaci's wrestling career. This event made Capaci a household name and set the stage for his other major accomplishments. It earned Capaci the new nickname of "The Dagger to the Heart of the MPW."


1. The Sicilian Badass - This was a named Capaci coined himself. He is a Sicilian by heritage and he is, indeed, a badass. He often uses this term as a tag line on signatures.

2. The Made Man - This nick first came long in his original stint with the LWE. It is obviously a reference to what some believe is a past in organized crime.

3. The Dagger to the Heart of MPW - Tito earned this name after the New York City Screwjob. He single-handidly took down the MPW empire and his superstardom grew almost overnight. Tito still wears a a small dagger medallion around his neck made from the gold of the MPW belt.

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