Thomas J. Andrew Jones III (born August 9th 1987), best known as Tj Jones, is a African-American professional wrestler. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. He is known for his time in Platinum Dynasty Wrestling, Phoenix Wrestling, DiWF, PHW, HiWF, Platinum Dynasty Wrestling, and in Japan. He is currently inactive.

Tj Jones
Michael ealy face
Jones at an promotional event in 2012
Ring name(s) Teige, Teigh-Jay, T.j. Jones, T.j. Roberts, Tj Jones
Billed height 6’2”
Billed weight 232 lb
Born August 9th, 1987
Resides Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Billed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Trained by Unknown
Debut 2001

Early Life

Tj grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, first born to Karman Jones and Gary Roberts. He (along with his two younger sisters, Kayden Jade and Angel Jones) found themselves under heavy abuse from their parents. They were often sent to their public school with bruises hidden underneath their clothing. Tj himself left his family shortly before he turned fourteen, leaving his sisters behind (at their urging) to deal with his parent's abuse. He found himself finding a home with his uncle who, unlike his parents, had no qualms against him training for professional wrestling.



Tj's first match (under the name T.j. Roberts) was on his 14th birthday, which he ended up winning by count-out. The original ending up of the match called for Tj to be pinned, but his opponent, who had developed a vendetta against the booker, as well as taking a liking to the newcomer, sold a dropkick hard, going over the top and "injuring himself" on the outside. The booker was set to fire both Tj and his opponent, but other workers convinced him to keep Tj around. Tj, hearing wind of the bookers desire to can him, left without a word. He left his wrestling dreams behind after he was enrolled at Pius XI High School in Milwaukee.

Upon the coming of his senior year of high school, He found himself in high profile wrestling school, due to favors called in by the booker he abandoned (who finally managed to track him down after some searching). Trained to use his body as a weapon, he spent time long after practices were over trying out new things that he envisioned being able to use when he started wrestling again.

At the urging of his instructor, he began studying puroresu, and was amazed and intrigued at the innovative matches that were being put on overseas. Due to his talent in Theatre arts, he found himself gaining lucrative scholarships for college. Tj kept his foot in the wrestling door by refereeing and announcing for small to big time promotions. He then took his entire senior year to study abroad in Japan, where he spent most of his spare time watching puro matches.


Upon graduation, Tj joined an upstart wrestling promotion called HCW, the Hardcore Wrestling Association. This federation was lackluster at best. No records of anything that happened in HCW remain, as the owner burned them, as well as his office building, in a vain attempt to gain insurance money. He was jailed for the attempt, and the HCW was forgotten about.

Tj moved from there to No Mercy Entertainment, where he resided for three months. His second month in, he acquired the NME US championship. NME closed its doors, and revamped itself to become Wrestlemania-Entertainment. Tj stayed with the promotion during the change, but forfeited his US title as a result of the change. He kept with the company for a couple of weeks before leaving the promotion in search of a new home.

WWFedd Wrestling, DIWF, EAW, & EWF

He would find what he was looking for in a federation called the World Wrestling Foundation. Still under the Roberts name, he struggled to gain a foothold in the WWFedd until he managed to win the WWFedd Intercontinental title, something he would hold for two months. After that, the WWFedd began to flounder due to politics, and Jones found himself attempting to run the promotion himself. This attempt failed, and the WWFedd silently closed its doors.

With this, Jones moved on to the Debug Inc. Wrestling Federation for a short stint. No real record remains of what happened then. However, there was rumor that he was involved in a short, match-less feud with Razor. After this, he took a hiatus from wrestling for several months, and then returned to the DiWF, and defeated Steve Southward in his debut. Here he would keep above .500, and pick up the European title before a major shakeup in the company. This shakeup entailed several DiWFers leaving to the former feeder federation of the DiWF, the High Impact Wrestling Federation. In a play to shake up the company, Jones won the DiWF world title in a 6 man battle royal. He was set to drop the title the following month to Unforgiven Soul. Upset over not having a decision in the matter, he left the company, effectively killing it. A short while later, Jones found the EAW and joined it, only gaining the US title before it closed. Nearly all EAW members went to EWF, but did not stay long due to politics. Jones and two friends he'd made in EAW (Drew Kendrick and Dustin O) stuck together. Kendrick retired from active competition and created PHW, while Jones found the HiWF.

First HiWF Run & PHW

Jones dropped the "T.j. Roberts" name, and began going by just "Tj Jones" as he entered the HiWF for the first time. He also won his debut match here, but he could only manage to barely stay above .500. He had a bit of an upswing, winning a tag team title with Rayne and the North American title, which he held for a short while. Unsatisfied with the HiWF, he got a call from Andrew Kendrick to join his fledgling Pride and Honor Wrestling. Jones accepted, sought further training, and honed his skills for several months before joining PHW.

He came into PHW like a rocket, going undefeated for three months and being the only undefeated US Champion in it's history (being stripped nearly a month later.) He then won the PHW title over Zack Kaines and Ronnie Styles in a classic triple threat match. Jones held onto the title for two months before foul play brought the title back to Kaines, giving Jones his first loss in PHW. He would rectify the loss to Kaines by defeating him three months later for the gold, but rising star Stevie Franchise would halt Jones' second reign by defeating him in an inferno match. It would be the last time Jones would touch the PHW title. He stayed with the federation, his lack of training causing him to fall into upper-midcard status until PHW folded in early 2006.

Second HiWF Run

Shortly after joining PHW, Jones returned to the HiWF, contracting himself to both federations at the same time. He managed to defeat Shawn Tryant for the HiWF International championship not long after his return; losing it to Wolverine not long after. He regained it, but only for an event before Wolverine was booked against other opponents. Jones would move on to prove his original DiWF title win was not by fluke when he defeated Phil Botwin for his second DiWF title. Not only that, but he took Botwin's XB inc. title along with it. Declaring the DiWF title dead, Jones gave up the XB inc. title to Cherokee Warrior, becoming Apathetic in the HiWF in favor of PHW. He would leave the HiWF in early '05, not returning until just before PHW's death in 2006.

HiWF Run 2006 - 2007

Jones returned to the HiWF with an interesting start, not doing much special until he decided to take a hiatus from HiWF. He returned on 4/20 in a loss to Legacy. He rebounded from that, defeating Rayne at the following PPV. He then defeated Steve Southward in a Glass Ceiling match to earn a title shot against Nick Stevenson. He came up short in the match, but came back by winning his third HiWF International title. He lost the belt at the PPV Jealousy to Charles Grayz. He wrestled four more events after that night, coming out to .500 before taking time off again. He came back, losing more than winning, but he got lucky on one night in which he defeated HiWF World Champion Legacy for the gold. He lost it the following Turmoil, but rebounded by being only the second man to defeat the rookie sensation Exile. Jones stayed in the HiWF through all of 2007, managing to gain a second HiWF title at the 11/3 Turmoil. He lost this belt to Jackson in a 6 pack match, but continued with the HiWF through early '08. He split the Gauntlet final with Lee Diesal, but was unable to gain the title in the the ladder match. Unhappy with his run in HiWF, he left and sought greener pastures. The HiWF faltered not long after Jones' departure and closed down.

GWO & Sin Wrestling

Jones resurfaced in early 2008 under GWO's banner. He acquired their Television Championship, having defeated then champion Ryan McKenzie in his debut. McKenzie took back the title, but Jones would not be without gold for long. He won BOTH Tag Team Titles a week later in a thrown together match. Then Champions the Un4chunuts were dismissed from GWO, leaving the belts vacant until won by Jones. Jones left GWO on December 1st, after a full two months of the company's inactivity.

He joined Sin Wrestling on December 22nd, 2008. He failed to make a major splash in the company like he had done in GWO, and left the company in March 2009, amid controversy. He would be inactive for only a short while.

Phoenix Wrestling / Revolution

Tj Jones formally signed with Phoenix Wrestling Revolution in May 2009. He rose to a high spot fairly quickly and was slated to face his friend from HiWF, William for the Revolution X championship in Paris, France at Under the City Lights 2. After a well performed back and forth matchup, William secured the submission victory and retained his title. Jones went underground directly afterwards, travelling to Japan to work more on his craft. he developed a new finishing move, which he dubbed The Renaissance, and kept an eye on his protege over in the states. Fujiko Mine wrestled in Tj's stead in PWR, coming up with a sizable reputation. Jones' hiatus from PWR would not last long, however. Ken Fuqua, teaming with Arkia Fisk would cause Fujiko harm, and thus drag Jones over from Japan. The team of Jones and Fujiko would defeat Fuqua and Fisk at Supershow IV. Fuqua would leave shortly after, and the makeshift team of Arkia and Jones would ultimately bond and become the PWR tag team champions. Fuqua would eventually return, and "sell" Arkia to the rival stable, called simply: Final Solution. At Golden Justice, Arkia escaped her fate by defeating Romulus, and retaining Jones' half of the tag titles. Jones also defeated Ken Fuqua at this event. This was the last match between Jones and Fuqua, but Fuqua attacked Jones the following Justice with a baseball bat.

Jones did not let this slow him down, however. He continued to rack up victories over the Final Solution over the coming months, beating Ryan Ruckus and Robb McBride with Arkia Fisk to defend their tag team titles. The following Justice, Arkia and Jones beat Ruckus and MDK, the Final Solution's newest member by way of VWF owner the Viking King. At the beginning of the night, Jones challenged William for the PWR World Heavyweight title. Chris Chaos, the former #1 contender objected, and thus a #1 contenders match between Chaos and Jones was created. The match between the two of them ended in a draw, and it was revealed that both Jones and Chaos would both challenge for the title. William ultimately defeated both Jones and Chaos after Chaos tased Jones repeatedly before the match. Arkia Fisk used a briefcase that allowed her to interject into a PWR World Heavyweight title match. Jones ultimately returned, but after destroying Chaos with his Omega Driver twice, William executed his finisher to be the first man to pin Jones since his return.

Jones and William later faced in a match billed as "The Final Encounter", a match which William won to retain the Phoenix Wrestling Heavyweight title. Jones was slightly lost in the shuffle following this, until a car accident forced him out of Phoenix Wrestling. In early 2012, Tj Jones appeared on Phoenix Wrestling TV for the first time since the accident. He started up a friendship and partnership with Ja-Gi Kyung Moon. He became Phoenix Wrestling's first Iron King Tournament winner, bringing himself a title opportunity against Maz Inoue. He was unsuccessful, and shortly thereafter returned for Japan.


Jones joined Platinum Dynasty Wrestling in October of 2012, defeating Aaron Ashton in his debut. He defeated Parker Wayde shortly thereafter, and was attacked by Aidan Collins. Collins won this match, handing Tj his first loss. Tj was then defeated by Prodigy Champion Aaron Weston in a title match at PDW's Anniversary show, ending his 2012. Tj began his 2013 by defeating Shane Bashford in a qualifying match for the 6 person Platinum Chamber at PDW's Reckless Endangerment II iPPV. After a few weeks of tense hype and promotion for the event, Jones eliminated then Champion, Inferno and Aaron Weston to win the title. Tj held onto the championship longer than anyone in PDW's history, finally losing at Legendary to Sebastian Grey. Tj adopted a more aggressive style following the loss, and managed to defeat Sebastian Grey on the Ascension before Urban Warfare to become a two time Platinum Champion. Jones was set to defend his championship a week later against Brandon Banks, Sebastian Grey, and Aaron Weston. Jones was unable to keep a hold on the title, losing to Sebastian Grey. An elbow injury suffered during the match forced him out of action, ending his 2013. In early 2014, Jones returned in an Elevation X scaffolding match, once again defeating his rival Inferno. His next, and as of this writing final match came against his then fiance Arkia Fisk, whom he defeated. He was slated to face Cordelia Stevenson for the number one contendership to the PDW title, but PDW folded.


He has been busy with movie projects, but is currently inactive as a wrestler.

Wrestling Style

Finishing/Signature Moves

The Renaissance(C) - Omega Driver.

Soul Destroyer(U)– From behind his opponent, Tj locks in a full nelson on his opponent, and pulls back. He then rushes them forward, slamming their face into the mat(Note: He can also place his knee in front to cause midsection/chest damage instead). If he decides to not pin after that is complete, he can keep the nelson locked in, sit to the side, and rear back to attempt to force a submission. (Can be set up with Tj performing a Tilt-O-Whirl hurricanrana and landing behind his opponent.) {C}{C ((This will end the match if The Renaissance does not.))

Brush With Perfection (R) - Tj climbs to the top rope and steadies himself. He then Flips forward off the top rope, twirling clockwise until his back connects with the chest/neck/head of his opponent, knocking them out cold. This is his desperation finisher, used only when the others fail. Thus, it is rarely used.

Common Moves

Lung Blower (Back-cracker or Rib cracker. Tj can be facing his oppoent, grab his neck, and then put up his knees while dropping backwards, crushing his opponents ribs.)

Brainbusta~! (Japanese Style Brainbuster)

Backdrop to facebuster

Blue Thunder Driver

Curb Stomp

Pele Kick

Kawada kicks

Koppou kicks

Springboard Spinning Heel kick


Knees to Chest (Tj may run up to his opponent, jump into the air, and then place his knees into his opponents chest, and he then rides them down so that his knees crush his opponents chest at landing.)

Wall Kick off opponent's chest


He-Lo (Guerrero Body Splash, done from apron into the ring)

Slingshot DDT (From apron into ring, or from ring onto the apron)

Acrobatic Clothesline

Tilt Hurricanrana into: (DDT


German Suplex

Russian Leg Sweep

Soul Destroyer)


Matrix Backbend

Springboard moonsault into reverse DDT (Ala Aj Styles)

Company Killer (Styles Clash)

Backhand pimp slap (Wind up backhand, Can set up the "Soul Destroyer" finishing move.)

Reverse Fisherman Buster

Low blow splits (Tj positions his opponent so that they are seated in a corner. He then delivers three short kicks to the face before taking a step back and doing the splits, thus kicking his opponent in the crotch.)


- "The Renaissance"

- "Soul Destroyer"

-"The Hip Hop Highlight"

-"True Perfection"

-"Reflection of Perfection"

-"Black Stallion of Love"

Personal Life

Tj possess a master degree in Theatre Arts, and has a degree in Sociology. He is also an avid gamer, citing Valve's Left 4 Dead Series as one of his personal favorites. He is also an avid Anime fan, with "Case Closed" and "Lupin the 3rd" as his favorites. Tj Jones is linked romantically with Arkia Fisk, marrying her in a small ceremony in April of 2014. Tj is also known for being one of the first professional wrestlers to gain an endorsement deal from Nike, and his own athletic clothing line, originally branded as "Black Sparrows, but underwent a re-branding in October of 2014 to Renati Athletics. The shoes that sparked this brand have become wildly popular, partly due in fact that the profits benefit several charities and organizations.


PPV Event: He sports Carolina Blue baggy white thigh shorts, with separate white leggings wrapped around his calves. Four black stripes twist around the right hip of his attire. In Carolina Blue on the left side are the Japanese Characters for 'Epic'.

Weekly Show: He sports White baggy white thigh shorts, with separate black leggings wrapped around his calves. Four Carolina Blue stripes twist around the right hip of his attire. In black on the left side are the Serbian characters for "Epic".

Interviews, etc: Tj wears a black, button up shirt and a white 'beader underneath. He wears a pair of 96 North Jeans with custom green stitching; however, this may vary.

Companies and Titles

Gateway Wrestling Organization

-GWO Television Championship

-GWO Tag Team Championships

High Impact Wrestling Federation

-HIWF North American Championship

-HiWF International Championship (x3)

-HiWF Tag Team Championship

-HiWF World Championship(x2)

-XB Inc World Heavyweight Champion(x1)

Debug Inc. Wrestling Federation (DiWF)

-DiWF World Championship (x2)

-DiWF European Champion(x1)

Pride & Honor Wrestling (PHW)

-PHW US Championship(x1, Vacated)

-PHW World Championship (x2)

-PHW Soul Surv1vor (Inaugural winner)

Carver Wrestling Alliance (CWA)

-CWA World Champion(x3)

West Coast Wrestling Association (WcWa)

-WCWA Interstate Champion(x7)

-WCWA Tag Team Champion(x2)

-WCWA Extreme Championship(x10)

Coastal World Wrestling (CWW)

-CWW Interregional Champion(x2)

-CWW Tag Team Champion(x1)

-CWW Suvival Battle Royal Winner(Back to Back years 01-02)

-CWW King of the Ring 2001

Wicked Wrestling Alliance (WWA)

-WWA Undisputed Champion(x1)

-WWA Hardcore Champion(x3)

-WWA World Tournament Winner 2002

-WWA Award for best Finisher(Disasterpeice - 2001)

South Australian Wrestling Federation

-SAWF World Champion(x2)

-SAWF Australian Champion(x1)

Japan Pro World Tour (JPWT)* QUADRUPLE CROWN Japanese Heavyweight Champion(x1)

-New Japan Pro Wrestling Champion(x1)

-All Japan Pro Wrestling Champion(x1)

-Big Japan Pro Champion(x1)

Jersey Atlantic Wrestling Championships (JAWC)

-JAWC Jersey Champion(x2)

-JAWC Tag Team Champion(x1)


-WWFedd Intercontinental Champion(x1,As Tj Roberts)


- FWF World Championship(x1)

-FWF Hardcore Championship(x1)

-FWF Intercontinental Championship(x1)


-EAW US Championship(x1)

No Mercy Wrestling

-NMW US Championship

Phoenix Wrestling / Revolution

-PWR Tag Team Champion (x1, w. Arkia Fisk)

-PW Inaugural Iron King Tournament Winner

-PWR International champion

Platinum Dynasty Wrestling

-PDW Platinum Champion (x2)

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