Tom Fury
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Height 6'0
Weight 233 lbs.
Date of birth 18th May 1970
Place of birth Birmingham, England
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Resides Miami, Florida
Billed from Birmingham, England
Trainer Unknown
Premier Wrestling Alliance
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Debut December 2005 High Impact Wrestling
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Tom Fury (date of birth 14th January 1978) is a professional wrestler currently residing in Miami, Florida. His best known work is for the international promotion High Impact Wrestling. Fury's style is roughneck, but intermingled with flashes of technical and high-flying genius. His role as one half of HIW's Tag Team Champions (alongside James Cruz) has seen him win fame in brutal two on two affairs. Often Fury was the deciding factor, despite his diminuitive frame. However, the team split when Fury could no longer rely on Cruz to pull his weight in the team and so embarked on a solo career, firstly in HIW and then in the PWA, where he also brought his half-brother Matt Filth along with him, to train him for a future career in wrestling. However, Fury's career has been curtailed as of November 2008, after a bloody Chamber of Horrors match saw Fury carried out of the cage on a stretcher, very much worse for wear.

Wrestling Career


Fury enjoyed success from an early age in the small time promotions which can be found in every corner of the United Kingdom. He was recognised nationally as a champion in the discipline, despite little to no media attention. It was also at this stage that his vicious temper was first brought to the fore, as one young man found when he tried to steal Fury's BWA championship belt. As a result of the incident, Fury was forced to find work elsewhere, despite being the most talented and arguably most popular athlete in British professional wrestling.

High Impact Wrestling Run 1

Fury eventually found himself on a 3 month contract with High Impact Wrestling, which saw him gain experience in the big time. Victories over former HIW workers Fade, Matt Gray, Jason Floodlington, Double M and Morning Star did get him some mild attention but sadly his performance in the Brawl-4-All '06 and loss against Katrina made HIW officials consider moving him on.

Championship Wrestling Federation

Fury found himself consequently in the development territory for HIW, based in New York. It was here though he made great strides, first defeating Joey Miller before advancing to the CWF main event of Wrestle Wars 3, taking on the defending champion Rick Robinson and legendary veteran Ave Strait. In the Skydome, it was Fury that walked away with the belt and a highly controversial victory after an attempt to deceive officials when his "mentor" Franco Salachi pretended to have a choking fit which may have required medical attention. Fury, however, was able to back his promise up in the ring with a stunning hardcore match against Doggie X after a protracted feud. Fury retained his championship with a Rage Release from the top rope through a table, despite being bloodied by the X-Rated Athlete. However, the very next month, Fury met his match in up-and-comer Ryan Plant, who beat him twice in succession, the second time being for Fury's CWF title and a shot in HIW's I-Crown tournament. Fury finally took revenge with a superkick to the neck after Plant successfully defended his title at CWF@Cruel Intentions. That night, Fury also made the jump back to HIW, where he was immediately assualted by the 'Iceman' Matt Essex, esteemed International Champion prior to that point. Fury was also placed in the I-Crown tournament where he was forced to meet Carl Sturm, thanks to Essex's timely intervention. Naturally, Fury lost to Sturm on his last appearance in the CWF Arena, but this was again due to Matt Essex.

High Impact Wrestling Run 2

Fury restarted his HIW career with a challenge to Matt Essex at DV8 in June 2006. This challenge was not merely answered but also included Fury's destruction at the hands of Demon Knight. This led Fury to interfere in the I-Crown second round match between Essex and Knight, braining both men with a chair shot and disappearing before either could take their revenge. Once the smoke had settled on this tumultous action, Fury went on to form a tag team with his former nemesis James Cruz/Doggie X, who'd recently joined HIW. Fury+Cruz, as they are monikered, eventually found themselves worthy of competing for the vacant HIW Tag Team titles at the Blood and Glory PPV, held at Wembley Stadium. To their delight, and that of an 80,000 strong crowd, they were able to beat off the threat of Steve Andrews and Drew Debs, supposedly a dream team in terms of tag team wrestling. After this, the former champions Demon Knight and Mike Manson tried their best to re-claim their lost titles but were finally beaten off in the first-ever HIW Barbed Wire Deathmatch with F+C finally pinning both men and for the time being ending their reign of destruction. At Redemption '06, Fury finally recorded a victory over Ryan Plant, long time enemy, when he forced Plant's team mate in the Executives, Whitey Ford to submit to the Anger Tangle.

High Impact Wrestling Run 3

From May 2007, Fury again competed for HIW- however, with markedly varied results. Ditching Cruz after a series of high-profile losses, Fury embarked on a solo career which took time to develop and blossom. However, when Fury finally emerged as the great singles star so hyped, he proved to be monstrous, ending the careers of James Cruz, Ryan Plant, Ace Matthews, rising star Isaac K and former World Champion Nick Fowler. Fury also stole himself a manager, namely Stacy from the side of Johnny Hollywood. Fury was also invited into HIW's premier stable, Killing Floor after two members left the organisation. At the closure of HIW, Fury was getting involved with several top names in the company, including Jack Logan, Arlen Emerson and the returning Axis.

Premiere Wrestling Alliance

After a break of some five months, Fury returned to pro wrestling, this time bringing his half-brother Matt Filth along to the party. Even if Fury wasn't immediately successful, he developed a reputation for being able to keep with some of the tougher wrestlers in the PWA, such as Nighthawk, Captain Howdy, Jason Sandman and Kaito- at one point, Fury even beat the then World Champion on an episode of Violation. His work eventually led him to the main event of Bad Moon Rising where he competed alongside Captain Howdy, Terminus and Kaito for the vacant PWA World Championship. Unfortunately for Fury, he lost this match and was soon propelled into a feud with PWA veteran Brad Kane which quickly turned bitter and bloody. For the repeated assaults on Kane, Filth was taken out of action and then at the Redemption II Pay-Per-View, a Chamber of Horrors match (a cage with weapons hanging from the roof) saw Fury taken out of action indefinitely by Kane. It is not known at this time whether Fury will ever return to the PWA, or any form of professional wrestling for that matter.


Generally very aggressive, a brawling style intermingled with technical nous and painful submission holds.


  • The Work of Art
  • Wrath Personified
  • The Next In Line
  • The Fury
  • The Career Ender
  • The Man on Fire

Theme Music

  • "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3 (among others)

Championship Succession

Preceded by:
Rick Robinson
April 2nd 2006 --> May 20th 2006 Succeeded by:
Ryan Plant
HIW World Tag Team Titles
Preceded by:
August 20th 2006 --> June 9th 2007 Succeeded by:
HONDO and Reverend Chaos

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