Tomas Montgomery
[[Image:|px|Image of Tomas Montgomery]]
Real name
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Height 6'2"
Weight 252lbs
Date of birth February 28, 1980
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Chicago, Illinois
Billed from Toronto, Ontario
Trainer Jay Combs
Handled by Tomas Montgomery
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Tomas Montgomery was born in Toronto Ontario on February 28th and sucks dick. Once Tomas moved out into the streets, he met a man named Vincent Williamson who would convince Tomas to join his gang. In this gang, Tomas would acquire the moniker T-Roc. He would use rap to lash out against his enemies.


The next big chapter in Tomas's life took place when while fighting for money in a UFC type environment he met a man named Jay Combs. Jay would offer him a job in his wrestling federation the [WWU]. Tomas used the gimmick of T-Roc in the WWU, and began to cut freestyle's that entertained the fans though hardcore rap fans found corny and amateurish. Tomas would win the world title in his first match. He would go on to hold the title five times.

This would lead to T-Roc moving to the CRF. He's had an impressive career there, becoming a two time Mayhem Heavyweight Champ. He's also been a one time undisputed CRF Champion. He's in the stable the nWo along with long time mentor Jay Combs.

NIWF Part 1

Next, T-Roc would make the jump to the NIWF following the advice of his mentor Jay Combs. T-Roc would wrestle his first match against Combs and B.W Kash. Kash would walk off with the victory. After this T-Roc would go on to victory's over Big Daddy, Lance Storm and The Dawg within the next month. T-Roc's big break came when he cut a freestyle dissing members of infamous stable "X" and others in the NIWF. He would receive his first world title shot, though he would fall short in a match against Nick Kelly. After this match, T-Roc elevated his status from jobber into a legitimate wrestler eventually impressing both fans and management.

T-Roc would also wrestle in another Jay Combs owned fed after the WWU, the HFEW. There he would capture the X-Treme title. He held it for three months before it was vacated by Jay Combs. T-Roc was the only person to ever hold this title. The fed was short lived and would eventually merge with the UHWF.


T-Roc would then make a trip to the UHWF. In his time there, he fought for two months, was in two pay per views and main evented both of them inspite coming up short on both attempts to win the World Championship. To Jay Combs and John Freedom. T-Roc did not have the same work ethic there as in the NIWF and decided upon retirement from the UHWF. In January 2007 Montgomery returned to the UHWF and in his first match back claimed the UHWF United States Championship. He immediately renamed this title the Canadian Championship. He would lose the title to the Franchise Killer He would win this title twice more, both times with the title being vacated. Tomas would return to action ni the UHWF on the re-opening. He would compete in a tournament to decide the new UHWF World Heavyweight Champion. He would fall short being eliminated in the semi-finals by Nick Kelly. Montgomery would rebound a few weeks later capturing his record fourth UHWF United States Championship in a battle royal. After dropping this title Tomas Montgomery would team with Fa Sho to capture the UHWF Tag Team Championship. He would drop those belts and a short month later beat Chris Thantos for the World Title a match in which he would also become the television champion making him the first grand slam champion in UHWF history. He would drop the TV title to Kris Calloway before defending his world title against Calloway at the PPV Championship Chaos. Montgomery would spend another month as UHWF World Champion and in January of 2008 defended his title against Adam Killings at the UHWF PPV the Battle.


On October 6th 2006 T-Roc announced his retirement from the NIWF and that he would be following Nick Kelly to his new fed, the XHCW. Tomas would drop his moniker T-Roc heading into the XHCW. While he still will rap on occasion, he is more concerned about wrestling for not only his pride but that of his home country Canada. Since joining XHCW Montgomery has joined the faction "Profit Posse" along with wrestlers Chris Clemens and BW Kash. Montgomery would tag team with Kash for roughly a month before Kash retired. The night of Kash's retirement Montgomery won the first ever battle brawl and gaining a right to challenge the XHCW champion the next week on Genocide. On that night, he would defeat champion Ronnie McNeil on route to his first world title in the big three. He would lose this title to The Franchise Killer. Montgomery would wrestle on and off for the next few months even winning the XHCW tag Team Championship with Nick Kelly before his contract expired on June 26th 2007. Montgomery opted not to renew his contract and move on to focusing on the UHWF.

Montgomery would resign in October 2007 returning at the XHCW Pay Per View, All Hallows Eve. He would win te TV title in a triple threat match in November to make his triple crown complete.

NIWF: The Return

Montgomery would return to the NIWF on July 6th, helping Jay Swift win a tables match. Montgomery would get married just after this and took a few weeks off before returning to the ring to take on current NIWF World Champion, Rex Fury in a losing effort. Montgomery would be a part of the stable known as The Syndicate which included Jay Swift , Marina Valdivia and Fa Sho. The stable would disband after a short time due to Jay Swift and Marina Valdivia leaving. Montgomery would be granted release from the NIWF on Sepember 1st. Montgomery would part on good terms and plans at some point in the future to return once again.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • T-Roc Bottom (Rock Bottom)
  • The Full Monty (Sharpshooter)
  • Figure Four
  • Low Blow
  • Stoned (RKO)
  • Top Rope Elbow Drop
  • Missle Dropkick
  • Superkick
  • Jumping Pile Driver
  • Boston Crab
  • Lou Thesz Press
  • Managers
  • Nicknames
  • Prime Perfection
  • The Street Don
  • Captain Canada
  • RocPile
  • The Golden Boy
  • Tag Teams and Stables
  • Divine Creation-WWU (Jay Combs, Boris Magnum)
  • nWo-CRF (Jay Combs, Kerby , Destructo Boy, Oleada)
  • Profit Posse-XHCW/UHWF (Chris Clemens, BW Kash)
  • Naturally Perfect-XHCW (Nick Kelly)
  • The Syndicate - NIWF (Kris "Fa Sho" Destiny, Jay Swift and Marina Valdiva.)
  • Memorable Quotes

"I am Perfection. Fuck, I'm better than that I'm at the top of Perfection. I'm Prime Perfection"

" I am next, current and only big thing in the history of this business" (Take on Bret Hart's Best there is, was and ever will be)

"I am the highest rated champion this business has ever seen!"

"You may be good but you're not Perfect!"

" I've spent a little time in Winnipeg. Just call me the golden boy!"

  • Memorable Feuds and Rivalries
  • Vs. Jay Combs

Spanned the NIWF, WWU, HFEW, CRF and UHWF before ending with Combs departure from the UHWF and XHCW. Montgomery mostly dominated this feud with Jay Combs only holding wins in the WWU and HFEW. Coincidentaly both feds that Combs owned.

  • Vs. BW Kash

Showcased Montgomery at his best on many occasions. Both men made their NIWF debut in the same match 1 on 1 against one another. Their feud originally lighted by a Toronto Maple Leafs Vs. Ottawa Senators argument spanned many federations. The two briefly tagged together at one point almost capturing the XHCW tag titles. Their feud would re-ignite and be settled at a PPV where BW Kash would win with help from Ray Emery. Shortly afterward Kash would depart to the NIWF. Montgomery has always said his matches with Kash were some of his favorite,

  • Vs. The Franchise Killer

A generally one sided feud for FK saw FK beat Montgomery in matches for his tag titles with Eddie Stitchard. His second world title in the XHCW and the UHWF U.S Title. Montgomery`s only real victory came by a countout victory over FK to win his third UHWF U.S Title. The feud would be reignited in a classic match for the UWA Title. FK would win the original match but the match was restarted and Montgomery walked out the champ.

  • Vs. Ronnie McNeil

The pair fought each other four times in six weeks in early 2007. McNeil winning the first match in a tag match against Montgomery and Kash where McNeil would have Thornhill as his partner. In a rematch the very next week montgomery and Kash beat the pair. In the next match they fought on a Genocide main event would have the world title on the line which Montgomery won. They were also booked for a rematch at St.Valentine`s Annihilation but because of the death of eddie Stitchard the show was postponed. The two have not fought in the ring against one another since Montgomery`s win for the world title.

  • Vs. Nick Kelly

Montgomery has had ups and downs against Kelly. Most of those being ups and downs before he got planted on the mat. Montgomery has never beat Nick through multiple matchups. Most notably a classic XHCW Hardcore match at the first ever XHCW pay per view which featured Nick putting Montgomery through a table with Natural Causes. A match many said stole the show after a very one sided main event between Jay Combs and The Franchise Killer. Nick would also defend his title in the UHWF against Montgomery at Mindgames II.


  • 5x WWU World Champion
  • 1x WWU United States Champion
  • 2x CRF Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x CRF Undisputed Champion
  • 1x HFEW X-Treme Champion
  • 1x UHWF World Heavyweight Champion
  • 4x UHWF United States/Canadian Champion
  • 1x UHWF Television Champion
  • 1x UHWF Tag Team Champion wé Fa Sho
  • 1x XHCW Battle Brawl Winner
  • 1x XHCW World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x XHCW World Tag Team Champion w/Nick Kelly
  • 1x PSW International Champion
  • 1x UWA World Heavyweight Champion

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