Tommy Munk (born December 1988) is an English professional wrestler currently working for Real Wrestling Reborn. Munk is still relativly new to the wrestling world respite making his debut almost three years ago at the age of 17, but looks set to have a promising future in the busisness if he is able to over come his reportly bad work ethic.

Professional wrestling career

Early Days (Early 2006)

Tommy Munk (Then still going under his birthname) was introduced to the world of wrestling in early 2006 a close personal friend ho was joining a now defunct small federation and suggested that Munk came down with him and see what he thought. Tommy was instantly impressed and quickly sucseeded in a try out for the company. He trained as quickly as possible and debuted within weeks of beginning training at just 17. However the company went bust within weeks, so he was forced to look elsewhere for work. Despite this set back, a gimmick was born.

The Munk (Mid 2006)

Because of his lack of training Munk could not rely on his in ring ability alone, so he had to focus on his character to get him noticed. When he was growing up he was given the nickname "Monk" becasue of his Soccer Goalkeeping abilitys being a likeness to that of the Character of the same name from the british film "Mean Machine".

He mentioned this name to a friend and the two came up with The Munk a man claiming to be new son of God, sent to the world to destroy what in his words is "the largest sinning business in the world" A man who has set himself goals of gaining world championships so he can claim the titles in his Fathers name.

He used this gimmick on the independant circuits before being offered the chance to join the WCSF

WCSF First Spell (Mid to Late 2006)

He has had two reigns in the WCSF, his first came in the companys very early days. He was introduced "The Munk" but due to their being a simelar charater with the company already and a lack of ideas for him was repackaged as Tommy Munk. The ilegitiment son of a top wrestling star, out to prove that he could equal his dads high standards. However this did not work out due to his work ethic and lack of intrest in the character, and he was shorty fired.

Independants (Early 2007)

Munk began working the independants again, going under his new ring name as Tommy Munk, but with the character of The Munk. However he focused as much of this time as possible to his in ring work and developed a much more credible in ring style and Was once again called up to the WCSF.

WCSF Second Spell (Mid 2007)

His second spell started well, being undeafeted for several week upon his return. Even having a few promos and segemnts. But work ethic once again became a problem and he was fired for a second time.

He also featured in a few other smaller federations, most notably his long and still undeafeted streak in the now dead TDW.

Spell Out of the Ring (Mid/Late 2007 - Late 2008)

Munk decided it was time for a break he had broke into the business at a very young age and never had a chance to really mature, or fully develop as an in ring artist. So he took a lengthy spell away from the ring, and traveled the world. Visiting places famous for wrestling and atteneding dojos mainly in japan and has now added alot to his in ring performance. It remains to be seen if his behavoural problems have been solved they have not surfaced since his return.

Return to the ring with Real Wrestling Reborn (November 2008-Current)

Munk has looked alot more solid with his in ring work, but looks a little out of practise with his promos. It remains to be seen if he will brake any ground there since he has yet to be fully involved in a fued but things look very promising on the surface for this young man.

Personal life

His biggest pet peeve is being called "Monk" instead of "Munk". Other then that he keeps himself pretty much to himself, perhaps to try not to brake kayfabe.

In Wrestling

Finishing & Signature Moves
  • Holy Communion (Death Vally Driver Position, Legs are then thrown backwards over the shoulder, and the move lands in a cutter.)
  • The Good Lords Work (Whilst on the outside and the oppenent is in the ring, draging thier head and neck to hang out the ring before suppling a Burning Sword)
  • Acts of Apostles (Gogoplata)
  • Day of Judgement (Pheonix Splash)
  • The Last Supper (Curb Stomp, into the bottom turnbuckle.)
  • Busaiku Knee Kick
Regular Moves
  • Feing Moonsault into standing Moonsault
  • Lionosault Plancha (done by springing on the very edge of one side of the ring and crossing the corner)
  • Cross Body Plancha
  • Apron Shooting Star Press
  • Golden Star Bomb
  • European Uppercut
  • Swinging Fisherman Buster
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • Spinning Head Sisscors to Backbraker
  • Shining Wizard, when oppenent just begining to get off the floor.
  • Gutwrench Suplex Trininty
  • Cobra Clutch Suplex
  • Complete Dust
  • Cross Armed Lung Blower
  • Tornado DDT
  • Step up Enzuguri
  • Springboard Roundhouse Kick
  • Springboard Dropkick
Theme Music
  • Judith - A Perfect Circle (2006-2007, 2008-Current)
  • The Getaway Plan - Funeral for a Friend (2007)

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