Tommy Polo
SS shoulder press up
Real name Andreas Thomas Polopolis
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Height 6' 8"
Weight 300 lbs.
Date of birth September 14, 1984
Place of birth Washington DC
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Resides Clemson, South Carolina
Billed from “Chocolate City”
Trainer "The Body" & The Masked Grappler
Enigmar Wrestling
BWF, JWA:EWA, WECW, WHEW, LFTEW, Extreme Wrestling Corporation (EWC), Supreme Federation Wrestling
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Debut BWF – August 9, 2001
Retired {{{retired}}}

Tommy Polo is a super heavyweight megastar looking for a new organization to terrorize. He is best known as the most controversial competitor in JWA:EWA history. Wherever Tommy Polo goes, trouble seems to follow, and he’s the one to start it. He’s so much of a trouble starter that he’s been exiled from many promotions and he’s systematically destroyed many that have allowed him in their doors. He’s so hated, many competitors from other organizations knock down the doors of the promotions he resides just to fight him. A battle tested veteran, Polo has lasted the test of time and many attempts to oust him from various promotions and shows that he had been a member of the roster. Even the booking committee of various promotions won’t book him in their top spots in fear of what he might say or do to the organization. To this day, Polo has not held a major World’s Championship based on his past history of controversy, but soon enough, he’ll get his chance to reign at the top of a promotion.


Tommy Polo started off in smaller federations, namely the Bloodlust Wrestling Federation (BWF), where blood loss is of the norm. Not being the one of a technical background, Polo often found himself in extreme style matches where he gained a reputation for hurting people, mentally and physically. He’s bounced from federation to federation in search of more experience until he found the perfect place for him to hone the skill of hurting people, Jostle Wrestling Alliance: Extreme Wrestling Action (JWA:EWA).


Not long after joining JWA:EWA, Tommy Polo rose to the top quickly. He became the most violent, hated, and also the most feared Hardcore Champion in the promotions history. He gained a reputation of running his mouth and backing up his words by destroying all comers that dared to shut him up. Along the way, he built the careers of many would-be JWA:EWA superstars by his actions towards them, making them look good by the so-called ‘rub’. Mastering the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, Polo nearly killed anyone who got into the ring with him during that match, but made stars out them as he done so. Two names come to mind, Reaper and The Invincible. Polo helped both men's careers by feuding with them early in JWA:EWA history and they went on to bigger things later down the line.

Tiring of being simply known as a hardcore performer, Polo had an agenda in mind, destroy JWA:EWA and then he first joined forces with S. Douglas and Bautista to form JWA:EWA’s version of The Triple Threat to make sure his agenda is accomplished. But S. Douglas being a sneak and backstabber, had both Polo and Bautista set up during one of their tag matches and thrown from the balcony of the JWA Arena by the maniacle 3T and his tag team partner Marvelous Maddog McGruff, known to the world as The Drinkin' Boyz. S. Douglas then struck a deal with Action Zone General Manager, Winter Sanderson, and transferred to that show to get away from Polo and the raging Bautista. But this was not the end of The Triple Threat, as The Rattlesnake joined the two as no one could stop the trio as they controlled the World Heavyweight Championship (Rattlesnake) and the Tag Team Championship of Extreme Zone (Bautista and Polo as The Treacherous 2). But as things go up, they must come down. In a legendary encounter with former World Champion, Brimstone, and then-current Hardcore Champion, Raven, The Triple Threat was defeated in what is regarded as a classic match in the federation’s history. Polo was eliminated by Brimstone with a Chokeslam from Hell from the balcony to the floor of the JWA Arena. Polo was hospitalized after the fall and put out of action, yet vented his frustrations and revenge from his hospital bed. All-the-while, an enemy from his past, Vulcan, was plotting revenge on Polo for his past atrocities. On one episode of Extreme Zone, Vulcan paid Polo a visit in the hospital and cast a spell on him, turning Polo into a real live chicken. Many people took this as a joke, but it was real as Polo was not heard from for months.

Polo valets

Candy and Destiny, former valets for JWA:EWA superstar Tommy Polo


Along the way, Polo has attracted the eye of many women. Even though his roughneck personality and womanizing ways may have upset many men, many women wanted to be with the 6’8”, 300 pound, well hung stud from Chocolate City in more ways than one. The first to step up to the plate was an African-American female named Destiny. She was a member of the JWA:EWA roster and seeking “action”. If it wasn’t in a wrestling ring against a man, then she wanted to be next to the “next big thing” in the sport. She eventually reached out to Polo, as she saw his rage, anger, and potential to be the top dog of the promotion, and as a way to catapult her career. The two were a ferrous couple as Polo captured multiple Hardcore Championships while she managed him and kept him happy in more ways than one. Eventually, during a feud with the monstrous Virus, Destiny was flattened by Virus' patented finisher, The Shutdown and she was never heard from again. Of course, Polo exacted revenge on Virus later down the road.

Then came along Candy, a former street walker who Polo just had to have to himself. He took Candy everywhere he went so she could “calm his nerves” and she was a pro at making him feel better. The relationship lasted only a few months, as Polo had to leave Candy behind to pursue his goal in becoming World Heavyweight Champion.


The time that Polo was "laid up", he was actually on the move, terrorizing other wrestling promotions. While away from his main home in JWA:EWA, he was fattening his resume by winning titles in other, smaller promotions such as the World Extreme Championship Wrestling (WECW) X-Division Championship and World Hardcore Extreme Wrestling (WHEW) Hardcore Championship. Once again, his demeanor got in the way of success, as the bookers would not book him past the upper midcard, though he was the better man in the promotion. After reliquinshing his titles, he would sit out a couple more months to rejuvenate from burn out. It was an experience that Polo would get familiar with very soon.

Polo - micdup

Tommy Polo telling it how it is.


It was eight months since Polo was last heard from in JWA:EWA. Now it was time for a return. And the return would not be on Extreme Zone, where his former tag team partner, Bautista, was now reigning World Heavyweight Champion and talking bad about Polo in his absence, but his return was to Action Zone, where General Manager Winter Sanderson asked Polo to return so he can boost the show's lagging ratings. Polo obliged with the promise of a strong push. It didn't take Polo long to obtain gold, as he defeated Hitman for the Universal Championship, when Hitman got scared and didn't show for the match. The title was handed to Polo, but he didn't want to be recognized as champion in that manner. So for the next couple weeks, he proceeded to torture and torment his opponents, knocking them all down with brute force, until he was booked to face an old enemy and then-World Television Champion, "The Russian Cyborg" Red Crush. Red Crush was a steriod experiment gone horribly wrong, who was accompanied to the ring by "doctors" who would inject him with "fluid" before all of his matches. But something must have happened to Red Crush, as he to, didn't show for his encounter against Polo and thus, turning the World Television Championship over to Polo. Once again, Polo did not want to be recognized as a paper champion due to his challengers no-showing. So he vowed to become the first ever Grand Slam Champion of JWA:EWA. He had his sights set on the Action Zone Championship, held by one-time jobber, and one of the men that he helped shape their career, The Invincible.

Now, Action Zone General Manager, Winter Sanderson, had become mentally stressed due to Polo's demands and that he was still having a hard time saving the show. During this time, Sanderson had vowed to never let Polo near an Action Zone Championship shot as long as he was General Manager. But soon after, the pressure built up on Sanderson and he eventually passed the duties to a new General Manager, Ice Blazestone, but he to, couldn't handle the pressure and quit soon after taking the position. This transition would then open the door to the owner Al Powers' son, Shane Powers. Shane Powers offered Polo his hand in friendship and an easier road to the top, but Polo being Polo refused and Powers made life a living hell for the megastar. Powers waged a personal war on Polo and ousted him from Action Zone for criticizing the booking strategy of the show while he held the #2 and #3 championships of the show. Polo was on the verge of becoming the first and only man to hold the top three championships on Action Zone at one time until he was booted from the program.

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After basically being run out of JWA:EWA, Polo sat at home and simply became of fan of e-wrestling. He searched around and witnessed various promotions. Some seemed interesting, others down right horrible. Sitting at home, he started to evaluate himself and his career. He started to think that if he can’t be himself and everyone around him turns bitch because he’s such a roughneck, then e-wrestling may not be as much of a mentally tough profession after all, and that he should hang up his boots. The politics, backstabbing, and crying weighed in on Polo’s decision to just sit out for a while, but not fully retire. All the while, while sitting out, he continued to monitor JWA:EWA and after his dismissal, Action Zone fell apart. His open accusations of corruption and plotting against him opened the eyes of some of the talent and they to, jumped ship. JWA:EWA started to list in the sea of e-wrestling and was no longer one of the top promotions in the industry. He felt satisfied that at least he accomplished part of his goal, destroy JWA:EWA, based on the injustices that the company brought onto him.

A couple months passed and the “itch” returned. Polo had to get back into the ring. He continued to look around at various promotions and he settled in on one particular company, the likes he’s never been a part of before.

Enter Likuid Federation True Edge Wrestling.


Polo had the eye of the tiger as he saw LFTEW as a small-time promotion, struggling for a megastar and someone to take it to the next level. Polo signed up and immediately demanded that he face the LFTEW World Champion. His demands were ignored and this sent him into a rampage. He commenced to pummel each and every one of his opponents each week. Eventually, to appease his attitude, The LFTEW Corporation granted Polo a shot at the LFTEW United States Brute Championship. He would win the championship and defend it with all his might.

Tracie centerfold

Tracie Bottoms, American Pie to every man’s wet dream.

Enter Tracie Bottoms

With championship gold, comes more money and more women. Polo met an American Pie type female by the name of Tracie Bottoms. The long legged, blonde became Polo’s main squeeze. He treated her like crap, but she accepted it, in hopes that one day, the animal that Polo is will settle down and focus. Polo was focused alright, focused on becoming the World Champion. In route to steamrolling the competition, Tracie started taking on Polo’s personality traits, starting helping him during his matches, and dressing sleazy. Tracie’s new found attitude was right up Polo’s alley, as he was not ready to change for no one, not even the woman in his life.


Polo was the talk of LFTEW, even in the mist of the promotion changing it’s name to SeScoops Federation Wrestling (SFW), Polo continued to enrage the locker room and the newly named SFW Corporation with outrageous demands and over the top actions while wrestling. He went as far as trying to electrocute Jim Rourke so his point will be made that he’s serious about being on top of SFW. He feuded with all the top competitors of SFW except for those that really counted. This prompted Polo to campaign against the powers that be, the SFW Corporation, accusing them of holding him back because he was truly the best product on the roster, but afraid that once he’s on top, that no one would want to face him. Polo continually faced off against contenders to the World Championship that had lost, but it seemed to be a ladder of never-ending rungs. Even with a limited roster, Polo was cast down as a mid card performer who was only good for putting on entertaining matches but not worthy of being the champion. Tracie tried her best to keep Polo’s patience at bay, but he eventually caused a big problem.

Poster ONS

JWA:EWA One Night Stand poster

JWA:EWA One Night Stand

In a desperate attempt to get new viewership for SFW due to the fans noticing that Polo was being screwed over and them tuning away, Polo made a deal with Al Powers, the owner of JWA:EWA. Powers had been reaching out to Polo to return to the promotion, but Polo vowed to never return, but only on one condition would he return and that would be to put SFW on JWA:EWA would-be last ever show, One Night Stand. After mulling over it, Powers agreed and the deal was sealed.

On May 28, 2006, SFW invaded JWA:EWA One Night Stand and put on two exceptional matches. Before the matches took place, Polo cut one hell of a truthful promo against Al Powers, JWA:EWA fans, and JWA:EWA as a whole. He even put over SFW even though the promotion had been giving him hell about getting a title shot. Though, that night, he was going to get his title shot against Dragon, the SFW World Heavyweight Champion, in a Triple Threat Submission Match including Franchise. The match was won by Dragon, making Franchise tap out to the Stretch Muffler Crab. Polo appeared to suffer a broken leg during the match and his shot at becoming World Champion had once again slipped through his fingers.

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SFW Career Jeopardy

After losing out at JWA:EWA One Night Stand and still not getting respect from the SFW Corporation, Polo began to ponder his career. There was nothing Tracie could do to wane his leaning toward permanently retiring. He tried everything in the book to get on top but everything just wasn’t enough. Even giving newcomers the ‘rub’ wasn’t working and seemed to push himself further back down the ladder. Though he was a team player, same as when in JWA:EWA, his work was not appreciated, so Polo took Tracie home and on June 6, 2006, he gave SFW his notice that he needed time off and no timetable would be set on a return.

Many speculated as to what the real reason why Polo and Tracie left, even rumors that Tracie was pregnant came up. But the real reason was that Polo was once again burned out from trying to be on top and putting talent over without any reward.

Supreme Federation Wrestling, Second Wind

While Polo was away, the name had again changed from SeScoop Federation Wrestling to Supreme Federation Wrestling due to management making the decision strengthen the company. Polo returned to the SFW ring the first week of the New Year 2007. He immediately engaged in a fight with former rival Jim Rourke. It was just a tune up, reading him up for another run at the World Championship. But before the match, Tracie Bottoms wanted “help” from Jim Rourke, but her demeanor seems “out of character”, as Rourke didn’t help her and she ran off crying. She had not been seen since mid January 2007.

The man who defeated him for the SFW US Brute Championship, then the LFTEW United States Brute Force Championship, The Don, now holds the SFW World Championship. Polo has a bone to pick with him and eventually, the two will meet again.

Since his return to SFW, Polo has captured the SFW Galaxy Championship in an Ultimate X Match at No Remorse, February 2007. In a bit of controversy, both Polo and The Reaper came down with the title belt at the same time. Polo is once again campaigning that he hit the ground first with the belt wrapped up in his arms, The Reaper was just there for the “ride down”. The SFW Corporation has declared that both men are co-champions and will have to settle it at Vendetta, March 2007, to determine the Undisputed Galaxy Champion.

Once the smoke settled from the battles of Vendetta, Tommy Polo emerged as the Undisputed Galaxy Champion, as he Clocked Out The Reaper. The reign as Galaxy Champion has begun. It remains to be seen whether or not Polo will continue his way to the top of SFW. Only time will tell.

In his first title defense of the SFW Galaxy Championship in a Triple Threat match at the SFW pay per view event, Never Surrender, against Sean Hawkwind and The Franchise, Polo seemingly had the match won, but The Franchise somehow came out on top to become the new champion. A pissed off Tommy Polo gathered himself and petitioned to get a rematch at the next SFW pay per view, For Your Life.


Tommy Polo signs a free agent contract with Extreme Wrestling Corporation (EWC) on April 11, 2007. The next day, April 12, 2007, he is placed on the Friday Night Rampage roster.

  • Auckland, New Zealand, in his debut in EWC, Tommy Polo defeats Redface Rodgers with The Muscle Buster.
  • Rumble in the Bronx; Atlanta, Georgia, a battle royal took place to obtain a #1 contender to one of the two major championships at Night of Champions. Polo entered the event in the #5 spot and was eliminated 23rd, lasting over 39 minutes in the event.
  • Have been entered into the Trio Tag Team Tournament after EWC: Friday Night Rampage Presents Uncensored. Tag Team partners are current EWC Television Champion Maddog and DJ Jones.
  • Friday Night Rush; Glendale, Arizona, defeats DJ Jones with the Polo Plunge. A rematch was signed for the next week at Rampage.
  • Scheduled to face Darius Miles at EWC Uncensored at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; May 27, in a 10,000 Light Tubes Match.
  • Friday Night Rampage; Los Angeles, California, defeats DJ Jones with the Polo Plunge.
  • Uncensored; Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; defeated Darius Miles in a 10,000 Light Tubes Match with the Polo Plunge.
Polo Heimlich

Tommy Polo locking on The Heimlich on his victim.


Common Moves:

  • Powerslam
  • Camel Clutch
  • Taunt by kissing bicep then elbow drop
  • Clothesline
  • Headsmack then boot to the face
  • Military Press Slam
  • Belly 2 Belly suplex
  • Chokeslam
  • Boot choke in corner
  • Belly 2 Belly from turnbuckle
  • Overhead Belly 3 Belly suplex
  • Forearm/elbow shot to the back of neck
  • Knee across throat while distracting ref
  • Full Nelson Slam
  • Powerbomb
  • Gutwrench Powerbomb Toss
  • Fisherman Suplex Pin

Favorite Moves:

  • Screwdriver
  • Floatover suplex into pin
  • Super Polo Plunge (Double underhook sitout powerbomb from top rope)
  • Multiple German Suplex
  • Gore
  • Gunn Stinger
  • Bearhug
  • Pumphandle Slam
  • Altered Beast (Styles Clash)
  • Double R or Roid Rage (Ultimate Punches, just beating the living hell out of the guy)
  • Sky High
  • Hook, Line, & Sunk (Fisherman Suplex/ Brainbuster)


  • Polo Plunge (Double underhook Sitdown piledriver)
  • Clocked Out (The piledriver Owen did to break Austin's neck)
  • The Muscle Buster
  • The Heimlich (Arm wrap camel clutch)
  • Trademark Move: Strong-Armed (Clothesline From Hell)

Biographical Facts

  • Favorite Quote: "One Man's Hate, Leads to Another Man's Fate!!!"
  • Entrance Music: "Holla If Ya Hear Me" by the late-great 2Pac Shakur
  • Alignment: Heel but willing to fight anyone
  • All Round Personality: Tough Guy, Bad Ass, Rebellious
  • Fan Reaction: Boo
  • In Ring Style: Technician/ Striker/ Hardcore Brawler/ Power
  • Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles, lead pipe, or weight flexor
Polo - wearingbelt

Tommy Polo donning the JWA:EWA World Television Championship


  • JWA:EWA Hardcore Championship (November 17, 2002 - December 15, 2002)
  • JWA:EWA Hardcore Championship (September 23, 2003 - November 12, 2003)
  • JWA:EWA Tag Team Championship w/ Batista (December 21, 2003 - April 4, 2004)
  • JWA:EWA Hardcore Championship (January 2, 2004 - January 31, 2004)
  • WECW X-Division Championship (April 25, 2004 - Promotion closed)
  • JWA:EWA Universal Championship (June 26, 2004 - September 11, 2004)
  • WHEW Hardcore Championship (July 3, 2004 - Promotion closed)
  • JWA:EWA World Television Championship (August 22, 2004 - September 11, 2004)
  • SFW United States Brute Championship (January 29, 2006 - April 23, 2006)
  • SFW Galaxy Championship (March 4, 2007 - May 4, 2007)
  • AEW Tag Team Championship w/ The Masked Grappler (May 30, 2008 - Promotion closed)
  • MWE Tag Team Championship w/ The Masked Grappler (May 30, 2008 - Promotion closed)
  • Undisputed Tag Team Championship w/ The Masked Grappler (July 20, 2008 - Promotion closed)


Polo is a ladies man and has no real plans on settling down. His heart remains with Tracie Bottoms, but he doesn’t know of her whereabouts. He may have an eye out for SFW Interviewer, Candy Neil. He may have a rumored newborn child with Tracie Bottoms, but that can not be confirmed.

His body is 97.3% muscle and he claims to have never used any illegal drugs to get his body the way it is. He passes every drug test administered to him and he beats up those who thinks he cheats.

You can often find Tommy Polo in the Adams Morgan area in Washington DC, partying and macking on bitches. Though his heart is with Tracie, until she returns, he’s going to be a bachelor and play the role to the fullest.

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