The Beggining

Tony Was Never A Wrestling Fanatic, He Watched WWE Programs Like Every 10 Year Old Child Does, But His Inspiration Came...Belive It Or Not On A Trampoline, As His Friends Watched On, You Could Tell He Had Potential, Although Everyone Around Him Belived That He Could Go Bigger, He Shyed Away From Wrestling, His Break Came When He Was Sitting On A Bus At The Age Of 17...A Small Article In The Local Paper Read Come To See The UK's Finest House Show..E.V.A Tony Sat For A Bit And Decided That He Would Give It A Shot. Tony Really Didn't Know What He Was Getting Himself Into.


Tony Managed To Forge Many Documents Which Allowed Him Onto The Card And Straight To The Main Event...Tony Faced A Giant Name Jack Stevens, Although Tony Lost The Match, A Familiar Face Was Sitting In The Stands. Tony Lasted Another 2 Month In E.V.A. Before Getting A Phone Call From FOW Legend LPD.

The FOW Era

Tony Joined FOW And Was Never Expected To Be A Top Notch Competitor, After Winning FOW's First Ever Match, Tony Showed Fans And LPD What He Was Made Of, He Got Numerous Shots A Championship Gold, But Could Never Deliver When He Needed It Most, His Shot Came When Big Time Wrestler Tommy Thunder Went To The Board Requesting A Match With Tony, Tommy Was Willing To Put His T.V Title On The Line To Show The World What Tony Had To Offer...Tony Shocked Everyone By Picking Up The Title. Upsetting Tommy Thuunder, Thats Where The bWo Came In.

The bWo Era

Tony Was Fronted By 3 Men, LPD, The Monster And Cenarules, These 4 Men Single Handedly Built The Most Dominant Faction Known To Man, With Tony Leading, He Dropped The 3 Men And Hired Bodyguards, And Within A Few Weeks, Turned Evil And Took FOW Siege By Buying Every Last Drop Of What He Could, Tony Owned FOW, And The T.V Title, But Nobody Expected What Was Next.


The Demonic Structure Known As Satan's Cell Took Place At No Hold Barred of 2005, 10 Men, 2 Rings And A 45Ft High Structure Provided The Greatest Match Ever! Lyxon Steel Came Out On Top, But Every Man In That Match Was A Winner. Alothough Tony Came Up Short In SATANS CELL. The Fans Realised That Tony Was Destined For Bigger Things, And He Got Them.

FOW Post bWo

Tony Handed The Rights Back Over To The Original FOW Owner And Turned Back To Good, He Faced FOW Legend In One Of The Most Memorible Matches To Date: TONY06 Vs LPD: HELL IN A CELL. LPD Came Out On Top, Ending Tony's 3 Month Stint As T.V Champ, But It Didn't Matter, Tony Took A Few Weeks Off And Got A Phone Call Saying That He Would Main Event FOW WrestleMania, Tony Was Shocked But Agreed To Take Part, Although Tony Lost The Match, He Sealed His Name Into The FOW HOF For Many Years, Tony Wrestled On And Off For A Few Weeks Before Suffering A Fatal Injury That Would Cost Him Dearly.

The Return

Tony's Return Was Never Going To Be Big, Especially When He Was Returning To 2wwf, A Company He Had Only Fought In A Few Times, Tony Stayed There For About 2 Month Until He Heard Rumors Of A FOW Re-Birth, Tony Signed For FOW Once More To Relive His Glory Days. The FOW Re-Birth Never Really Got Off The Ground. Becasue Of This, Tony Returned To 2WWF. Tony Wrestles Still And Is Getting Better Everyday, From A 10 Year Old Trampoline Fighter, To A World Class Athlete, Not Bad, And He Did It All In 4 Years!

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