"Head of Omega Security" Tony Omega
Name "Head of Omega Security" Tony Omega
Birth Name Anthony David Omega
Debut May 25, 2002
Date of birth Feb 24
Retired Not
Resides Miami, Florida
Place of death and date

Head of Security Tony Omega is a common face at CW shows... With new security guards coming and going to assist Omega Security, Tony seemed to always be around... Chaotic fans can be assured that their safety and well-being will never be in jeopardy with Omega on-site... In addition to being head of security, Omega can also be seen in the ring from time to time... He has taken part in nearly every battle royal and at one point has even held the CW New England title... Tony Omega has made 2007 the year of his return and vows to make 2008 the year of his domination on the New England wrestling scene.


He is now a force to be reckoned with. After rehabilitating his shoulder from severe nerve damage Tony Omega has strengthened his security force and has begun the climb to the top of New England wrestling with numerous wins for Team Omega in the summer of 2007. What will the future hold for the ex-champion and his security force, only Tony knows?

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