Image of Torch
Real name James Richter
Ring Names The Silent Assassin, Torch
Height 6’5”
Weight 245 lbs
Date of birth September 15
Place of birth Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides Green Bay, Wisconsin
Billed from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Trainer Paul Levesque, Pete Jones, West Coast Wonder
The RiiNG
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Win/Loss Record 55-20-4
Debut August 7, 2006
Retired August 7, 2012


Torch was born and raised a Wisconsin boy. His family was never insanely wealthy, but his family made enough to get by. He went to private schools for a short time but soon switched to public schooling due to finances. In high school, Torch found his niche on the football team. As a tall, agile young man, he soon became one of the starting receivers for the Panthers. He scored 5 touchdowns as a sophomore, 8 as a junior, and 10 as a senior.

It is said that one friday night, after a home game, Torch came home to find his dad drunk, passed out in the lawn. Upon entering the house, Torch found his mother badly beaten. After sobering his father up and getting in a brutal altercation with him, Torch's father was jailed. It is rumored that was this night that Torch vowed to be a true protector. Torch has never confirmed nor denied any of this story. When asking about his father his only response is "He's around somewhere."


Torch graduated early from High School and entered the United States Marine Corps. His boot camp was in California and lasted three months. Finally, in the begining of June, he graduated at the top of his platoon. His Drill Sergeant was always very impressed with young Torch and knew he would climb his way up the Military ladder.

He went home for a brief period of time, only to end up in California again. After a few short months of extra training, they sent Torch's platoon over to the Middle East, where he stayed for five years. He continually showed off his leadership skills and his abilities to accurately shoot a gun and soon found himself all the way to the status of Corporal. A few short months after that, Torch left the Marines. It is generally assumed that his service time just ran out.


Torch found himself back at home in America. He found himself watching professional wrestling, and becoming quite interested in it. He made his way to a house show and managed to meet a man who would soon become his trainer and good friend. His friend Paul would introduce him to a great many vetrans through out his company.


Torch noticed a company known as the ECWF. He quickly made his way to the companies office and found himself under the training of wrestling greats Pete Jones and West Coast Wonder. With their training fresh in his mind, he made his wrestling debut on August 7, 2006. Since then, he has gone on to loose but three matches, and winning the King of the Deathmatch and Pure Wrestling Titles. Torch was also named ECWF 2006 Rookie of the Year.

On his way to the top, Torch spun many heads. He got into a short lived rivalry with ECWF's resident cowboy, Texas Jack, and ended up loosing the King of the Deathmatch championship. He soon, however, found himself in the number one contender spot for Venom's Pure Wrestling title. At the next pay per view, Torch took on Venom, representing the ECWF, and X-Pac, representing the WNC. Both Pure wrestling titles were on the line and Torch brought in the win, uniting the titles from both companies.

Torch has been quoted saying that his favorite match was against wrestling legend Sean Gotti. Sean let out an open challenge, and Torch took it upon himself to answer the call. The men partook in a brilliant wrestling contest, bringing the fans to their feet throughout the whole thing. Torch walked out the winner, earning respect from some of the biggest names in the game.

Things got better for Torch when he was included in a tournament for the Heavyweight title. He beat all of his compitition and soon it was down to his old enemy Vlad, Matt "No Nickname Needed" Ackerman, and Torch. The three were involved in a triple threat, where Torch found himself in the first slot for the Championship match. A match between Vlad and Ackerman found Ackerman to take the second. On March 25, 2007 at the Pay-Per-View Uprising, Ackerman beat Torch for the Heavyweight title. Soon after, Ackerman's protege Louie Stevens defeated Torch for the Pure Wrestling title. Torch, now angered, challeged Ackerman for the title at Stage of Legends, the Wrestlemania of the ECWF. Torch came up short yet again.

Having been flung out of the World Title picture, Torch soon found himself in a fued with the returning veteran Tony 'The Modern Marvel" Marshall. After many threats and backstage attacks, Torch defeated Marshall in a chicken wire cage match at the Pay-per-view Disorder, on August 4. Torch left on personal time, shortly thereafter.

Soon, in Mid-October, a man by the name of James Richter begain annonymously showing up to ECWF events in a hood. He didnt say anything for a long while but early in November he begin to show some video packages, careful to never show his face. Then, during ECWF's historic Rumble, the 30th man was none other than James Richter. As his music hit, the fans errupted as it was none other than Torch. He did not win the match.

He went on to join Team Venom in the ECWF tournament and had a classic battle with Ben Zenith at New Years Knockout. A week later he took on Alex Seeker and beat him, becoming a two time Pure Wrestling Champion. Just minutes later, Craig Lovecraft cashed in and became ECWF's first US Champion. On GM Shane Warner's orders, the two will square off at the February PPV, Gold Rush, for the title.


Torch soon joined the XWA with his long-time best friend 3 Dogg. The two easily tore up the tag team division, and found themselves as the tag team champions. The Elements Redefined have yet to loose the belts, gaining them on September 25, 2006 from the XWO. The team maintained the titles and ran through every opponent that was sent to them. The XWA became inactive due to management issues, and The Elements are still the holders of the belts. They had the titles for 2 months and 22 days, while the fed was active. As of today (10/26/07) the time is 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day.


Torch went over to 3 Dogg's main company, the XPW. The two stayed away from each other at first, as 3 Dogg was a tag team champion with Rob Sattler (Double Destruction.) Soon, Torch and fellow Military man Aaron "Pacman" Packey had talked to 3 Dogg, getting him to join their group known as Heavy Artillery. The three man group terrorized the XPW, taking it by storm. A few months after a fued between 3 Dogg and Rob (as a result of 3 Dogg joining Heavy Artillery) Rob Sattler found himself leaving the sinking XWO and joining Heavy Artillery. The supergroup still has power in the company with the united Double Destruction as the tag team champions once again, and Torch winning the Continental title from X-Raided on December 17, 2006. Shortly after, Torch entered a fued with his off-screen friend, Vlad. The two competed in many contests, with Torch loosing his Continental title to Vlad on March 12, 2007.

A battle royal was soon held for number one condtendership of the World Heavyweight title. Torch and fellow Heavy Artillery member, Rob were the default winners of the match, as the reigning champion X-Pac came to the ring and attacked them both. In a triple threat match at Hardcorepalooza (The Wrestlemania of the XPW), Rob and Torch lost. X-Pac soon forfieted the title due to outside circumstances and a tournament was held. Craig Lovecraft, Vlad, and Torch found themselves in the finals. On Sunday May 27, 2007 at the XPW pay-per-view Afterburn, Torch won his first Heavyweight title. Torch rekindled his fued with Vlad, stealing the show constantly. After many trials and errors, Vlad was rewarded the title by Torch on August 20, 2007.

Torch is currently the General Manager of the XPW. After a short, personal fued with former friend Victor Creed (Vlad), Torch captured his first King of the Cage title at Hardcorepalooza. Torch has also taken control of the career of Michael Nelson Matthews, turning him into his own personal hitman. With MNM, reluctantly, at his side, Torch has formed The Managerial Team consisting of his wife Brittyn, 3 Dogg, Michael Matthews, and Nicky War.


Torch signed with the newly reopened Powerslam Wrestling Orginization in January 2009. After leaving the World Chaos Federation, Torch and his former military buddy Xilio Salvador (Xiledsavior). The two craved for a real challenge, and also something new. A close friend, Calvin St. James, approached Torch and offered him a spot on the roster, and soon the degenerates known as Disciplinary Action were on board.

Disciplinary Action's in ring debut was against Brian Kennedy's faction, The Empire. The fued has become heated, especially after Empire member Frostbite laid his hands on Brittyn. At Night of the Champions IV, Torch captured the PWO World Title against Eric Herrera, Brian Kennedy, and Frostbite.

Personal Life


Torch took time off from all of his jobs in mid-August 2007. He has never stated the exact reason why he left. He made his return in early October 2007 as the XPW General Manager. He is not an active wrestler.


Following the XPW PPV, Collision Course, Torch found it within himself to ask his long time girlfriend, Brittyn, to marry him. After a month of frustration he finally did it. On December 10, 2008 Torch and Brittyn made history in being the first couple married during XPW air time. During the newlywed's honeymoon across the world, Michael Nelson Matthews took Torch's spot as temporary General Manager of XPW.

Wrestling Facts


55-20-4 (overall)

21-8-2 (XPW)

2-0-1 (PWO)


The Silencer (Spinning Rude Awakening)

The Assassinator (Two-handed chokeslam, into a pin)

The Ese Killer (la mata del ese) (starts out as a diamond cutter but before the opponent hits the mat, Torch twists and drops them on the back of their head) [Done in honor of his best friend, 3 Dogg]

Always Faithful (standing fireman's carry, Torch drops to one knee, keeping one out and dropping the back of the neck on the out knee)

Tag Team Partners

Heavy Artillery (Aaron 'Pacman' Packey, 3 Dogg, Rob Sattler)

Elements Redefined (3 Dogg)

Discipinary Action (Xiledsavior)

Theme Music

"Waking Up" by 10 Years (current, PWO)

"You Make Me Sick" by Egypt Central (current, XPW)

"Heroes" by Shinedown (Heavy Artillery)

"Cold (But I'm Still Here) by Evans Blue (Elements Redefined)

"Remedy" by Seether (Disciplinary Action)


The Most Intense Man in the Land

The Silent Assassin

Championships and accomplishments


1x ECWF KOTD Champion

2x ECWF Pure Wrestling Champion (First won by unifying with the WNC Pure Wrestling Title)

2006 ECWF Rookie of the Year

2007 EWN Brawler of the Year (Tied)

2008 Hall of Fame Inductee


1x XWA Tag Team Champion (Never lost after winning the titles)


1x Heavyweight Champion

2006 XPW Stable of the Year (Heavy Artillery)

2006 Match of the Year (Hardcorepalooza: Rob vs Torch vs X-Pac)

2007 EWN Stable of the Year (Heavy Artillery)

1x XPW Continental Champion

1x XPW King of the Cage Champion

2008 Hall of Fame Inductee


1x PWO World Heavyweight Champion (First since the fed reopened)