Tormentor is considered by far one of the most hated, arrogant, narcisistic, rude and abusing individuals to have ever graced the e-wrestling ring. Although considered a veteran wrestler now after an illustrious seven year career. Having been out of action for 3 years, his large ego has led him to return to the ring, working exclusively for Dynamite Championship Wrestling (DCW).

He is however considered to be a very skilled wrestler in the ring and a natural born leader, with persuasive influence over others. He fights very much old school (late 90's-early 2000) style wrestling and is considered to be as dirty as Ric Flair and Hollywood "nWo" Hogan.

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Height 6'1"
Weight 260 lbs
Date of birth June, 13th 1969
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Debut 2000
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The Early Days

Tormentor had lived most of his early adult years as security bouncer for high class and security conscious establishments. He later left to join World Championship Wrestling with his friend and partner, Hitman. Proving to be a hard hitting team to be reckoned with, more stars allied themselves with Tormentor and Hitman for an immense war with a rival stable known as The Soulja's.

EPW/TXWE and The Corporation

Forming a large enough allegiance, Tormentor became the co-leader of The Corporation, earning themselves all the titles and championships WCW had to offer. After deciding WCW wasn't cutting it anymore, Tormentor and his Corporation stole WCW's title belts and transferred to Extreme Pyrotechnic Wrestling (EPW), where they pursued their rivals still, The Soulja's and making new rivals along the way, the Pyromaniacs.

Tormentor however soon became the EPW World Heavyweight Champion and held the EPW Tag Team Titles, helping the Corporation claim high influence and victory in the federation. After a record breaking clean sheet for six months, the EPW merged with the Total Xtreme Wrestling Exhibition (TXWE) to become EPW/TXWE and was owned by the Corporations main rival’s at the time, the Pyromaniacs.

After a hell raised pay-per-view event in July 2000, the Pyrotechnics’ lost the EPW/TXWE to The Corporation (Tormentor & Hitman). With Tormentor taking on the leading role of running the company, the style of EPW/TXWE dramatically changed. It had changed from being a regional wrestling company to a corporate televised business.

Tormentor’s new power drive and wealth had it's down side however, it led to the Corporation breaking up, Tormentor becoming more corrupt than ever and him deciding everything, even who would hold which title. A coalition formed against him followed by the return of the Pyromaniacs, however Tormentor managed to succeed onto holding onto the company until he chose the right time to sell it off.


A few weeks before he sold and left the EPW/TXWE, Tormentor joined what was considered one of the biggest e-wrestling federations around, the People’s World Wrestling Federation (PWWF) and had become PWWF Hardcore Champion fairly quickly in his time there, constantly battling for the title with a newer rival, Cage. Later on in February 2002 he'd won the PWWF Royal Rumble to become the number 1 contender for the PWWF Heavyweight Championship, but had left the company when there was a change of management. Although Tormentor had only been in the PWWF for a brief time, he’d managed to seal his legacy as a renowned superstar in the wrestling industry.

Deciding to go into retirement, Tormentor vanished, showing up on television one year later in a brand new federation called the Extreme Wrestling Alliance (EWA) and establishing a new Corporation. Being one of the first signing’s, Tormentor needed little time to claim the top prize and become the 1st EWA World Champion, and made a record for going 13 straight shows without a loss. It was here that Tormentor met Davie J, and feuded with him for the EWA Championship, growing the fans expectations for a Corporation/CREW battle, that however didn't happen after Tormentor successfully defending the title and gave Davie J severe back injuries.

Tormentor did eventually lose the EWA World Championship to The Brock, ending not only Tormentor’s title reign, but his unbeaten record in the company. The EWA competed constantly in the TV Ratings against rival wrestling companies such as the IWA and EIWF, but had earned the top of the ratings with Tormentor’s feud to Davie J.


After the EWA had closed its doors, 6 months later Tormentor introduced his new federation, the Extreme Wrestling Frontline (EWF) after he stated “there aren’t any decent places to wrestle in anymore, it’s choking the industry”. Quickly making a name for itself, Tormentor had a full roster of many superstars and was affiliated with the Wrestling Fansite and battled in the TV Rating’s with EIWF, IWA and OWF. Although the EWF was popular, and had broken the TV ratings after the 2nd show, Tormentor quickly grew tired from the lack of competition from other federations and decided to close the EWF.

Since then, Tormentor has been in numerous wrestling companies. The World Manic Wrestling (WMW) was the first after the EWF, which was run by a former PWWF foe of his known as Cage. Tormentor didn't waist time in claiming the WMW World Title, but he and Tormentor was also seen making appearances in the (World Wrestling Organisation (WWO) and Championship Wrestling Federation (CWF), however he didn't stay long.

The Hollywood Icons

After their long feud in the EWA and their mutual respect for each other within the industry, Tormentor and Davie J decided to join forces and become a team in the WWO. Together with Davie J and Hollywood Hogan, Tormentor had joined the Simcoe County Championship Wrestling (SCCW) introducing the beginning of the Hollywood Icons. Depicted and establishing themselves as the unholy trio the e-wrestling industry had to offer anywhere around the world, their notoriety was acknowledged promptly. It had only really been a matter of weeks before Tormentor and Hollywood Hogan were fired from the SCCW after its executives received too many complaints from both the fans and its superstars about Hogan and Tormentor's backstage antics.

DCW & Present

In late 2004, Tormentor joined Dynamite Championship Wrestling (DCW). Managing only as Tormentor does, his first match was elevated to be against the then DCW Champion, Slayer. Although the match came out as a draw result, Tormentor made himself known immediately with his cheap wrestling tactics, loud and opinionated mouth and full-sized ego When the DCW closed it’s doors the first time in 2005, Tormentor later joined World Assaulting Federation (WAF), becoming its Commissioner, but soon left to rejoin DCW as it reopened after new ownership. Although Tormentor never returned to the ring as an active wrestler, he still maintained his presence as DCW’s Commissioner and was once on the executives board. Tormentor and Davie J also made a comeback together at one point to represent the Hollywood Icons, although negotiations to get Hollywood Hogan signed up collapsed.

Tormentor has since 2005 grown tired of working and moving to other wrestling federations, and has since then signed exclusive rights to work and perform for the DCW brand only. He currently is ranked within the top 5 of DCW’s superstars and is on the active roster.

Career Highlights

WCW World Title

WCW Tag Team Titles

WCW U.S Title

WCW Hardcore Title

EPW Heavyweight Title

EPW Tag Team Titles

EPW Intercontinental Title

EPW Hardcore Title

EPW/TXWE Tag Team Titles

FFW World Heavyweight Title

FFW Tag Team Titles

PWWF Hardcore Title

EWA Heavyweight Title

WMW World Heavyweight Title

PWWF 2002 Royal Rumble Winner

EPW/TXWE President

EWF President

WAF Commissioner

DCW Commissioner

DCW Junior Executive

Personal Life

Tormentor was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia and spent most of his life living and working in nearby Washington DC. He has been linked to being a member of a diplomatic cult in his local area near Fort CF Smith. These allegations have never been confirmed, despite countless evidence of his meetings with ‘organisations’ leader

Former relationships include former EPW/TXWE Women’s Champion Robyn and former PWWF Women’s Champion Devine

Tormentor never married either women, though does have a son, Adam with Devine.

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