Torrie Duggan
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Real name Torrie Duggan
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Height 5 ft 7 in (1.73 m)
Weight 112 lbs (51 kg)
Date of birth May 13th, 1986
Place of birth Flag of the United States Miami, Florida
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Resides Flag of the United States Miami, Florida
Billed from Flag of the United States Miami Beach, Florida
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Virtual Online Wrestling
Extreme Wrestling Alliance
Women's Underground Wrestling
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Debut April 2006
Retired August 2008

Torrie Henrietta Duggan (born May 13, 1986), is a former professional wrestler and current fitness model. She is mostly noticed for her feuds with Kandy Kaylee, as well as the trophy of many male wrestlers, including Virus.

Wrestling career

Virtual Online Wrestling

Torrie Duggan made her debut in Virtual Online Wrestling as both wrestler and manager of the stable Torrie in Chains. She had a lot of great matches, but she is better known for her constant battles with long time friend and modelling partner, Kandy Kaylee. She fought several matches with Kaylee, with Torrie often besting Kandy most of the time. However after a brief schedule clash with her personal model career, Torrie Duggan was released. After finding this out, Kaylee quit VOW, claiming that she will not wrestle in any promotion without her best friend. They both didn't stay for a month. Together they continued their careers as fitness models.

Extreme Wrestling Alliance

Determined to have another career in the wrestling industry, she soon got an invite on her Myspace page about Extreme Wrestling Alliance. Torrie signed a contract, and her official debut was in April 2007. After her first wrestling match, her lockerroom was swarmed by the many great wrestlers already in the roster. She soon had the likes of The RWS & Virus fighting over her services as their valet. At EWA Summer Meltdown 2007, It was the first Summer Meltdown match, where Virus came out on top, and won Torrie's services. Also at this time, Torrie invited Kandy Kaylee to sign up, and she did, forming a brief tag team. Shortly after Kaylee's arrival, Torrie had a 2 month vacation in Spain, to pursue her fitness modelling career. However she still remained tuned into the EWA, and she was shocked at the recent transformation of Kandy Kaylee. Torrie returned with a vengeance, and the two fought all the way until December at Tidal Shock 2007, where Torrie Duggan finally defeated Kaylee Michelle to win possession of her Magic Wand, and have Kaylee receive a Stink Face from Big Dick Johnson. After New Year's day, Torrie announced that she was off on tour in Australia, to continue her modelling career. Before leaving, she became friends with Kaylee once more, giving back her magic wand. After a brief magical moment, the two finally parted. Torrie Duggan is now currently touring Australia.

Torrie did not return until April 2008, where she teamed up with Kandy Kaylee in a "Stick by your Friend" match against the lonesome Brezzy and picked up the victory. This was to be Torrie's final appearance in EWA.

Women's Underground Wrestling

Since it's founding in January 2008, Torrie Duggan has been in joint promotion with Women's Underground Wrestling as one of the promotion's top competitors. She remained with the promotion, while under contract with the Extreme Wrestling Alliance, until she suffered a serious back injury and was told by her doctors that she will not is no longer fit to compete anymore, thus ending her wrestling career. She was released from her contract in early August 2008, and by orders of her doctors, she has quit the wrestling business to continue her fitness modelling career.

Personal Life

Before Wrestling, Torrie Duggan worked as a Swimsuit Model for a local Miami Magazine. She was first noticed during the Miami Beach Swimsuit Competition where she finished 8th. It was the third time when she entered when she won the entire thing.

Since then, both Torrie & Kaylee (who was introduced into modelling by Torrie) spent their entire lives modelling together for various products, but Swimsuits as their specialities.

Over the years Torrie has dated many guys, but none of them ever worked out, however she is currently in a relationship with Alan Cole, a professional photographer from Newcastle, England. The couple are currently living together in Alan's flat in Miami, Florida.

In wrestling

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Torrie Duggan delivering a Dropkick to Cara in early 2008

  • Finishing moves
    • X-Leg (Triangle choke) - 2006-Present
    • Piledriver - 2006-Present
  • Signature moves
    • Springboard elbow drop
    • Bronco buster
    • Shuffle sidekick
    • Cleavage clutch
    • Leg drop (sometimes from the top rope)
    • Hurricanrana
    • Crossbody (sometimes from the top rope)
    • Stink Face
    • Armbar
    • Dropkick
  • Entrance themes
    • "Suffocating under Words of Sorrow" by Bullet for my Valentine (2007)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Miami Swimsuit Contest 2003 Winner
  • WuW Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Raven


  • Torrie has known Kaylee Michelle since she was 13 yeas old.
  • Torrie first started modelling at the age of 15.
  • So far, Torrie has had 15 relationships, all of which never worked out for the same reason.
  • During a trip to England in August 2006, Torrie bought a Swimsuit, but she popped out of it during a Photoshoot in July 2007.