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Ring Name(s): "Texas Tough" Tory Blaze, Tory Blaze, Lotus
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lbs.
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Resides: San Antonio, Texas 22px-Flag_of_the_United_States.svg.png
Billed From: San Antonio, Texas
Federation(s): 3WL
Previous Federation(s): LIWA, DU, WML, BGW, HCW, EWF, WFWA, NEWF, ICWF, WCW, G-2
Alignment: Face
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Finisher(s): B.K.O. Blazing Knock Out
Manager: None
Debut: 2001
Trained By:

Early Life

Tory Blaze is a famed International American female wrestler with twelve years of professional wrestling experience, competing around the world. She gained fame in the promotions Ladies International Wrestling Alliance and her founding promotion, the World Women's Wrestling League. Tory began life as Tory Anna-Marie Griffin on October 10, 1981 in Charlotte, North Carolina to a single mother. She has one younger brother and a couple step-brothers and sisters, whom she discovered late in life from her estranged father. Instantly, the woman who became called "The Toughest Diva of Them All" was drawn to the world of professional wrestling during its boom in the 80's as a kid and at the age of 19, Tory started training for a wrestling career after watching a wrestling show on television. By seeing the girls of the late 90's compete, she thought she could do better and was dared by friends to go into the business.


Tory debuted as Tory Blaze in 2001 against some of the industry's leading veteran female competitors.Tory originally battled under the name Lotus against some of Japan's toughest female wrestlers while on tour very early in her career. During her time in Japan, Tory's skills really picked up as she indulged herself completely in training under the same rules as other Japanese women wrestlers. Because its practically required to be tough to handle the grueling training the Japanese wrestlers go through, Tory became quite physically tough in the ring, which earned her the nick name "The Toughest Woman of Them All".

Tory "Lotus" Blaze gained recognition in the Indy scene, even winning her first of several championships! Lotus eventually went through a few name changes to Torrie Marie Sanchez and Tasha. Tory's greatest claim to fame came with the arrival in LIWA in 2002 as Tory Blaze, a name she created when she first began her carrer in the south. That same year, Tory became inspired to help open another all women's promotion called 3WL, World Women's Wrestling League. To help get the promotion off the ground, other companies like Ladies International Wrestling Alliance and New Era Wrestling Federation offered an exchanging of talent to cross the borders. The agreements with companies NEWF and LIWA got 3WL immediate success in the wrestling world and Tory couldn't of been any more happier. Thanks to successful agreements with NEWF and LIWA, the women's promotion, Divas Unleashed took interest, also working with 3WL on a couple of occasions, striking high ratings! Tory fought in the 3WL and LIWA, winning both World Championships which included Tory winning the LIWA World Title on three occasions and the 3WL World Title on two occasions, making her a Five-Time World Women's Champion! In 2003, 3WL peers gave Tory the ultimate accomplishment voting her and Jordan Divine as the first two women to be inducted into the 3WL Hall of Fame!

Tory competed for the LIWA from 2002 to 2004 as her contract expired that September. Her last match for the highly popular organization witnessed Tory losing the LIWA World Title to Irena Malenakova. LIWA opted to not renew Tory's contract, feeling she has accomplished all that she could and to this day, Tory insists it was a mutual agreement as many fans thought it a contract dispute. The departing from LIWA only allowed Tory to concentrate on 3WL, where she also won the Tag Team Championship three times. Soon, LIWA closed it's doors in March 2005. In 2006, Tory announced that she would be retiring and soon following suit was the closing of World Women's Wrestling League! The last show was scheduled for October, which would've been the company's 4th Anniversary Show and final show! Mysteriously, the 4th Anniversary Show was cancelled and Tory's plans for retirement was changed as well. Recently, Tory gave an interview where she's been competiting at a couple Indy leagues and has been helping to train future women wrestlers at the 3WL Dojo at the 3WL Headquaters in San Antonio, Texas - eventually headquaters changed to Atlanta, Georgia. She also gave hint to a possible revival of World Women's Wrestling League, which many wrestling fans have been crying out for a return.

In 2007, 3WL began holding small shows which brought influence from the Japanese wrestlers as ladies from Japan fought on the card. The shows would occur sporadically, but not much. In December 2007, 3WL held it's last card in which Tory ended Eva Rodriguez's sixteenth month reign as World Champion. This gained Tory her fifth World Women's Championship. The following month at the beginning of the new year, Tory was scheduled in Japan to defend the World Championship, but was unable to make the match due to personal problems which later was revealed by wrestling tabloids to be that Tory divorced her husband. She was also experiencing pay issues with 3WL as they were not paying her for her appearances across the globe and her matches. For many months, Tory was recognized as champion, but she eventually retired the title in June 2008 when she was unable to reach a new deal with 3WL. Though Tory founded 3WL, the company soon folded in July.

On August 8, 2008 on the G-2 Wrestling wesbite, it was announced on it's forums that Tory Blaze signed a contract with the male dominated promotion.Her roster page called her Tory, "The Torrid Beauty". She debuted for G-2 originally in search of the best G-2 wrestler in a tournament she was holding, However, business deals fell through and Tory left G-2 Wrestling to begin further talk with 3WL Management about a return. It was later announced in December that World Women's Wrestling League was re-opening in 2009 as Tory was continued to be recognized as champion of the promotion. It was also announced on the 3WL website that Tory would be defending her World Championship against Eva Rodriguez in her Retirement Match! 3WL re-opened on 1/30/2009 and when a returning Shelly The Bod came to the ring following Tory's Farewell Address, Shelly challenged Tory to one more fight as she believes there is unfinished business. Tory accepted and instead made her final match a Triple Threat Match for February 13, 2009. Tory's final match was held in Tampa Bay, Florida where she fought courageously, but in the end tapped out to a submission applied by long time rival, Eva Rodriguez.

Prior to returning to 3WL, Tory met fiction writer, Nathan Summers in August 2009. The two dated for four months before being married in early January 2009. In February, following her retirment match, Tory discovered she was in fact pregnant and wrestled her final match carrying a child. Later that year, Tory gave birth to a son Colton. Her retirement would last a little over a year, coming back to in-ring competition in the spring of 2010. Sine her return, Tory has competed briefly for Divas Unleashed, winning the promotion's World Championship on one ocassion! She has won the 3WL World Tag Team Titles for a fourth time with Eva Rodriguez. She also won the 3WL World Title in 2011 for the third time while holding the newly restored LIWA World Title at the same time! In 2011, 3WL announced its purches of the LIWA library and shortly thereafter brought back the LIWA World Title, which Tory won for the fourth time. Immediately, the belts were unified in an Athena Wars Match that Tory did not win. 3WL once again closed down in the summer of 2012, but have announced to re-open in March 2013. In February 2013, Tory announced that she would return for the promotion. 

Outside Wrestling And Personal Life


Memoirs Of A Champion - Tory's Acclaimed Autobiography

Though Tory is an accomplished multi-time World Women's Wrestling Champion, Tory is also an accomplished actress, already having two number one motion pictures to her credit. Tory managed to show she's got an acting talent which critics have agreed she's got the chops to go far in Hollywood. The movies Tory made are "Queen of the Dead" (2004) which made 20.1 million it's opening weekend and 54 million worldwide and then she starred in "The Hunted" (2005) which grossed a little less than her previous film the opening weekend which was 15.6 million, but made 65 million worldwide. Both were horror films, but many critics praise her work in "The Hunted" as her perfect leading role. After the success of "The Hunted", there's been talks of a sequel which her character is again hunted, but she's become the hunter as the character has now evolved to a more stronger, powerful woman vowing revenge for the torture she was put through. The project is still in the works. Over the course of time, Tory has made numerous television appearances including "Law & Order: SVU" and "The Dead Zone". Tory is considering more roles which are currently in talks.

During her career, there were rumors of Tory not getting along with the likes of Giovanna Bartuzzinni and Shelly The Bod. Not only that, but it was also rumored that other ladies like Irena Malenakova and Eva Rodriguez did not like Tory. The truth is revealed in Tory's autobiography that there was in fact a long running dislike between herself and Giovanna Bartuzzinni. The two got off on the wrong foot and during a triple threat match that included Mercedes for the LIWA World Title, Tory claims Giovanna botched the match a few times. It was not a rumor that after the match, Tory was furious over the outcome and almost left LIWA for good. Tory even stated in a few interviews that the match was her most terrible match in a long time. Whenever the two stepped in the ring, it was professional and sometimes there was hard punches. Eventually, Tory and Gia burried their feud and used it as story line in 3WL which garnered high ratings for the programs.

Tory and Shelly The Bod at one time had a disagreement over the direction of Shelly's character in 3WL. When the two could not see eye to eye, Shelly called it quits, but stuck around to finish her reign and left 3WL following her World Title loss to Sarah Styles at Fatal Fury. For the longest time, Tory and Shelly did not talk, but amazingly, Tory was able to talk Shelly to appear for a Anniversary Show of 3WL to accept her Hall of Fame award. Supposedly, the two do get along and are good friends, but recently lost contact.

The rumor about Irena Malenakova and Eva Rodrigueze not likng Tory Blaze was not neccessarily true. Irena Malenakova never disliked Tory. The two got along great and professionally. Eva Rodriguez at one time did have a big dislike towards Tory while they worked together in LIWA. Eva viewed Tory originally as a ditzy airhead, diva, primadonna, but once Eva moved to 3WL, her opinions changed as Eva Rodriguez discovered a new friend and great worker to wrestle in the ring. To this day, Tory and Eva continue to talk and see each other when time permits.

There was talk that perhaps Brandy Cannondale had some heat against Tory at one time as the two went back and forth on an exchange of words in their promos. Many felt that when watching those promos, there were words directly toward each other to sting. Though there are claims the two have had some words backstage a couple of times, there is no real evidence to say it is true. Tory does not mention much of Brandy Cannondale in her autobiography, but in fact just says she worked with her a couple times in the late part of her LIWA career.

Tory's past love relationships is needless to say sordid but includes a man by the name James back in the 90's until 2000. They were together for a long time until his untimely death by gun shot wound took his life. For a long time after, Tory remained single until she met David Yoshida where their relationship blossomed and after three years of dating, the two were married. David has one child from a previous relationship, making Tory a step-mother and she hopes to have kids of her own when she finally retires from active competition. Much of Tory's life in and outside the ring can be read through her highly publicized autobiography, "Tory Blaze: Memoirs of A Champion" released in October 2007 where she goes into much detail about her childhood, growing up without a father and finally meeting him and his other family late in life, her gay brother, the fights and politics in the wrestling business, and more.

In January 2008, deals with 3WL were falling apart as did her marriage. When Tory was scheduled for a title defense in Japan, news articles in the country began running headlines that Tory was unable to make an appearance due to personal matters. The personal matters were revealed through several wrestling websites claiming rumors of a dispute with 3WL over contract obligations and then documents later revealed Tory and David divorced stating irreconsiable differences. As March rolled through, Tory announced that 3WL and herself were having contract disputes over payment issues, but she would not discuss more than that. During that time, Tory was recognized as 3WL Champion, but in June 2008, she retired the title and 3WL closed it's doors for good in July. Tory is in the midst of talking with a few wrestling promotions and has set for a new look and direction in her wrestling career.

Announced on the G2 Wrestling website, Tory Blaze signed a deal with the small promotion in a male domiated company that has no women's division. Tory is said to be excited about this new business venture and career direction. Tory Blaze now goes by "The Torrid Beauty" Tory and signed an official deal on August 8, 2008 and her signing became public that same day. She is set to debut in G-2 Wrestling very soon. Two months after debuting, Tory left G-2 Wrestling for 3WL as 3WL was set to re-open in January 2009. Also in August 2009, Tory met fiction novelist Nathan Boyd. In early January 2009, Tory and Nathan married which has led Tory's decision to retire from wrestling after sixteen years wrestling. Tory wants to start a family and relax from the pains and injuries accrued from battle in the squared circle. Tory's final match is set for February 13, 2009 against friends and competitors Eva Rodriguez and Shelly The Bod in Tampa Bay, Florida. Tory's final match saw the end of Tory's 13 and a half month reign as World Champion when Eva Rodriguez slipped out of Tory's BKO and then put Tory in the Lights Out submission that eventually got Tory to tap out. Tory celebrated her last night, showing respect for her fellow competitors.

A month after retiring, 3WL caught up with Tory post retirement match. In her interview, she confirmed that she was pregnant a week before her match and the next day, at the Doctor's office confirmed the pregnancy. Still early to determine the sex, Tory had decided to wait knowing the sex of her baby and is expected to have her first child in November 2009. She meanwhile remains busy with other Entertaimment ventures and just finished writing a children's book that she hopes to have published later in 2009.

Tory 0001

3WL Magazine Jan. 2009.

===Title History===

Ladies International Wrestling Alliance World Champion 4x

Def. Shelly The Bod (4/13/2003 - 6/22/2003) Lost to Mercedes

Def. Giovanna Bartuzinni (4/18/2004 - 6/27/2004) Lost to Irena Malenakova (Triple Threat Match included Eva Rodriguez)

Def. Irena Malenakova (8/16/2004 - 9/14/2004) Lost to Irena Malenakova

Def. Jennifer Yu (8/5/2011-9/2/2011) Lost to Zelda Knite (Hair vs. Title Match)

World Women's Wrestling Leauge World Champion 4x

Def. Star (11/19/2004 - 1/14/2005) Lost to Marie Dupree

Def. Eva Rodriguez (12/23/2007 - 2/13/2009) Lost to Eva Rodriguez (Triple Threat Match included Shelly The Bod - Retirement Match)

Def. Jennifer Yu (8/5/2011-9/2/2011) Lost to Zelda Knite (Hair vs. Title Match)

Ladies International Wrestling Alliance Intercontinental Champion

Def. Emily Campbell (12/2/2002 - 2/16/2003) Lost to Hanmiko Xiaoyu (match included Shelly The Bod and Giovanna Bartuzzinni)

World Women's Wrestling League World Tag Team Champion 4x

w/ Trish Newborn (1st champions) Def. Marike Stokes and Lori (12/13/2002 - 1/10/2003) Lost to Shelly The Bod and Erika Rage

w/ Star (The Wild Orchids) Def. Mystika and Georgia (4/11/2003 - 6/6/2003) Lost to The Bartuzzinni Sisters

w/ CALIBER Hatanaka Def. Mercedes and "Miss Perfect" Latrisha Lamarte (7/23/2004 - 10/3/2004) Vacates Titles. -Note- Latrisha was unable to team with Mercedes and instead defended the belts solo.

w/ Eva Rodriguez def. The Bartuzzinni Sisters (11/28/2010-4/1/2011) Lost to The Bartuzzinni Sisters

Ladies International Wrestling Alliance Television Champion

Def. Eliza Bastarde (11/4/2002 - 11/25/2002) Lost to Erika Rage

World Women's Wrestling League Iron Woman Champion

Def. Sexy Amanda (12/12/2003 - 1/9/2004) Stripped of the Title. (match included CALIBER Hatanaka)

Ladies International Wrestling Alliance Survival Champion

Def. Alex Hart in finals of tournament (12/21/2003 - 2/29/2004) Title retired.

Other Titles

Among Tory's Indy credits, she has managed to capture eleven championships and three of them are men's championships! The ICWF Women's Title, PWR Lightweight Title, and the MWA Women's Tag Titles, Tory did win those titles during her work with the LIWA and 3WL. The MWA Tag Titles were won in Japan with gaijin wrestler, Camille Dimarco. Nine of the championships, Tory was never defeated and therefore walked away as champion!

WML Women's Championship - BGW Women's Championship - BGW Hardcore Championship - BGW Tag Team Championship - Queen of HCW Championship - WCW Women's Championship - WFWA Women's Championship 3x - EWF Women's Championship 3x - ICWF Women's Championship - PWR Lightweight Championship - MWA Women's Tag Team Championship

Notable Feuds

Against Giovanna Bartuzzinni, Irena Malenakova, Eva Rodriguez, Star, Jordan Divine, CALIBER Hatanaka, Mercedes, and Brandy Cannondale. Tory has also teamed with a few of these women on several occasions, forming popular tag teams such as the case with Star in 2003 when they were The Wild Orchids and then with Mercedes to form M&T! Her biggest feud is widely considered to have been with Giovanna Bartuzzinni as they probably had the number one feud of 2006 and they have had other heated battles over the last few years.

Notable Matches Against Giovanna Bartuzzinni:

3/19/2006 - 3WL Fatal Fury 4 - Electrified Barbed Wire Street Fight

11/19/2005 - 3WL 3rd Anniversary Show - Tory and Jordan Divine vs. The Bartuzzinni Sisters

6/6/2003 - 3WL Clash - Tory and Star vs. The Bartuzzinni Sisters (Tag Title Match)

10/26/2003 - LIWA Masquerade Brawl - Tory vs. Mercedes vs. Giovanna Bartuzzinni (LIWA World Title Match)

4/18/2004 - LIWA Queen of the Ring: Acension - Tory vs. Giovanna Bartuzzinni (LIWA World Title Match)

Tournament History

2002 3WL Tag League Tournament

With Trish Newborn, Tory and Trish won the first annual Tag League Tournament on 12/13/2002 against Lori and Marike Stokes in the finals in a 2 out of 3 Pin Falls Match to determine the first 3WL Tag Team Champions!

2003 LIWA Queen of The Ring Tournament

Tory battled her way through a single elimination tournament to become number one contender for the LIWA World Championship on 4/7/2003 outlasting five other women to get to the finals.

2003 LIWA Survivor Tournament Much like a reality show, each competitor in the tournament was voted out by other competitors within the tournament that eventually came down to only two women standing, forcing Tory Blaze to defeat Alex Hart 12/21/2003 to be the new Survivor Champion.

2004 LIWA Queen of The Ring Tournament

The second year in a row, Tory won the annual Queen of the Ring Tournament to once again earn the opportunity to regain the LIWA World Championship and this time around, she was armed with a new attitude that eventually led to a second World Title reign.

In Wrestling

Finishing Maneuvers



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