Total Annihilation

Total Annihilation was the first annual Total Annihilation professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by UK Championship Wrestling (UKCW)It is set to take place place in July at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom and is set to be the first PPV held by UKCW. The official theme song is set to be I walk alone by Saliva.

The main event is set to be a match for the UKCW Championship a title which will have it's first ever holder, UKCW has yet to announce any matches for certain.

No matches have been confirmed but it looks likely that all championships will be on the line with the exception of the Tag Championships at Total Annihilation.

In 2008 Total Annihilation will be brought to you live from the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, UK. This event will be the first in UKCW's history and it has been announced that big things will be happening at this years Total Annihilation, Marco Magic has also announced a huge range of special guests including Lindsey Lohan and Brad Pitt amongst them aswell as special appearences from huge superstars.

UKCW Total Annihilation
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Promotion UK Championship Wrestling
Competitors UKCW Murder Roster
Company Shows
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No real background information about the matches as it's the first event.


No matches have been finalised although more news should be coming soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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