Total Carnage Wrestling Federation (TCWF) was a popular E-Fed active from 1999-2001. The site was created and managed by two teenage brothers Jay and Stephen Jackson. TCWF was popular during the height of E-Wrestling and the Monday Night Wars. Total Carnage Wrestling Federation was widely accepted in the E-Wrestling community and was even given praise by popular Wrestling sites such as The People's Wrestling Website.

The end of TCWF- Many factors contributed to the fall of TCWF. The popularity of E-Wrestling fell off as the two brothers went on to different obligations, both enlisting in the military. Members no longer participated in matches and the ones that did were getting burned out on facing the same compeditors.

Rumors of a comeback- In the internet wrestling community there were rumors of TCWF making a comeback in the fall of 2002, although the project never materialized. As of December 1, 2006, only the oldest brother Jay has expressed interest in bringing the popular E-Fed back.

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