Total Ownage
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Height 5'8
Weight 210 pounds
Date of birth July 5, 1995
Place of birth Seattle, WA
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Resides Seattle, WA
Billed from Seattle, WA
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MFGG Wrestling
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Debut January 8, 2007; March 9, 2007; April 5, 2007
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Total Ownage is a former wrestler on MFGG Wrestling.


MFGG Wrestling

On January 7, 2007, Kid Koopa decided he wanted to join MFGG Wrestling. Captain Jeff Silvers told him his first match was tomorrow against the former (current, during the start Kid Koopa) MFGG SoVeryHardcore Champion Mariorocks. The day came, Kid Koopa won his debut match. On Kid Koopa's third match, he was competing in a Money in the Bank Match against Mariorocks and three other competitors. He lost that match when Mariorocks got the belt. The next day, his next match would be against Suigi in search of Suigi's 60th win. Kid Koopa won that match. Suigi told him he was one of the best rising stars.

Feud with Dark Yoshi and Retirement

On January 12, Mariorocks had the choice to either be in X-Degeneration or The Ultimate Legion. Kid Koopa kept ranting on about how X-Degeneration was better than any other. Later on, the two had a match. The winner gets to choose which faction Mariorocks has to join in. Mariorocks won the match and chose X-Degeneration. The next day, Captain Jeff Silvers and the other X-Degeneration members held a ceremony. On January 14, 2007, Kid Koopa lost a Chemical Weapons Match against Dark Yoshi for the MFGG Internet Championship. The next day, Kid Koopa lost a match to ????? in the King of MFGG VII tournament. Four days later, Kid Koopa lost a match to Dark Yoshi again for the MFGG Internet Championship in a Ladder Match. After Kid Koopa's fourteenth match, Kid Koopa decided to retire. The feud ending when Kid Koopa announced his retirement.

Total Ownage

A mysterious man, Total Ownage, hit Kid Koopa with a steel pipe after he saluted to the MFGG Wrestling stadium. Later on, he hospitalized Kid Koopa. The next day, Total Ownage won his first match against Über n00ber, Suigi, Captain Jeff Silvers, Doc Wario and Mariorocks in an Extreme Rules Battle Royal. Total Ownage was not an official participant of the match. Total Ownage won his third match against Mariorocks in a First Blood Match to win the MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship. After that, Total Ownage was revealed to be Kid Koopa making him a heel.

MFGG SoVeryHardcore Champion

Kid Koopa had his MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship until Suigi took it from him at King of MFGG VIII.

Feud with Suigi

While Kid Koopa had his MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship, Suigi wanted to take it off of him. He got his wish at King of MFGG VIII. The feud ending when Suigi won the MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship.

Teh Darkness and MFGG Tag Team Champion

Before Suigi was champion again, Kid Koopa asked Mochant if they want to form a tag team (which The Toadster joined during February 2007). They won most of their matches plus getting two MFGG Tag Team Championship title reigns. At MFGG Last Chance, Mochant and Kid Koopa lost the MFGG Tag Team Championship to The Dial-Up Connection (Julio Cesar F and The Magical Gamer). On the last match of MFGG Last Chance, Mochant lost the IPW Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match. After the supershow, Kid Koopa and The Toadster performed a beatdown on Mochant.

Feud with Mochant

The next day, Kid Koopa requested a "Pick Your Poison" Match against Mochant. Kid Koopa and his "PYP Person" Captain Jeff Silvers won their matches. Mochant's pick was The Magical Gamer. On February 27, 2007, Kid Koopa lost a match to Mochant to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. At MFGG Epoch Rising, Kid Koopa lost to Mochant to see who the better man is. On March 7, 2007, the feud ended.


At MFGG/AWN Inaugural Brawl, MFGG lost with a score of 4-2 (times lost/times won). Kid Koopa lost to AWN Heavyweight Champion Julio Cesar F. On March 8, 2007, Illusion X lost to the 4chan Party Van of AWN.

No wins in March

When March started, Kid Koopa had no wins and lost every match.

Kid Koopa quits

On March 9, 2007, Kid Koopa announced that he's quitting MFGG Wrestling and never gonna compete in it ever again.

Kid Koopa returns to MFGG Wrestling

On March 16, 2007, Kid Koopa (now known as Purely Pure') realized he missed MFGG Wrestling so he returned to it, but not as a wrestler. He returned to MFGG Wrestling as a referee named Purely Pure.

One night only

On March 31, 2007, Purely Pure wrestled for one night only as Total Ownage and by request, challenged Mochant.

Kid Koopa returns for real and feud with Zekewars

On April 5, 2007, Kid Koopa (now Total Ownage) announced his return to MFGG Wrestling. On his re-debut match, Total Ownage lost because of Nightwing's interference.

Reformation of Teh Darkness

On the same day Total Ownage re-debuted, Mochant returned. Total Ownage then announced the reformation of Teh Darkness.

Feud with TMG

On April 5, 2007, after "helping" Total Ownage in his match, TMG said to earn back his trust, he has to earn it.


Due to Total Ownage's permaban (requested) on the MFGG Message Boards, Total Ownage's MFGG Wrestling career is no more.


  • Dark Yoshi (January 12, 2007 - January 25, 2007)
  • Suigi (January 22, 2007 - February 18, 2007)
  • Mochant (February 26, 2007 - March 7, 2007)
  • Zekewars (April 5, 2007 - April 10, 2007)
  • The Magical Gamer (April 5, 2007 - April 10, 2007)

Wrestling facts

  • MFGG Wrestling
    • Finishing moves
      • Unknown
    • Entrance
      • Total Ownage walks to the ring with the lead steel pipe.

Championships and accomplishments

1 Kid Koopa won the MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship as Total Ownage.

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