Total Wrestling Entertainment
Acronym TWE
Industry Professional E-Wrestling
Theme music Flo Rida Ft. Sage, The Gemini & Lookas - GDFR
Brands Enigma
Show(s) Enigma
Established September 2006
Episodes #121
Founder(s) Chase Anderson
Key people Chase Anderson
Owner Chase Anderson
President Chase Anderson
Booker(s) Chase Anderson
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Website Website
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Total Wrestling Entertainment (TWE) is a live action based Role Playing Wrestling Federation.


Total Wrestling Entertainment Is An Active Fed with an active roster we currently produce 2 weekly show called Monday Night Enigma and Friday Night Showdown. Aswell as a Monthly PPV we have some of the hardest working Staff & Superstars in the efed world.

How it started

Total Wrestling Entertainment was a project created by the Chairman, who was known at the time by "Kyle Smith", after the fall of the major Wrestling Companies around the world. The company was first called XWA (Xtreme Wrestling Alience) with Kyle Smith known as Venom & The Animal. XWA hit the roof with new Superstars signed up such as Andy "The Hero" Fusion, Chris "Crazian" Angel, Jack Frost, The Bashman, Tommy Bleak and the first ever Divas signed The Fizz. XWA made a huge impact and started off with Andy Fusion as the assisstant GM for the debut of the first ever broadcast of Mondy Night Enigma. At the end of 2005 and early 2006, a second show was opened called Wednesday Night Mayhem. XWA officially changed its name to OVW (Online Virtual Wrestling), it was there when some of the XWA superstars had finished up and new stars signed. OVW brought a new style of wrestling to this promotion as Match based wrestling made its debut. Monday Night Enigma moved to Tuesday Nights and also a second show was opened, and we saw the birth of top main eventers and Hall Of Famers such as, Chris Hero, Gennesis Annaya, Thiatan, John Sloan a.k.a JayDee, Ariel, Freddy Breeze,

2011 Times Are Changing

Alot of Things Are Changing In 2011 But We Will Keep You Up Dated.

With alot of new ideas circuling the staff alot of new superstar being sgned up things are certainly changing for the better The First Announcements Of the New Era Were the Re-opening Of Friday Night Showdown as-well as the revile of the Power 10 standings And the New Annual Draft


Monday Night Enigma - Active

Friday Night Showdown - Closed

Thursday Night Divine (Divas Only Brand) - Closed

Wednesday Night Limitless (TWE Version of NXT) - Closed

Pay Per Views

List of Pay Per Views in 2009
Month Name Tag Line Date
January Deception Two worlds Colide January 28th 2009
Februay Ring Of Honour Only champion's Survive February 24, 2009
March Slam-Mania Biggest PPV of the Year Match 30th 2009
April Forever Immortal Where Superstars are born April 27th 2009
May Make Or Break A New Chapter, A New Begining? May 25th 2009
June Nightmare On Helms Street Take a Trip to Memmory Lane? June 29th 2009
July Road To Redemption The most Bazaar matches known to man! July 27th 2009
August TWE Anniversary A Look Back At Some Great Matches Revisited! August 24th 2009
August In Demand The only Fan-Interactive PPV of the year September 15th 2009
September War Zone It only happens Once a Year September 28th 2009
October Genocide Do you feel the Pain? October 26th 2009
November Unforgiven The PPV of the year November 30th 2008
December Final Destination The Last Day Of TWE Superstar Mayhem! December 28th 2009

List Of PPV's in 2011

Month Name Arena Date

Ring Of Honor II

Los Angeles California, Staples Center January, 30th 2011
Februay Make Or Break II Toronto, Ontario, Air Canada Centre Febuary, 20th 2011
April Slam-Mania III Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia April, 4th 2011
May Forever Immortal III St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, Florida May 2nd 2011
May Extreme Rules Key Arena, Seattle, Washington May 22nd 2011
June Road To Redemption II Verizon Center, Washington D.C June 19th 2011
July War Zone II Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois July 17th 2011
August Summer Bash III Staples Center, Los Angeles, California August 14th 2011
September TWE Anniversary II HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York September 18th, 2011
October When Worlds Collide II New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana October 2nd, 2011
November TWE Aggression Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York November 20, 2011
December Collision Course Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania December 18, 2011


Current Championships & Champions:

TWE World Heavyweight Championship: STEFAN RAAB

TWE Velocity Championship: HARVEY JORDAN

TWE Bombshell Championship: ENDEE LEIGHTS

TWE Tag Team Championship: Last To Hold - VACANT

Past Championships:

GWF World Heavyweight Championship: Last To Hold - Mr. Kennedy

TWE Elite Championship: Last To Hold - Austin Reynolds

TWE Divas Championship: Last To Hold - Alexis Terry

TWE Cloud Nine Championship: Last To Hold - The Mercenary

TWE Intercontinental Championship: Last To Hold - Randy Fields

TWE United States Championship: Last To Hold - Bryan Valentine

TWE Tag Team Championship: Last To Hold - Harvey Jordan & Jessie Daniels


President: Chase Anderson

General Manager Of Monday Night Enigma: POSITION STILL OPEN

Comissioner: Joey Snow Jr


TWE E-fedderation Links

TWE Website

Official TWE twitter

TWE Roster

TWE List Of Championships & Champions

TWE's Development Territory (GWF)

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