Toya Banks
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Height 5ft 7in
Weight 131 lbs
Date of birth 19th April, 1981
Place of birth Harlem, New York
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Resides Los Angeles
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Trainer Road Queen
Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment
Handled by Waffle
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Debut April 2000
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Promotions Wrestled for

  • UWA

UWA Career


She debuted on the arm of D-lo Brown. She was fresh off the modeling scene and was labeled the Ex-Model. Toya Banks would be inactive for a while before engaging in a little feud with Ms. Rainbow who accompanied Val Venis. The UWA took notice diva. Her popularity soared, surpassing that of the guy she managed. People loved her looks, her attitude and her flaming charisma. She was unlike any other diva. Eventually, Toya Banks started wrestling part-time competing in matches with the likes of The Kat, Ivory and Jacqueline, while still managing D-lo Brown. Though she was not a praised wrestler in the ring, her athletic skills were easily visible. The UWA talent officials were certain that she would be a great wrestler in a few years. Eventually Toya Banks business relationship soured with D-lo Brown. He was interested in dating her, but she made it clear that she was there for business only. One day on H2O in the middle 2000’s, D-lo & Hardcore Holly went up against the hot new tag team New Money (who were the young Kos and Ant-Bone) in a tag team match. D-Lo and Hardcore Holly were defeated and an angry D-Lo Brown said to Toya Banks, “Kiss me now bitch, I’m tired of these mind games. You want me don’t you?” D-Lo Brown grabbed her by the waist and she slapped the taste out of his mouth. The enraged Brown grabbed Toya by the hair and was about to powerslam her, but Kos and Ant-Bone came to the rescue. The tag team took out D-Lo before proceeding up the ramp. The following Monday on The District, Toya approached Kos and Ant-Bone. She thanked them and it was obvious that she had taken a liking to Kos. Kos returned the favor by asking her for her number. Soon Toya Banks and Kos begin to date which eventually led Toya to join New Money. With the induction of Toya Banks, she suggested that the guys change their name to M.I.A (Most Incredible Alliance). D-Lo was unhappy about this and he was determined to get Toya back. Over the course of weeks, D-Lo would feud with MIA. Their final bout occurred at UWA’s Capital Chaos. For Toya Banks contract, Toya faced D-Lo in a match. With the help of MIA, Toya Banks was able to claim the victory. Indeed his woman was on a roll. Soon MIA faced the alliance of T&A. When T&A would battle it out in the ring, Toya Banks and her new rival Trish would certainly get on outside of the ring. Both women were skyrocketing and competing in popularity. The only difference is that each woman was on the different sides of the playing field. But both women had to eventually watch out for the other rising diva Lita. Toya and Trish were often compared. And together they produced entertaining matches. They were highly praised for two divas that were considered to be non wrestlers. Eventually MIA had their eyes focused on the gold as did T&A. The team with the titles was the Hardy’s. Soon the 3 teams began competing in a series of matches and title shots. Eventually, the 3 ladies Toya, Trish and Lita often competed as well. They competed in a triple threat match the last Thursday on H2O before the PPV Starcade. Trish took home the match pinning Lita, while Toya was out cold. The following Sunday at Starcade, the three teams competed in a triple tag team match. Ultimately, MIA came out as the winners earning their first title win.

MIA successfully defended their titles for the next two months until losing them back to the Hardy Boys at Halloween Havoc. Within those two months of defending their titles, Ant-Bone had an eye on the beautiful blonde girl named Ms. Rainbow who was now a member of the all female biker gang, Harley’s Angels. The Harley’s Angels was led by the Road Queen, Sasy and Ms. Rainbow who was forced to join the group. Ms. Rainbow seemed unhappy with the group and Ant-Bone noticed. Toya Banks noticed as well and she tried to set them up on a date, but when the rest of the Harley’s Angel’s found out, they jumped Toya Banks. This spawned another feud. Toya Banks was easily out numbered. She was no where capable of competing against talented Road Queen and Sasy. Those women were popular and fantastic in their own rights. The only person Toya was able to take was Ms. Rainbow. Over the course of weeks, Toya aligned with Ivory and Jacqueline who helped her take on Harley’s Angels. The women engaged in deep battles. Every week something would add to the feud making it deeper and deeper. This feud marked the turning point for Toya Banks. For the first time, she was seen as a wrestler and not a non diva. By the end of the feud, Toya Banks had evolved into a decent gal. The feud finally ended with a 3 man elimination tag team match at War Zone. One by one the women were eliminate but only two remained, Toya and Road Queen. Road Queen dominated Toya Banks easily, but somehow Toya Banks managed to pin Road Queen after a surprising spinning DDT that she learned from Jacqueline. Toya Banks freed Ms. Rainbow of Harley’s Angels. That night, MIA welcomed Ms. Rainbow into the team.

MIA would go onto win the tag title yet again and Toya would help Kos win the hardcore title later as well.


MIA entered the New Year’s as the tag team champions and Kos entered the New Years as the hardcore champion as well. The bond between the team grew and their fan base grew even larger. MIA was running head to head in popularity with the Hardy Boys and Lita. Toya’s rivalry with Trish Stratus grew even when the divas were not feuding with one another. The women were both incredibly increasing in ability. Many fan sites could not determine which Diva they preferred.

MIA engaged in a fatal four way TLC Match with E&C, The Hardy Boys and the Dudleys at Universal Showdown. The Dudleys brought the tables, the Hardy’s brought the ladders, E&C brought the chairs and MIA brought the titles. This match proved to be legendary and elevated each team onto a new level of stardom. Toya Banks rooted her men on, but they came home with out the titles that night as E&C claimed the gold. Unhappy about their loss, the members decided that it was time that they each took a piece of the pie known as UWA. Toya Banks and Ms. Rainbow helped their men win other gold with in the company. Ant-Bone won the Dragon (Cruiser) title and Kos won the Midway (Middle Weight) Title. Toya participated in a number one contender’s battle Royal for the women’s title. Toya defeated Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Sasy and Lita. She went on to feud with the champion Ivory. On a live taping H2O Toya won the title. It was one of her most memorable matches to date. Toya would only hold onto the belt for one month and a half. She lost the title back to Ivory at Cyber City, where she shattered her ankle during the match. Over the course of the year Toya Banks was placed on the injured list. After heeling completely, she went through intense training with a few trainers and superstars such as Road Queen and Sasy.


Toya Banks was out of action for the entire year, yet she continued to keep in touch with her fans through blogs, photos and through her website. Toya was also the host of the syndicated UWA show, Vintage Reel. Despite her absence, the members of MIA achieved higher heights of popularity. Ms. Rainbow won Miss UWA and appeared on the cover of Playboy. Ant-Bone won the Midway title for the first time and Kos won the UWA Heavyweight title. MIA also won the tag titles for a 4th time. MIA was also divided into two during the brand split. Ant-Bone and Kos were shipped to The District while Ms. Rainbow was shipped to H2O.


During her absence, Rainbow was a very popular diva on H2O and eventually dropped the Ms. From her name. The other divas, Torrie, Stacy and Sable grew jealous of her rising popularity so the Divas began a 3 on 1 feud. Rainbow was easily the weak duck in the feud until one day the General Manager Stephanie McMahon made a 3 on 1 handicap match at the grandest stage of them all, Universal Showdown. Rainbow put up a great fight, but the divas were too much for her. Towards the end of the match, Toya Banks made a surprising interference taking out Stacy and Torrie. Rainbow gave Sable DDT picking up the win. The crowd went crazy for the reunion and that night the Bad Girls were formed.

The Bad Girls continued to feud with Torrie and Stacy. Sable had other worries with the General Manager. Toya and Rainbow easily dominated the blonde divas, whether it was in a Bra and Panties match, a mud match or a regular match. Toya Banks soon grew angry stating that there was no competition on H2O. Stephanie McMahon agreed. Later that year, Victoria debuted on H2O and the quickly women engaged a feud. Toya Banks displayed a new look and a better in ring presence. She was more aggressive and performed better submission moves. She shocked the whole IWC because that night they saw her as an accomplished competitor. Her popularity sky rocketed. They produced some of the best women’s matches in H2O history. Their top notch feud rivaled Trish and Jazz’s feud on The District. Eventually their feud led to the debut of H2O’s own women’s titled labeled the Ladies Title. At Uncut, Toya was crowned the first champion. H2O’s Ladies division rivaled The Districts Women’s division. Toya Banks rivalry with Trish Stratus grew as each woman led their rightful division and title to higher heights. Soon, Luna debuted on H2O terrorizing Victoria. Toya Banks put her differences aside with Victoria to take on the old psychotic Luna. The tables soon turned when Victoria join Luna. Rainbow rushed to the aid of Toya Banks to take on the two deranged divas. Tagteam action occurred on many occasions. While still the reigning Queen of H2O, another diva debuted that would change the way fans viewed H2O forever. Lady Sheik was the first luchadora to ever poke a toe in UWA. Her wrestling style was phenomenal and her popularity rose every week. Lady Sheik wrestled Luna in her first match. Lady Sheik won, but was double teamed by Victoria and Luna. The Bad Girls rushed to her aid. Over the next few weeks, Lady Sheik helped Toya take on the two women. General Manager Stephanie McMahon decided that Tagteam action between the women was enough. At Starcade, the 4 ladies would battle each other for the Ladies title. The match was praised; Lady Sheik walked out as the new Ladies champion. UWA realized that the women were actually helping the ratings so they continued to push them.

The Bad Girls encountered another problem. The infamous Harley’s Angels made their debut on H2O terrorizing the ladies roster, but their main target was to get Rainbow to re-join and to destroy Toya Banks all together. The women had engaged in intense battles over the courses of weeks. Toya Banks car was vandalized; broken glass, flat tires and chipped paint. The Bad Girls stole Harley’s Angel’s motorcycles and tossed them into the Potomac River while in Washington DC. After weeks of fighting, the women finally engaged in a match, accept it was a handicap match. Toya Banks took on Harley’s Angels in a handicap match for Rainbow’s contract Halloween Havoc. Toya Banks lost the match therefore resulting in Rainbow re-joining Harley’s Angels. Though Rainbow was indeed a Harley’s Angel, she was not an over achiever in the matches. Toya Banks was in need of serious back up if she were to take on the Harley’s Angels, so the ladies champion, Lady Sheik, joined the battle. Victoria, a heel, joined Toya Banks after she was insulted by the biker trio. Over the course of the weeks the women would battle. Their final battle ended at UWA’s War Zone, in a Captains fall elimination match. Rainbow laid down purposely allowing Lady Sheik to get the pin fall. Victoria was eliminated. Lady Sheik was eliminated. Sasy was eliminated. Just like many years before, Toya Banks and Road Queen were the last women standing. Toya Banks picked up the win with her Bank & Drop. That night Rainbow rejoined Bad Girls.

The fans have long been waiting for this day since 2002. MIA was reunited as the men jumped from the District to H2O. The crowds were ecstatic. The guys went on to win the H2O tag titles easily taking them from Team Angle. The girls managed their men as they defended their title against Team Angle, The Dudley Boy, the Road Warriors and Undertaker & Kane. MIA soon began facing personal problems with one another. It became apparent that there was a problem between Kos and Ant-Bone. When ever Kos did an interview backstage, Ant-Bone would speak for him or complain. Soon, Rainbow did the same to Toya Banks. Entering the New Year, Kos and Ant-Bone got into a backstage altercation were the two argued, which ended with Ant-Bone stating that he and Rainbow quit MIA. Fans were saddened, but the two soon made up and claimed that MIA has never broken up, but to breaks. Things got better, but it was obvious that jealousy was still present. At the yearly Battle Ground Pay-per-view, Ant-Bone surprised the world when he eliminated his own partner from the Battle Ground Rumble. Ant-Bone claimed that he couldn’t see due to the blow from Rico. Toya Banks grew tired of the sudden disrespect so she told Ant-Bone that he is a jealous liar as well as Rainbow. This resulted in an argument and eventually a fist fight between the two couples. The two were still tag team champions and they were scheduled to defend their titles at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre against the Road Warriors. The team lost the match due to the departure of Ant-Bone and Rainbow who left Kos on his own to battle the crazed wrestlers. Toya jumped in to fill Ant-Bone’s place but she was forced to leave the ring area. Kos had lost the match and the tag team titles. Over the next few weeks, Ant-Bone & Rainbow would clash with Toya Banks and Kos in fights, interviews and matches, but never in a tag team match. The two couples finally clashed in their final match at Universal Showdown. Ant-Bone & Rainbow faced Kos and Toya Banks in a Tagteam match. The match was one of the best that night. It showed emotion, tears, struggle, longevity and event though Kos and Toya were praised for their wrestling skills, Ant-Bone and Rainbow turned heads as they have never fought like this before. In fact neither party had fought like that before. The match resulted with Kos picking up the victory over Ant-Bone. Sadden and tired, Kos and Toya Banks forced them selves up the ramp. When Kos and Toya Banks turned their heads at the top of the ramp, it was clear that they were holdings back tears. Rainbow held Ant-Bone in her arms and together they sadly accepted their defeat. Fans voted that it was the emotionally charged match in history and it was said that some people cried as if it were a finally. MIA was disbanded.

Wrestling facts

Finishing moves

  • Bank Em (Lift & Drop)
  • ATM (Ankle Lock)

Signature moves

  • Running headscissor armbar
  • Kick From Hell
  • Top Rope Elbow Drop
  • Five Punch Combo
  • Death Lock
  • Leg Choke
  • Bow and Arrow
  • Clover-Leaf


  • Catherine Banks

Theme Music

  • "Get Your Hands up" by Fergie

Championships and accomplishments

  • UWA Womens Champion 5x

Personal life

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