Travis Johnson
Real name Travis Johnson
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Height 6'4" (1.93 m)
Weight 235 lbs.
Date of birth January 17, 1989
Place of birth Olympia, Washington
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Resides Chicago, Illinois
Billed from Olympia, Washington
Trainer Coach Strom (High School Wrestling Coach)
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Debut February 2008
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Travis Alexander Johnson (born January 17th, 1989)is a professional wrestler currently competing for Professional Wrestling Incorporated where he is the Television Champion. He is known for his dedication and his refusal to bad mouth his opponents, becoming one of the few modern day competitors to truly be a class act. Also, he has formerly competed for Grand Slam Wrestling, the company who gave him his big break into the industry, and the American Wrestling Alliance.

The Early Years

Up until his nineteenth year of life, Travis Johnson spent most of his time in his hometown of Olympia, Washington. At the very early age of 4 years, Travis began training in the art of grecco roman wrestling. From the very begining Travis was seen as a prodigy when it came to amateur wrestling and over the next 14 years he would win numerous awards, championships and tournaments, never being defeated. He is the pride and joy of his hometown high school, having won four straight state championships in his weight class. Aside from wrestling, Travis lettered in Baseball and Football as well but always knew his true passion was in the wrestling universe.

Grand Slam Wrestling

After taking a year off from school after graduating high school, Travis was offered a contract by a young company known as Grand Slam Wrestling. From the very get go Travis made an impact on the company and fought for what he believed was right. After a month long battle with Takana and King Richard, Travis walked away from GSW's only pay per view event as the All-American Champion. A feat which earned him the moniker of "All American". Unfortunately, the company suffered large financial setbacks and subsuquently released their superstars from their contracts.

American Wrestling Alliance

After the closure of Grand Slam Wrestling the young superstar became visably distraught. At the time he was offered what he thought was a major deal with another upstart company. This one, however, had seemingly limitlless funding and so Travis felt safe in signing his name to compete for them. However, Jayson Zine tricked the youngster into signing a contract in which he was required to "job" to other superstars whom the company wanted to give a real push to. Needless to say after a match with Chris Bane in which it was made to look like Bane had broken Travis' forearm, the youngster opted out of his contract minutes after the match was over. Thus ending his tenure in the American Wrestling Alliance.

Professional Wrestling Incorporated

While working for AWA, Travis simultaneously was working for PWI, a company which, from the very begining, treated him much better than AWA had. It was here that he really solidified his stance as a true talent in the wrestling world. He started off with four straight wins. Two of them over famed W2K superstar Jamie Pierce and another one over megastar Tyler Koufax. In the midst of his four match winning streak, Travis claimed the Television title as his own. Unfortunately he ran into a brick wall, known as Ryan Payne, in his fifth match and suffered the first real defeate of his career. Nevertheless, to this day Travis is still the Television champion and still competing for PWI.

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