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Height 5'11
Weight 280lbs
Date of birth October 5th, 1989
Place of birth Compton, CA, United States
Date of death
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Resides Detriot, Michigan, USA
Billed from Detriot, Michigan, USA
WFF, TAE, WWEBusiness
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Trenb is a professional wrestler currently under contract with NO IMITATION WRESTLING FEDERATION

The Predays Of An Amazing Career

Trenb started out amature wrestling his longtime rival and former friend Cody E in highschool in Reno, Nevada. One day in 2006, both men, at the top of their games, wrestled in front of the largest crowd they had ever seen to date. In the match Trenb was taken down by Cody E and that caused injury to his right arm. Trenb had to face extensive surgery keeping him out of action for a long time while Cody E. signed a contract with the Wrestling Fanatic Federation. These events would shake the foundation of their friendship and careers forever.

The Beginning Of An Amazing Career, WFF

After the surgery and while in recovery Trenb was contacted by Wrestling Fanatic Federation. Rumor has it that Cody E had something to do with it, as a consolation for injuring his friend and putting his career on hiatus. Within a month after being called, Trenb was sent to a training facility to get back in ring shape. He debuted shortly later. During his time in WFF, Trenb competed in variouse single and tag team matches. Although he never recieved any titles, he had a memorable triple threat ladder match with Cody E. and Spencer for the Hardcore Championship. The match ended with Trenb being superplexed off the top of the ladder by Spencer onto Cody E though an announcers table. Cody E somehow escaped the carnage and took the win, much to the outrage of Trenb.

Though time, Cody's faction, The Elite, combusted and TCTS formed. TCTS was formed of TimeBomb, Cody, Trenb, Stacy Kiebler, and eventual member Scorpina. Trenb had thrown everything aside to join the group with the hopes that being among the top names, he would earn being a top name himself. Things were short lived however, and the group, as well as the federation, died due to management being unable to hold things together. WFF closed and TCTS was gone as a result.

It is commonly believed that with nothing to live for, Trenb was growing depressed. Soon however; A new federation had arrived to rescue him from certain destruction..or so it appeared....

TAE:Total Anarchy Entertainment

Trenb's longtime rival and friend, Cody E. had been starting a new promotion, known as a Total Anarchy Entertianment, in the final days of Wrestling Fanatic Federation. Again, it is commonly beleived that Cody E. took the steps to ensure Trenb found his way into it, accidental or intentional. The federation featured an ECW brand led by Victor Mead and a WCW brand led by Eric Bishoff. Trenb was in a continouse struggle of which brand to join as more and more people were joining Victor Mead to get away from a power hungry Eric Bishoff. Little did anyone know, Cody E. was the real master behind ECW, let alone just as an ECW wrestler. After Victor Mead walked out, Cody was left to run things entirely by himself. Cody E. couldn't handle Eric Bishoff anymore once Eric bankruped the company by moving it to a new headquarters. Total Anarchy Entertainment died before Trenb could even debut.

It is commonly believed that with nothing to live for, Trenb was soon arrested on drug trafficking charges. Although this is unconfirmed, Trenb was kept from wrestling for some time until a new Federation came into view. This new Federation, was known as The Xtreme Wrestling Federation.

XWF: Xtreme Wrestling Federation

On January 1st, 2007, Trenb was in a bar drinking continously and a representive of XWF had supposedly been sent to find him, so the story goes. As has always been the case before, it was belived Cody had once more took the steps to ensure his former friend was taken care of. Within a day of talking to the representive, who some say to be GM of Bloodbath Hart or even Powers himself, (no one is totally sure, as Trenb was too drunk to remember)a hung-over Trenb finally called the Rep and agreed to come into XWF. He signed a contract on January 25th, 2007.

Before debuting Trenb met a friend from WFF, Joey Jobz. The two had agreed to fulfill their old dream, of becoming tag team champions. He also met his girlfriend, Miss Extreme.

Joey and Trenb had to compete in a tournement for an X Treme title shot before letting their tag team career off the ground. Jobz didn't make it to the final match, he was defeated by Mystery Opponent, who turned out to be Cody E. Joey did get some consolation, by defeating Bill Goldberg at the PPV.

Trenb successfully defeated Bubba Billions and moved to the Fatal Four Way match at Valentine Vendetta. Trenb lost the match and his rival Cody won the title, causing further heat between the two, after interference from HIP.

After the PPV Joey and Trenb fully committed themselves to one goal, tag team glory. They formed The Extreme Regieme OGs, with Miss Extreme.

WWE Bizness

Trenb heard of another federation, WWE Bizness. He quickly signed up, only to tear the contract later. He originally believed he could be the one to help bring it back, but upon seeing the unoriginality and unorganizedness of it, and the pressure from his fellow XWF roster mates, he realized it was too late for the federation. He left the federation the same day he signed up. A few days later he gave an eulogy in honor of it's burial by XWF. XWF has been on a roll since the burial, which featured former WWEBiz members getting taken down by XWF Originals, starting what would soon turn into a new members VS old members war.

Trenbs XWF Legacy Begins-And Ends Quickly

With the creation of a second show, Mid Week Massacre, Trenb was given the opportunity by the new general manager to retire CC. Trenb defeated CC and won Trishs contract, who became the fourth member of the Extreme Regieme.

Since the arrival of MWM GM, Trenb has retired CC, acquired Trish contract, and defeated Hecate Enthroned, Rhy and Berg, RUC1 and Spear, with Joey Jobz in tag team action. He has also defeated his partner Joey Jobz in one of the greatest athletic matches in history. Both men faced The Hardcore Impact Players Raven and Thorn in the final round of a Tag Team Championship Tournment, where the winner was crowned the first ever XWF Tag Team Champions. TrenB and Joey Jobz pulled out all the stops, even jumping off of two 20 feet high ladders onto Raven and Thorn though a table after HIP introduced two chairs with The Extreme Regieme OGs names on it. Thorn was able to get in the ring before the ref counted to ten, giving Tren and Jobz a count out lost. They weren't done though, the next day TrenB suggested a Tables Ladder and Chairs rematch for the titles. TrenB then decimated Trish and his ex girlfriend Miss Extreme with a super kick and Leap Of Faith into the tables. TrenB, rather then getting down 'bout the title lost, was born again. He challenged ICP in a Handicap match the following MidWeekMassacre and won against both men. He challenged John Cena and Goldberg the next week. However; Matt The Magnificent stepped up and demanded a match. Two men as competitive and atheletic as them could't be passed up. The match was made, and TrenB defeated Matt.

After many battles, and losing more tag title chances, TrenB was placed in an Elimination Chamber with three HIP members, who decimated him. Krouser scored the World title back and the federation closed before TrenB could get a one on one shot. After the fed closed though, TrenB had a chance for redemption.


While competing for the XWF Tag Team Titles, TrenB's passion for wrestling and competition domination grew, he signed up for the ECWF after hearing it mentioned from Matt "NNN" Ackerman. In the hopes of having ultimate power in the wrestling world, he followed the ECWF roster members to pick up things. There it wasn't Extreme, it was the Elite.

However; It quickly ended. TrenB had to save XWF from destruction, which he had failed to do. However he was given a new ground to stomp over as a result.


TrenB chased HIP left overs Thorn and Krouser, and Ignition to No Imitation Wrestling Federation (NWIF). He finally defeated Krouser and Thorn, with the help of Steven Awesome (Matts, from XWF, nephew)Having finally officially defeating the last of HIP, despite wanting Krouser and Thorn still one on one to this day, he turned his thoughts on Ignition. After Ignition delivered multiple beat downs to TrenB, and after Badd Allience left TrenB after a set up by David Greene, of Ignition, and a brutal 3 on 1 assault in an Elimination Chamber, much like the HIP attack, TrenB was injured and quit what all thought to be forever. He returned shortly as "ME," wearing a Ski Mask and almost handed the win to Ignition at Wrestlefest for the tag team titles. TrenB, still known as ME, despite numeriouse hints that were sure to have revealed his true self, and Steven were then set to face Jive and TimeBomb of Ignition and Wulf and David in a three way. Ignition got the win.

Over time TrenB became a fast rising star, and after creating "TrenB's Awesome Revolution, "and with the creation of TrenB's Pizza and TrenB Press, the humilation TrenB laid on his opponents was second to none. Grown men quit and whined because they could not stop TrenBs new found confidence. TrenB racked up more losses than wins, but eventually he became the TORNADO HARDCORE CHAMPION, however he as drafted and lost the title. However; He quickly won the Storm TV title, which he held before dropping it to Hiroto. TrenB than eventually went on to win the combined title, the NIWF TV title, and held it longer than any other member. The former holder, rival Krouser, was the first to cash in the title after five defenses, however TrenB had held the title three weeks longer than Krouser, before losing the final defense to Omega in a gauntlet match. Shortly after, Mike Krouser threw the towl in on wrestling, and his entire faction fell apart. As TrenB's entire character was based on making fun of Krouser, TrenB is now having a problem with dropping acid and attacking random locker room members, believing them to be Krouser.

TrenB is currently engaged in a video games mini fued with Arcade.


Hardcore Impact Players (Krouser, Raven, Thorn, ICP) Joey Jobz and The TrenB fueded with these men for the tag team titles when they were 1st introduced. Joey and TrenB lost the tag title match at Unpredictable after a devastating suicide attack off of two 20 feet ladders onto Raven and Thorn. Thorn was able to get into the ring and the The Extreme Regieme lost by count out. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs were all invovled in the match, prompting TrenB to challenge for a TLC match. The match never happened. And after failing to defeat Krouser once again after HIP destroyed him in an Elimination Chamber for the title, the fed forever closed. The reminder of the HIP (Krouser, Thorn) went to NIWF, where TrenB, with the help of Steven Awesome, finally finished the war. Thorn joined Steven and TrenB for a day before running to another faction and show. TrenB eventually defeated all three men individually.

  • Cody E and Trenb have been at it forever, especailly since Cody injured Trenb putting his career on hold. However, when the situation arises, the two have been seen as able to co-exist in a team setting, as the WFF saw in TCTS for the short time it lasted. Trenb, despite being always willing to team with his rival and once friend, is determined to wrestle a title away from Cody, and once he does, he may be finally at peace with his rival, and himself. Two matches the two were invovled in were the WFF Triple Threat Ladder match with Spencer, for the Hardcore title, and a fatal fourway with Jive and Jarret in XWF for the Xtreme Title. Cody won both matches.
  • Ignition: TrenB's rivalary with HIP and Cody soon grew to invovle Ignition. After TCTS failed with WFF, and variouse battles, once TrenB finally defeated HIP, he moved on to Ignition, where he was left for dead several times at the hands of Ignition. After losing a shot to be a contender for the World Title, after Ignition, in HIP fashion, ganged up on him an another Elimination Chamber, TrenB left the fed, believed to have never returned. He did return under the name ME with a ski mask. He handed Ignition the tag titles after interjecting himself with a chair at WrestleFest. Now Steven Awesome (Matt Rodriguez, TrenBs former partner, nephew) and ME/TrenB(The Voilent Revolution) are challenging Ignition.

  • Hecate Enthroned has been giving Trenb crap for a year, though WFF and XWF. As of late the group Hecate Enthroned has been seen tearing apart. Trenb was determined to finish them off once and for all. After deciding to follow Hangman, the group dissovled and destroyed each other. TrenB takes full credit.

Unholy Allience - Krouser, Royal, Invictus, Psycho, others.....After a loss and much embarressment by TrenB, Mike Krouser of the HIP quit NIWF, and one week later Royal was stripped of his title, and Invitucs was fired for failing to appear to his match where his contract was on the line, after a good ole fashion nut kick by TrenB. Psycho abandoned this failing train.

Trenbs associates, past and present

Billy Would You -- Trenbs personal interviewer in the early days of WFF and XWF, soon was a general interviewer for all of XWF, and constantly fueding with Jeremy Borash, another interviwer.

Jack "For Hire" Mire --A rocker, partier, and occasional wrestler. Runs special events, when found, for XWF. Hosted first ever Poker Championships and is currently planning an EmCee Battle. Seems to have an undying love for XWF Diva Brook.

Cody E. -- Longtime rival and one time friend, Cody injured Trenb in an amature wrestling highschool match, and later signed with WFF while Trenb recovered. The two have clashed only twice for a title and teamed for a short time, but things get more intense everyday between them. A one on one match up is inevitable.

MWM GM -- General Manager of XWF MidWeekMassacre. Put a lot of faith into Trenb and helped him rise towards Main Event Status. Allowed Trenb to retire Double C and allowed Trenb and Joey to finally get tag titles introduced. Continues to be an influence to this day.

Wrestling Facts

Finishers and Signature moves

Top 2 Finishers

Widow Maker (Reverse Death Valley Driver)

Back Drop Bottom (protoplex into a Rock Bottom)

Signeture 10

1. Full Nelson Bomb

2. Vandaminator

3. Leap Of Faith (Shane O' Mac's Elbow Drop)

4. Tornado DDT

5. Impaler

6. Superplex

7. Sit Down Powerbomb

8. Diving Headbutt

9. Famasser

10. Super Kick

Theme Songs

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourn

Califonia Love -Tupac Shakur

Don't Approach Me -Eminem

Drink The Kool Aid -Ramallah-

Undead - Hollywood Undead

Championships and Accomplishments

Retired Double C and acquired Trish March 7th, 2007 at Extreme Midweek Massacre

Defeated four tag teams with Joey Jobz

Connect Four Champion

Tornado Hardcore TV Champion

Storm Canadian TV Champion

NIWF TV Champion


  • Faced Cody and Spencer in a triple threat ladder match for the WFF Hardcore Title.
  • Faced Cody, Jive, Jarret, in a fatal fourway for the XWF Xtreme Title.
  • Although a long time rival of Cody, once joined him, TimeBomb, Scorpina, and Stacy, known as TCTS in WFF.
  • Turned to rapping and a thug life after a hard life and being kicked out of his parents house at the age of 15.
  • Been arrested
  • A leader in the war between XWF OGS and The XWF Invaders
  • Deemed the XWF Street Poet by respected elder, Jimmy Jive.
  • Known for spearing people off of high places (ladders)
  • Currently owns TrenB's Press, and TrenB's Pizza

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