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|name = Trent Helms |realname = Andrew Helms |image = Ncwtrenthelms.jpg |height = 5'8" |weight = 190 lbs. |birth_date = December 16, 1981 (Age 35) |birth_place = Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada |resides = Toronto, Ontario, Canada |billed_from = Planet Helms |place of death = Toronto, Ontario, Canada |date of death = December, 23, 2016 (Age 35) |debut = Febuary 2001 |Martial Status = Widow

Andrew Helms, better known by his in-ring name Trent Helms (Born, December, 16th, 1981) was a Canadian born pro wrestler. He was found in his home in Toronto, Canada on December 23rd by his wife Ashlie. He is survived by his two children Christian and Ryan Paige

Imperia Wrestling Franchise

In November, 2002, Trent Helms returned to Professional Wrestling after nearly a six month hiatus to deal with his cancer treatment, where he signed with Imperia Wrestling Franchise, and was quickly thrust into it's newly formed Cruiserweight Division, where he would be put in a Eight-Man One Night Tourament, He would defeat Kid Flash in the first round, however fell in the Semi-Finals to Kevin Putteet the eventual tournament runner-up.

Helms would be put in the pay per view of IWF next pay per view, against the winner of the IWF Cruiserweight Tournament winner, Captain Pie for the IWF Cruiserweight Title in a ladder match, in which Helms would end up emerging victorious and claiming the championship, He ended up holding the belt for over four months, defeating many contenders in Kevin Putteet, the man who defeated him in the Cruiserweight Tournament, Extreme Machine and Gerg before losing the championship to Chris Cage in a scoffold match on a weekly show of IWF Sunday Night Fights, so Trent could heal from mounting injuries.

During his Cruiserweight Title run, Trent began to move up the card, getting involved as a opponent for The Yazuka, the top heel group in IWF at the Time, where he would draw with Extreme Machine in a Double-Title, Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, which gained the respect of the Yazuka member, the next week, Helms scored a upset victory over former IWF Undisputed Champion Ryu Akimoto also known as Jimmy Dragon, Akimoto who decided to punish Helms, however fellow Yazuka Member, Etreme Machine, in new found respect for Helms saved him from his master, the win pushed Helms up the card, and engaged him in a short-term fued with the Yazuka.

Helms gained his most fame during the Battlezone Pay Per View, in March of 2003, where going into the event, was already the current IWF Cruiserweight Champion, and at that event, defeated Ryu Akimoto again, this time with his brother Ichiro, to win the IWF Tag Team Championships with long-time best friend Adam Knite, making him the first Dual-Champion in IWF History, before entering the 30 man Battlezone Royal Rumble, at Number 2, where he once again, made a mockery of Ryu Akimoto, eliminating him, and making it to the Final 3 despite suffering hurting himself doing the match, before being eliminated at the Hour and Fifteen Minute point.

Helms then lost his IWF Cruiserweight Championship, and told Brandon Harwell, IWF owner, he needed to take time off to heal mounting injuries, Harwell unhappy when of his hottest stars was pulling out suspended Helms.

War with IWF Owner Brandon Harwell

Helms would be suspended, This would allow Helms to recover from his lingering injuries, with the second ever, Imperial Games Tournament coming up, Helms wanted to enter it, however Harwell, refuse to remove his suspension, during this time, Kid Flash, a resident IWF Jobber, was entered into the tournament, going against undefeated IWF Cruiserweight Champion Karen Sanders, which Kid Flash suprised and defeated to advance to the Round of Sixteen.Flash would then be match up against Alex Dunvegen, a former IWF Undisputed who he ended up defeating, with the help of Mercedes Lewis, who sister Wakki Jackie, was severely injured at the hands of Dunvegen some month before, a Injury so severe, she didn't return to the ring, until some nine years later.

With this Kid Flash advanced to the Quarter-Finals which the entire Tournament would take place on the Pay Per View, where the tournament from this point onwards, would be contest under Mixed Martial Arts rule, Flash a severe underdog coming in, going against former College wrestler Jeremy Bryant, managed to win by Disqualifacation when Bryant lost his cool, due to Flash's unique takedowns, Flash would lose in the Semi-Finals to Tournament winner, Pieper Runoff before taking off his mask revealing himself to be Trent Helms.

Upon seeing this Harwell became furious at Helms, however in his first match back at Trent Helms, we captured the IWF Television Championship, a title, which Harwell used against Helms, forcing Helms to not only defend the belt on each television program, but forced him in another match, later in the show, which Helms lost the Title to Alex Dunvegen after Harwell and the Entire Horsemen group attacked Helms, and beat him severely, before Harwell forced himself into a match with Helms, under NO DQ, where once again Helms found himself in a Five on One contest, however this would lead to Helms forming a Alliance with Ander Carvetti, a man, many times had been on the brink of winning the IWF Title., Pieper Runoff, the man who defeated Trent Helms as Kid Flash to win the Imperial Games Tournament, and Mercedes Lewis, Trent's long-time close friend, in which the two began dating during this time called Project Mayhem.

On a Episode of IWF Sunday Night Fights, Project Mayhem after brawling with Harwell personal secruity and The Four Horsemen, at the beginning of the show, triggered a EMP, causing all of IWF equipment to malfunction and short out, ending the program just four minutes in, The next week, IWF Return to running normally, however Carvetti and Helms defeated Justin Sellers & Jeremy Bryant for the IWF Tag Team Titles, giving Helms his second reigns with the belts, He would also capture the IWF Cruiserweight Title for a second time, a week later, before losing it to Diamond Dave, after the entire Four Horsemen group got involved in a ladder match, costing him the belt.

At the Self-Titled Project Mayhem Pay-Per-View, Trent after seeing what he believed were the deaths of his close friends Pieper Runoff, as well as Wakki Jackie and her two children, Trent snapped, and severely injured IWF Presdient Brandon Harwell in their match, ending his reign as the owner of the company, however it was later revealed, that no one died and Helms was suffering from severe stress from his non-stop wars with Harwell & Company, and wrestling up to four times a week in IWF non-stop for nearly 3 months.

Departure From Imperial Wrestling Franchise

The next week, Trent would be named the number one contender to the IWF Undisputed Championship, due to his work ethic and ridding IWF of Brandon Harwell in a Authority Role, however Helms was suffering from stress from the prior war, and lost the IWF Tag Team Titles with Ander Carvetti, still believing all his friends were dying, didn't even allow Carvetti to be tagged into the match. The next week, IWF merged it's Undisputed, Television and Extreme Hardcore Championships to form the IWF Triple Crown Championship, in which Television Champion Johnny Holiday won in a Triple Threat Match, meaning Trent's guaranteed title shot against Justin Sellers was null & void. Helms would be allowed one chance to gain entry in a Title Match, however he would have to win a 5 on 1 Gauntlet Match, against The Russians, Steve Sanders, Apathy and Justin Sellers to do so. Helms managed to make it all the way to Sellers, after using the finishing moves of his "believed" Fallen friends, using Adam Knite's Restless Knite, Mercede's Lewis's Reckless Endangerment, Jade Cortez's Wings Of Flight, and Wakki Jackie's Wakk Down, however Felicia Duarte accidently cast Trent the final fall against Sellers, Trent blamed Duarte for the lost, then asked for his release from IWF, which was granted.

The Colosseum

William T. Justice of the Colosseum dropped an bombshell, The Colosseum was returning and had an new president, Known other then Trent Helms....Who made several quick changes, but however was unfit for the job, but shaked things up regardless..He wrestled an match, to help an friend return to Wrestling, an friend who seemingly returned from the Dead. Pieper Runoff..They battle in an Street Fight, that made the workers in the Colosseum furious, as they said it was nothing more then an ploy to get Helms over...However the fans on the Internet loved the match, but in the end, Runoff once again pinned Helms to move farther into the Lord Of The Colosseum Tournament

However, an old foe from IWF followed him into the Colosseum by the name of Kristianna Vola, The former Hit Women, came into Colo ordering Helms to buy out Duarte contract so they could finally fight...Helms refused to do so, as Vola waged War on the President, The two would do battle at Lord Of The Colosseum PPV, in which was more of an bloody brawl, when Duarte came into the Colosseum and helped Vola destroy Helms...This would be the last time Helms was seen in the Colosseum for an while...As He came down with an illness, that threatened his life...ending his run as President in the Colosseum.

Trent would return to Wrestling for One Match, at the IWF Reunion Show, losing to IWF Triple Crown Champion, before departing, never to be heard from again for several months.

Trent would make one more apperance in the Colosseum, later in the year, doing commontary for an Justin Sellers versus Felicia Duarte match, the aftermath, saw Trent hug his brother for the first time in the history..before departing again...He took over an year away from the business, to celebrate his marriage to Mercedes Lewis Helms, his long time friend, the two were married on Halloween in 2004, along the time, Trent was inducted into the National Championship Wrestling, Hall Of Fame.

New Era Wrestling

After many months of Hiatus from the sport, Trent Helms returned to Pro Wrestling to take part in New Era Wrestling, fighting along sides many former friends such as Adam Knite, The Knucker, Davey Boone & Others, as New Era Wrestling was linked to National Championship Wrestling, however the long-time babyface Helms returned with a Evil-Attitude, shown in his first match against The Knucker, in what was considered a dream match, Helms quickly ended the match in under a minute with a School-Boy roll-up while grabbing the tights, before walking out with any emotion. When NEW President, Davey Boone asked Helms the next week to explain his actions, Helms remain silent, and instead repeatly bashed Boone in the head with a Steel Chair many times, before deliving a Con-Chair-To, Boone ordered Helms to face the new arrivaling and former Rival Shane Corgan in a Hell In A Cell match at the next pay per view, which Trent won.

Helms then turned his attention to Adam Knite, his former friend and beat him into submission before hanging him from a Cross in a very offensive segment, Helms would become suspended, but came back in as Kid Flash who went undefeated for two months, before facing Adam Knite, in which Helms returned, as the Flash fighting Knite was not Helms, but a imposter, before switching bodies and defeating Adam Knite.

Trent would continue to remain undefeated the entire time, until he was made number one contender to the NEW World Championship, however the fed closed down before the Pay Per View, and Trent went back into Hiatus for over a year.

Bukkake Man

Sometime around this time, Helms began to use another gimmick at stated above to be a play on Christopher Daniels Curryman Gimmick, He entered The Global Wrestling Coalition as well as the newly revived Imperial Wrestling Franchise under this gimmick, in IWF he was quickly entered into the Title Tournament for the vacanted IWF Championship, however was defeated in a Triple Threat Match featuring IWF Owner Lindsey Lewis and close friend, Ander Carvetti, Bukkake would feud with Lewis for a couple of week, before having another masked wrestler take his place, Allowing Lewis to easily defeat the Fake Bukkake Man, however Bukkake emerged at the end, using Helms trademark Edge Crusher move on Lewis...IWF folded shortly after that.

Meanwhile he did wrestle a handfull of matches in GWC, His first contest against Random McRally in which Bukkake was counted out, because he got lost on the way to the arena...His second match was a darkmatch on a Pay Per View, teaming with Spike Kane to pick up the victory...He was set to challenge for Random McRally Television Championship, but due to cancer, dropped out of GWC all together, his last match, picking up a victory over Mark Evil.

International Championship Entertainment

In Late April of 2008, Trent Helms signed a part-time contract with ICE Wrestling, and he quickly debuted using the famed Spaceman Gimmick, however with the slight twist, he was a huge fan of ICE Wrestler, Dylan Cage (Who Trent worked beside of in The Colosseum) who originated the gimmick, Trent in his first match would defeat Xander Birch after faking a new injury, before managing to hit The Close Encounter of the 630 Kind, The Following week he would win a 4 Way Dance.


On the evening of December 23rd, Helms was found in his bedroom by his wife Ashlie. After several attempts to revive him. He was declared dead at 10 pm. Police don't suspect foul play and internal reports believe it to be Natural Causes. Helms was buried in Toronto on January 2nd, 2016.

It was also revealed that Helms had been suffering from Dementia, caused by a untreated tumor in his brain.

  • Finishing moves
  • Signature moves
  • Regular moves
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • With Adam Knite
    • Finishing moves
      • Falling Star Bomb (With a downed opponent, Adam and Trent head to a common turnbuckle, where Adam Knite, proceeds to climb to the middle turnbuckle, before Trent climbs the turnbuckle behind him, before stepping onto his shoulders, and leaping off with a Shooting Star Press to a downed opponent)
    • Signature moves
      • Galaxy Knites (Adam lifts the opponent up into a Inverted Fireman Carry, while Trent climbs to the top turnbuckle, before leaping off and driving his leg into the opponent throat with a Diving Legdrop.)
    • With Ander Carvetti
    • Finishing moves
      • Event Omega (With a Down opponent, Helms and Carvetti climb opposite turnbuckles, which at the same time, fly off, with Carvetti hitting a Diving Headbutt, while Helms hits a Diving Legdrop)
  • Nicknames
    • "Hottest Act In The Galaxy"
    • "Sex Bob-Omb"
    • "Giant Killer"
    • "Da Showstoppa"
    • Angelic Diablo"

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