Trevor Houston
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Trevor Houston
Height 6'2"
Weight 255
Date of birth
Place of birth Tallahassee, Florida
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Tallahassee, Florida
Billed from Tallahassee, Florida
Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Handled by Wyldashe
Win/Loss Record 31/26/5
Debut November 2005

Trevor Houston

Trevor Houston was a ex-bounty hunter who hailed from Tallahassee, Florida. After a life of chasing down fugitives of justice Houston decided to join the ranks of Anarchy Championship Wrestling as a competitor. Trevor became the first ever Grandslam Champion in ACW History by holding the 4 premiere titles of the company.

Move Set

  • 1.Big Boot
  • 2.Clothesline
  • 3.Neck breaker
  • 4.High Knee
  • 5.Mounted punches
  • 6.Reverse DDT
  • 7.Forearm smash
  • 8.Full nelson slam
  • 9.Arm drag

Signature Moves:

  • 10.Bicycle kick
  • 11.Soman Drop
  • 12.Spear
  • 13.Lou Thesz Press
  • 14.The Texan Driver: Houstons over the shoulder sit-down piledriver. Same as the Fire Thunder Driver.
  • 15.The Southern Hammer: First, Houston crosses his opponent's right arm across their neck with his left hand. He then lifts his opponent up onto his shoulders and drops down, driving his opponent head-first into the mat (similar to a Burning Hammer).
  • 16.Spinal Fusion: First, Houston positions himself behind his opponent and crosses his opponent's arms across their chest. Houston then drops to the mat while maintaining his hold on his opponent's wrists, driving his knees into his opponent's back.
  • 17.Twisted Metal: Hooking his opponent under his arm from the back with his opponent facing upward, Houston spins 180 and drops his opponent quickly to the mat. Similar to (Test’s Testdrive)

Finishing Moves:

  • 18.The Heart Punch - Grabs his opponents wrist like he is going to whip them into the ropes, he then wraps that arm around behind their back, he quickly pivots and punches his opponent in the middle of their chest sending them harder to the mat out of breath.
  • 19.Total Inebriation - (Tower of London) Elevated cutter with opponent draped on ropes
  • 20.Last Call - (Ganso TTD)

Title History

  • 1.ACW Heavyweight Championship 03/30/2008-09/02/2008
  • 2.ACW International Championship 02/25/2007-07/29/2007
  • 3.ACW Xtreme Championship 10/06/2006-12/26/2006
  • 4.ACW Television Championship 03/30/2006-07/30/2006

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