Trey Ortega
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Height 6'6"
Weight 285 lbs.
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Resides Toronto, Ontario
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Trainer Thomas Billington
PrYde Wrestling Federation
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Trey Ortega is a Canadian professional wrestler most recently under contract with Pryde Wrestling Federation. He is the only man to hold the Pryde world title twice and is best known for his piercings, tattoos and his strange sexual appetite.

Trey is part of a 'Society' similar to the legendary Hellfire Club, who engage in wild orgies and share their members. The 'Society' is a world wide network of smaller 'chapters', one of which Trey rules. Notable members of his chapter are Eve, Delilah, Footlong, Patryk and Helena

He is one of the founding members of the House of Pain.

Promotions Wrestled For

  • PrYde Wrestling Federation
  • Insane International Wrestling
  • Wrestle War

Background Information

A former bouncer in Ugly’s in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Trey Ortega, was discovered by Thomas ‘Thunderbolt’ Billington. In his early years he competed as ‘Superior by Nature’ Trey Ortega (a play on Thunder Bay’s motto) mainly in tag teams partnered with Super Destroyer (as the Thunderbirds). Trey (as Mutilated) and Super Destroyer soon signed by Scorpio Black to his much larger Wrestle War federation. The team continued their domination claiming the tag team titles soon after their debut. Cracks began to appear as the team enjoyed their success and spiralled into drink and drugs, this was the period where Trey had most of his piercings and tattoos done. When SD started to listen to his groupies and believe he was the star of the team, even no-sho|Wing title defenses, a violent split occurred. With SD taking Hellraiser as his partner in a match to decide who kept the tag titles, Trey was forced to take superfan Benzine as his partner. The team, christened ‘The Rock n’ Pop Duet’ by the fans, won the match and the tag team titles. They defended them against all-comers developing into a capable team until they lost them to The Midnight Horsemen. They cam up short in subsequent rematches and the team split. Trey had a few singles matches until his contract expired and he left.

Looking for a new home

Trey joined both the CWA and Pryde while trying to find a new fed to call home. In the CWA Trey met a man who became one of his best friends in the industry when he and Kilo Jones formed the House of Pain along with Claude Fury (who soon was dumped in favour of The Jersey Devil Donny Allen. The stable dominated the fed until the owners disappeared overnight.

PrYde Wrestling Federation

On January 22nd Trey, now know simply as Mutilated debuted in the fledgling Pryde Wrestling Federation, he immediately made an impact emerging as one of the victors in a battle royal ladder match. Although he lost the subsequent anarchy title match and went on a losing streak he was given a title shot against the first Pryde World champion Claude Baptiste Rainer. All though he was only given the shot to punish the champion Trey took advantage and even in defeat impressed the office enough to boost his position in the company. Trey won a second shoot by winning the first Pryde rumble and dethroned the inaugural champion CBR at Fatal Fool’s Day aiding by a timely distraction from his team mate Kilo Jones. Trey defended the World title for over 3 months defeating the likes of Sage, Juan Pacecho, former champion CBR (in an Ironman match at the Massacre Haven ppv) and James Hughes; before losing being challenged by The Original Psychotic Iman Sain, In an emotional match Sain fulfilled his career dream and claimed gold .

After failing to capitalise in his rematch (a hardcore triple threat match, with Iman and Kilo) Trey rebounded and reclaimed his gold two months later. In the following months Trey defeated Mighty Mick and Harley Reigns for the bragging rights for the title of ‘greatest champion ever’ then embarked on a feud with Adam Cain ending in the first Bar Room brawl for the Pryde world Title. The dying months of 2007 saw Trey lose his world title for a second time, this time to the legendary Bishop but win the Xtreme Tag Team titles with HoP team mate Kilo Jones.

So far 2008 has not been a good year, with the |Loss of his tag titles and best friend Kilo Jones (he left the promotion for personal reasons) and failing to |Win the second Pryde rumble and with it a chance at the world title. Trey is currently working without a contract.

Insane International Wrestling

With Pryde’s owner, Logan Rutherford’s blessing Trey (as Kade Ortega to avoid confusion with wrestler Trey Cool) has made sporadic appearances in IIW, there he claimed their Ascension championship, but was stripped due to conflicting schedules. Trey was eventually inducted into the IIW Hall of Fame. During his induction IIW legend Max Hatred interrupted leading to a ppv match which Trey easily won. Trey has since competed at a subsequent IIW ppv in a losing effort to MMA star Mark Steele in an Ironman submission match.

Championships and Accomplishments

PrYde Wrestling Federation

  • PrYde World Champion (2 times)
  • PrYde Xtreme Tag Team champion
  • PrYde Rumble |Winner 2007
  • PrYde Superstar of the Year 2007

International International Wrestling

  • Ascension Champion
  • Hall of Famer

Wrestle War

  • Tag team champion (x1 w’ Super Destroyer, x1 w’ Benzine)

Finishing Moves & Signature Moves

  • Ripspreader- Torture Rack Spun Into Back Cracker
  • BDG aka Brutal Death Grind- urange/ neck and shoulder lock
  • TKO kick- Bicycle Kick
  • Angel Corpse- Splash Mountain/Razors Edge
  • Living Sacrifice- Shock Treatment Into Short Dominator

Entrance Music

PrYde –

  • Multiple Counts of Murder by Torture Killer
  • Kashmir by Led Zepplin
  • Angel of Death by Slayer (current)

PrYde Wrestling Record

Result Opponent w/ (Partner(s)) Event Title Date Title Match Type
Loss Vs. Skorp Vs. Eversor Fatal Fools Day 04/05/08 Money In the Bank Triple Threat Ladder Match
Win Nick Euvino Pryde Vindication 03/25/08 None Normal Match
Win Insomniac Pryde Vindication 03/11/08 None Normal Match
Loss 26 Members of the Pryde Roster Pryde Vindication 02/23/08 World title shot Pryde Rumble (won by Chris Moore)
Loss The Dynasty - Brick Carver & James Hughes Vs. Trey Ortega Pryde Vindication 02/12/08 Xtreme Tag Team Championships Normal Tag Team Match
Loss Skorp Pryde Vindication 02/05/08 None Normal
Win Kilo Jones Pryde Vindication 01/29/08 None Normal
Win Ace Montana Pryde Vindication 01/15/08 None Normal
Win John Crazy & Lutais Vs. The House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Pryde Vindication 01/08/08 None Normal Tag Team Match
Win The House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Vs. Anthony McCane & Nate Sanders Vs. Christopher Vaine & Kyle Kioshi Vs. Heather James & Jennifer Goldish At All Costs 12/30/07 Pryde Xtreme Tag Team Championships Xtreme Tag Match
Win Johnny King Pryde Vindication 12/18/07 None Normal Match
Win Johnny King & Shatter-X Vs. The House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Pryde Vindication 12/11/07 None Normal Tag Match
Loss Bishop Pryde Vindication 12/04/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Normal Match
Win The House of Pain Vs. The Corporate Enforcers Pryde Vindication 11/20/07 Xtreme Tag Team Championships Hardcore Tag Match
Win Thomas Liger Pryde Vindication 11/13/07 None Submission
No Contest Kilo Jones Pryde Vindication 11/06/07 None Falls Count Anywhere Special Guest Referee - Ember
Loss Vs. Adam Cain Vs. Harley Reigns Vs. Bishop Pryde Vindication 10/29/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Win House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Vs. Adam Cain & Nate Sanders Pryde Vindication 10/22/07 Number one contenders to Xtreme Tag Team Titles Xtreme Closed Cage Match
Win Adam Cain Hell & Back 10/13/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Bar Room Brawl
Win Vs. Harley Reigns Vs. Mighty Mick Pryde Vindication 10/01/07 Non-title Triple Threat Match
Win Iman Sain Pryde Vindication 09/17/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Normal Match
Loss Bishop & Valo Vs. Trey Ortega & Adam Cain Pryde Vindication 09/10/07 None Normal Tag Match
Loss Bishop & Harley Reigns & Adam Cain Vs. James Hughes & Trey Ortega & Valo Pryde Vindication 09/03/07 None Six Man Hardcore Match
Loss Vs. Kilo Jones Vs. Iman Sain Rise and Fall 08/18/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Hardcore Match-
Loss Chris Moore Vs. Jack Kaine & Harley Reigns & House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Pryde Vindication 08/13/07 None Four On One Handicap Match
Draw Kilo Jones Pryde Vindication 08/06/07 Trey's Re-Match Clause at Rise & Fall Ladder Match
Win House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Vs. Chaos Inc! - Chris Moore & Shatter-X Pryde Vindication 07/30/07 None Normal Tag Team Match - With Special Guest Referee: Bishop
Win House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Vs. The Prophets of Hell - Havik & Sage Pryde Vindication 07/16/07 None Hardcore Tag Match
Loss Iman Sain Pryde Vindication 07/09/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Normal Match
Win Harley Reigns Vs. House of Pain - Kilo Jones & Trey Ortega Pryde Vindication 07/02/07 None Handicap Match
Win James Hughes Pryde Vindication 06/25/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Win Claude Baptiste Rainer Massacre Heaven 06/13/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Hell In A Cell Iron Man Match
Win Little Red Retard Pryde Vindication 05/28/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Normal Match
Loss Vs. Shatter-X Vs. CBR Vs. Harley Reigns Pryde Vindication 05/14/07 None Four Way Elimination Match (Shatter Wins)
Win Sage Pryde Vindication 05/07/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Normal Match
Win Juan Pacheco Pryde Vindication 04/30/07 None Normal Match
Loss Bishop & CBR Vs. House of Pain - Trey Ortega & Kilo Jones Pryde Vindication 04/23/07 Round One of Tag Team Tournament Hardcore Tag Team Match
Loss Trey Ortega & Kilo Jones Vs Bishop & Claude Baptiste Rainer Pryde Vindication 04/09/07 None Normal Tag Match
Win Claude Baptiste Rainer Fatal Fools Day 04/01/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship Normal Match
Win Synic Pryde Vindication 03/19/07 None Closed Cage Ten Count Match
Win Gother Pryde Vindication 03/12/07 None Normal match
Win 14 members of the Pryde roster Pryde Vindication 02/26/07 Number one contender for the Pryde world title Pryde Rumble
Loss Claude Baptiste Rainer Pryde Vindication 02/19/07 Pryde World Heavyweight Championship No Disqualification Match -
Loss Redface Rodgers Pryde Vindication 02/12/07 Pryde Extreme Tag Team Championships Hardcore Tag Team Match
Loss Brick Carver Vs. Mutilated Vs. Koko Vs. Havik Ruthless Intentions 02/04/07 Anarchy Title match Barbed Wire Cage Match
Win Benz Pryde Vindication 01/29/07 None Normal Match
Win Brick Carver, Gother, Havik, Koko, Shovelman Pryde Vindication 01/22/07 First 3 men to retrieve a weapon enter the Barbed Wire Cage Match for the Anarchy title Battle Royal Ladder Match (Winner retrieves a weapon)

(Koko and Brick qualify)

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