Lords of Pain Wrestling superstar. Also know as "The Dude" or "The Man" or "Mr. 4:20". Formerly known as Stevie Richards V2 in PWA.

Wrestling Facts

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • Spruance Dance
  • Double Arm DDT
  • Figure of Four





  • Member of Ties of Blood in FMW with Drew Michaels and T. Ekstreme.
  • Member of The Misfits in LPW with Headbanger, T.J Rage, Edible and Juliet Richards.
  • Member of The Party Animals with James Mcdaygo.


F'N Hardcore Territory

  • FHT Television Champion {2x}

Career Record (??-??)

LPW {Formerly PWA} (7-15)

C.H.A.O.S. (Bobino and Majin) defeated Stevie Richards V2 and Headbanger

  • Headbanger defeated Stevie Richards V2, Al Boo Boo, Dragon Mask, Edible, and The Norwegian Beast
  • Mass Chaos defeated Trey Spruance and Al
  • Trey Spruance defeated Al Boo Boo
  • NPD defeated Trey Spruance, Red Dragon, Headbanger, Mr. Nobody, and Majin
  • Trey Spruance and Edible defeated N'itmoniskittel and Paradox Prince
  • Sick Fixx defeated Trey Spruance
  • Headbanger defeated Trey Spruance and Mr. Nobody
  • The Witnesses (White Falcon and Sick Fixx) defeated The Misfits (Headbanger and Trey Spruance)
  • Wevv Mang and Robert Lillehammer defeated The Misfits (Trey Spruance and Edible)
  • The Misfits (Headbanger, Trey Spruance, and Edible) defeated The Payroll (Random, Bobino, and Mr. Nobody)
  • Trey Spruance defeated Robert Lillehammer
  • Headbanger defeated Trey Spruance, Edible, and T.J. Rage
  • Trey Spruance defeated King NPD
  • King NPD defeated Trey Spruance, Boss Foxx, Joey Hollywood, "Sick" Nick, and Bobino
  • Team Skittles (N'itominskittel, Retribution, Cyrus, and Krimson Mask) defeated the Misfits (Headbanger, Trey Spruance, Edible, and T.J. Rage)
  • Team Spectre (Spectre, Pen, White Falcon, Sick Fixx, Trey Spruance, and "Sick" Nick defeated Team SoL (SoL, X, Zuma, Random, Dalby Sound, and King NPD)
  • Trey Spruance defeated Jules
  • Styxx defeated Trey Spruance
  • The Lost Prophets (Retribution and Cyrus) defeated Trey Spruance and White Falcon
  • Retribution defeated Trey Spruance
  • Ken Ryans defeated Trey Spruance
  • Ken Ryans defeated Trey Spruance

FMW (1-5)

  • The SoCal Connection (Korran Halycon and The Sublime) defeated Ties of Blood (Trey Spruance and T. Ekstreme) and The MWA (Homicide and James McDaygo)
  • War Machine defeated Trey Spruance, T. Ekstreme, Styxx, The Sublime, St. N, Syanide, Korran Halycon, Homicide, and James McDaygo.
  • The SoCal Connection defeated Ties of Blood (Trey Spruance and T. Ekstreme), the Revolution (Jackie Test and GLS), Dangerous by Design (Hostyle and Flare), and the MWA (Homicide and James McDaygo)
  • Celt and James McDaygo defeated Trey Spruance and Edible Smith.
  • Edible Smith defeated Trey Spruance.
  • Trey Spruance defeated Adema Aries.

FHT (??-??)

  • Trey Spruance defeated "Sick" Nick {FHT Television title win}
  • James McDaygo defeated Trey Spruance(via No show on Spruance's part) {FHT Television title loss}
  • LBM Defeated Trey Spruance
  • Trey Spruance defeated Max Venom and Crusher Casey {FHT Television title win}

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