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An e-fed founded by Matt "Mi8playa" Interrante back in March of 2006 and still running strong today. TSW was formed under the views and opinions that it would be an Indy-Style E-Fed (Bi-Weekly Shows, ROH-esque venues, etc.) based on a mixture of roleplaying and storylines without the politics found in most e-feds today. So far it is going strong without any major complaints or bumps in the road, and it is always looking for some more healthy RPers.

Defunct In: Feb. 2007

In-Character Information

Tri-State Wrestling is an independent promotion based in the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) ran by its founder, the owner, promoter, and head booker of TSW, Joshua Woods. The company appears to be financially solid, with a standard sized ring, its own lighting, as well as other standard equipment found at your average indy promotion, and it runs shows every two weeks (Bi-Weekly).

TSW is home to many arts, forms, and styles of wrestling, and welcomes all of it into its ring. Josh Woods is always hard at work to bring in the newest, latest, and best wrestlers in order to put on top notch performances for his live audiences and for those at home who purchase the DVDs.

With a very close, family-like staff and roster, TSW is seen as a top indy promotion in the U.S. today, and may soon find itself growing and appearing in other areas through the U.S. in an attempt to not only itself grow, but to increase the prestige of the main title, the Tri-State Championship.


TSW has had three major titles in its short history. The Tri-State Championship being the top of the three was crowned on July 30, 2006 and has seen no title changes as Mr. Giggles won the belt in a Four Corner Elimination Match against T-Bird, Keith Williams, and Wildcat Honma.

Another title, is the Underground Championship which abides by what is known in TSW as "Underground Wrestling Rules". These rules see a mixture of many popular hardcore rules, such as Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere, All Weapons Are Legal, etc.. The belt was first won by Mr. White, secondly held by Ashley Ryan, and on October 22, 2006 due to a draw, the belt was vacated and a tournament was drawn by Joshua Woods due both Ashley Ryan and White (who were competing that night) contesting in a draw in a Underground Submission match (both Ashley Ryan and Mr. White left TSW within the next month). The new Underground Champion was crowned on December 3, 2006 at Lethal Warfare, when Vamp defeated Shredder Black in the main event.

The third title is current inactive due to lack of competition and challengers, and that is the Pure Wrestling Championship. First won by Bishop in a four person, one show, Pure Wrestling Tournament seeing Bishop defeat Priest in the final match. He eventually though lost the title to Wildcat Honma after only one successful defense which saw a draw in the Priest rematch. Honma never defended the title and the belt was vacated on October 22, 2006 and has yet to see any comeback in the future.

Current Champions

Tri-State Championship

Mr. Giggles
Defeated: Keith Williams/Wildcat Honma/T-Bird (Four Corner Elimination Match)
Location: Stratford, CT
Date: 7/30/06

Title Defenses:
--Mr. Giggles defeated Alex Wright in Atlantic City, NJ. (8/13/06)
--Mr. Giggles defeated Mr. Blond in Bristol, CT. (9/10/06)
--Mr. Giggles defeated Priest in Elizabeth, NJ. (9/24/06)
--Mr. Giggles defeated Josie Pleasure in Edison, NJ. (11/5/06)
--Mr. Giggles defeated Jim O'Brien in New York, NY. (11/19/06)

Underground Championship

Defeated: Shredder Black
Location: Stratford, CT
Date: 12/3/06

Title Defenses:
None To Date.

Title History

Tri-State Championship

See: Tri-State Championship (Under Current Champions)

Underground Champion

Mr. White
Defeated: Elrick & Roger Desmond (FCA 3-Way Dance)
Location: Bronx, NY
Date: 8/27/06

Title Defenses:

Ashley Ryan
Defeated: Mr. White
Location: Elizabeth, NJ
Date: 9/24/06

Title Defenses:
--Ashley Ryan defeated Mr. White in Long Island, NY. (10/8/06)
--Ashley Ryan vs. Mr. White ended in a referee decision draw in East Windsor, CT. (10/22/06)

Vacated on 10/22/06 in East Windsor, Connecticut by Joshua Woods.

Pure Wrestling Champion

Defeated: Priest
Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Date: 8/13/06

Title Defenses:
--Bishop vs. Priest ended in a double count-out draw in Bronx, NY. (8/27/06)

Wildcat Honma
Defeated: Bishop
Location: Elizabeth, NJ
Date: 9/24/06

Title Defenses:

Vacated & Suspended on 10/22/06 in East Windsor, Connecticut by Joshua Woods.


Check Out: Tri-State Wrestling

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