Trial By Fire is a match created by the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance in October 2006, for the first Trial By Fire pay-per-view. Due to it's extreme nature, Trial By Fire is only held for very high-profile championship matches or to end the most bitter rivalries. There has only ever been one Trial By Fire match in the history of the FWA, with the second scheduled for October 14th, 2007.


Trial By Fire is a variation of a traditional Ladder Match.

  • There are no Pinfalls, Submissions, Disqualification or Count-Outs.
  • There is an item hung 20 feet above the ring. (In the case of Trial By Fire, the item is a can of gasoline and a box of matches.)
  • The object of the match is to climb a ladder and retrieve the item.
  • Unlike a conventional ladder match, retrieving the item does not result in victory. The only way to win the match is to use the gasoline and matches to set your opponent on fire.


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