The Triple Cage match is the X-WCW's most dangerous match based on the defunct WCW match of the same name that was first seen in the movie Ready to Rumble. It features 3 roofed cages stacked on top of each other. The bottom cage is called Caged Heat (this basically a version of WWE's Hell in a Cell match) which the wrestlers battle for control of a ladder and climb through a trap in the ceiling of Caged Heat that leads to the second cage: Hardcore Hell.

Hardcore Hell is basically the size of a normal cage used in pro-wrestling but with a roof on it. The object is to escape the cage and make your way up to the third and final cage: The Weapons Room.

(In the movie Ready to Rumble, Hardcore Hell has a chain like rope ladder that allowed actor Oliver Platt to enter the the third cage however when WCW actually had a Triple Cage match on of their ppvs there was no ladder to use, instead you had a find a bolt cutter and cut the chain off the door and climb up the side of the cage.)

The Weapons Room is small cage that features various weapons used in a wrestling match (trashcans, steel chairs, chains, Kendo sticks, guitars, and etc.) The object is get out of the Weapons Room and climb on top of the cage and grab the belt or object needed to win the match.

What the "X Rules" are. The X-Rules are based off WCW's War Games 2000: Russo's Revenge match While in a regular Triple Cage match all one has to do is to grab the belt or object to win the match however when the X Rules are in place getting the prize is half of the battle. To win under the X-Rules you must walk out of the door of Caged Heat with the object in hand. If two or more leave the cage at the same time it becomes a no disqualification falls count anywhere type match.

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