Finishing Move: Samsara (Shooting Star Press) Karma (Twist of Fate)

Entrance Theme: Pantara: Walk

Tristagi has been with the WCSF from day one and is one of the WCSF most recognisable characters. Tristagi had a slow start to his career but has held the WCSF Cruiserweight title twice with very impressive reigns. Tristagi has been involved in feuds with many of the top superstars in the WCSF including Jason Daniels and perhaps the fiercest with Vincent Viazon.

Recently Tristagi was involved in a stable ‘Team Tristagi’ consisting of himself, Paul O’Connor and Bernard Mason. Paul O’Connor was set up as Tristagi’s protégé but after losing a tag title match the team self destructed backstage with O’Connor and Mason heading to England while Tristagi became more focused on singles success in the WCSF and has now set his sight on the WCSF Mayhem title.

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