Troy Trinidad
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Height 6'6"
Weight 300 lbs.
Date of birth 14 February's, 1970 (age 38)
Place of birth Manhattan, New York
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Resides Manhattan, New York
Billed from Manhattan, New York
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Debut December 2006
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Troy Trinidad (born 14th February, 1970) is a former American Professional wrestler, now retired after being disillusioned with the wrestling world.

Early Life

Troy was born and raised in Manhattan, New York.


Troy's wrestling career took off in late 2006. He had previously wrestled the independent scene and had gained a lot of success there. His big break came in the CwA and since that day he hasn't looked back. He has appeared at many top promotions and had won a number of belts. In October 2007 Troy announced he was retiring from wrestling, this lasted until May 2008 when he came back in Star's PDW. He later agreed a deal to rejoin the HiWF and subsequently joined Jus Huntley's WAW. However, the last three promotions Troy has been signed to, have closed leaving Troy as a free agent and without a home. Whether he will return to the ring at this time is unknown.

Chaotic Wrestling Alliance (2006 - 2007)

Troy's most successful period of his career came in Eric Withrow's CwA. Troy love his time there, every single minute from his debut to his final match of the second era. He became a dominate force and won three titles in the CwA and had some great feuds with the likes of Bryan Peek, Jim Rooster, Bobbinette Carey, ArcAngel, Shawn Majere and David Lee Townsend.

From day one in his debut match Troy made an impact. He beat his opponent in record time and moved onto their Chaos show with an intent to become a dominate force. He came across Bryan Peek who he had earned a title shot against for the CwA International championship. This led to a number of matches were the final match Troy put his contract on the line against Bryan and lost. From here on in Troy was under Bryan's watchful eye, picking his opponents and helping him progress forwards.

The first highlight of Troy's CwA career came when he won the CwA Blood Championship. He defend his belt twice against one Shawn Majere, both times Shawn was thrown off the stage and was taken to hospital on both occasions. The second time ended the career of Shawn Majere and showed how dangerous a man he was. But after this, Troy's reign came to an end when he was sidelined but he later would gain revenge for this by taking out that wrestler and ending his career. After a few weeks Troy was entered in a Backyard Match were the goal was to escape the backyard by climbing over the fence and the winner would be crowned the CwA Blood champion. Troy came out victorious and spent a few months holding the belt before dropping it to CwA icon ArcAngel in an epic contest.

After this latest defeat Troy decided to make an exit from the blood division. He spent a while moving up the card and facing main event quality superstars, he feuded with Jim Rooster and his next success came at the end of an era CwA Chaos show. At the final ever CwA Chaos he faced Bobbinette Carey and Jim Rooster in a triple threat match were he became the final CwA International champion.

Totally Fictional Wrestling Federation (2006-2007)

Troy's time in TFWF came in two short spells, with the final spell ending in a very heated verbal battle. One of the main disputes was his contract with CwA, TFWF's main rival. There were other factors mentioned such as events he had agreed to attend he backed out of at the last minute and was said to have lied throughout his TFWF career as to his contractual commitments with other companies. But Troy did make an impact and was set for a big push before the breaking point came in mid 2007 were his career came to an end at TFWF's pay per view Death or Glory. Troy's highlight came when he became the TFWF Hardcore champion, a belt he held for a month before losing it to Number 23 in one of his final matches.

When asked for his thoughts on his TFWF run he simply stated;

"I am proud to have competed in the TFWF. I enjoyed my stay there albeit short. I do regret things ending like they did but sometimes things are not meant to be.I'd like to thank the TFWF for the chance they gave me and the hype they put upon my debut and return. But as far as I'm concerned nothing more needs to be said."

High Impact Wrestling Federation (2007, 2008)

Troy came into the HiWF thanks to his childhood friend, Jesse James. Jesse had been a wrestler on the HiWF roster for a few months before picking up a career ending injury at the hands of Christopher Xavier Belmont. He persuaded Troy to take his place on the roster and gain revenge for him. Though Troy wasn't exactly looking forward to this, his debut and his career in HiWF was one of the most successful runs in his career. It has also been a place he has had three runs in, one run lasted six months coming to an end when MTV announced a deal to host a reality TV show. The second run was a one match return and the third run has come about just recently when he agreed to return to the company at their Battle Front pay per view.

During his first run at HiWF Troy won the North American title in his second match against Logan and Adam Stroke Junior. He held this belt for nine events before losing it to his rival William. Troy's next success came at Battlefront were he beat Christopher Xavier Belmont to become the HiWF International Champion. This became a crucial point in Troy's career as he pushed on towards the main event but his run was cut short when HiWF announced a deal with MTV. Troy stated personal reasons for not taking part in the show. Months later he came back in October for one match against Jimmy Shadixx but turned his back on the HiWF and moving into the wrestling shadows for nearly nine months.

It was announced in the build up to HiWF's Battlefront pay per view that Troy would return for the final time. The year before he had won the International championship there and the event continued to be a success for him as he won his debut match. Since Troy's return he has been at logger heads with Jackson. The two confronted each other at Troy's return to Turmoil and the following week Jackson cost him his match. It was announced that the two would face each other at Jealousy. The match ended in victory for Jackson and this would prove to be Troy's last match in HiWF. Soon after HiWF announced its closure which sadden Troy and he has not wrestled since.

Platinum Dynasty Wrestling (2008)

Troy made his return to wrestling with PDW. It had been the first time he had competed since leaving CwA in late 2007. In his career in PDW to date he holds a record of three wins and four defeats in his seven matches. It has been a rather inconsistent spell in his career but nevertheless he has enjoyed every moment of his return to the squared circle. He has had many high stake matches in the PDW, having been in the main event at a recent Disclosure event were he faced Nicholas Jax for the PDW Bloodshed Championship. Troy had also had one previous chance at this belt at Dishonourable Discharge which also ended in a closely fought contest. PDW and Troy come to terms in 2008 for a release from his contract stating he was not in the right frame of mind to continue wrestling. He did state he was happy to return to the company when it began its shows the following year.

World Attitude Wrestling (2008)

Troy Trinidad ended rumours in early June announcing his signature with the company owned by Jus Huntley, WAW. Troy agreed to debut at their pay per view Full Throttle. He faced Assassin and Mark Mania and picked up the victory by pinning Mark Mania. After the match it was announced that at Breaking Point Troy would face Mark Mania in a rematch. Troy was more than happy to oblige. The match never happened with WAW closing its doors.

EW Experts (2008)

Having signed on with the WAW, Troy agreed to become apart of wrestling's respected EW Experts. Here Troy agreed to appear in their tournament which has attracted talent from across the globe. When asked to comment on him entering he had this to say;

"I'm looking forward to competing in the extreme tournament. Three of the belts I have won in my career have been under such rules. I think this could be a great moment in my career and its one I can't wait to be apart of."

After the tournament Troy was no longer affiliated to the experts due to the closure of WAW. He did though say he would enjoy working with the company again.

Championships and Accomplishments

Chaotic Wrestling Alliance

2* CwA Blood Champion
1* CwA International Champion [Final Champion]

High Impact Wrestling Federation

1* HiWF International Champion
1* HiWF North American Champion

Totally Fictional Wrestling Federation

1* TFWF Hardcore Champion


Quarter finals of the Extreme Tournament 2008

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