True Wrestling MAX
Abbreviation twM
Weekly shows Friday Night Standoff
Duration November 2006-
Managers Cain Powers
Federation type Roleplay
Pay-per-view schedule Once monthly
Website Click here

True Wrestling MAX (twM) is a infant e-fed founded in mid-November 2006 that has yet to get off the ground due to a small roster.

Weekly Shows

Current plans for the weekly flagship show are being made; Friday Night Standoff will air once twM acquires more talent and the pilot can be taped.


twM has plans to hold a monthly pay-per-view program called Main Event MAXIMUM. The event will retain the same name each month, plus a count as in "MAXIMUM II" or "MAXIMUM VI."

Active Roster


Commentary Team

  • Traci Bale
  • Shane Basant
  • Nevin Lynx


  • twM MAX Championship
  • twM National Championship
  • twM Tag Team Championship
  • twM Hardcore Championship
  • twM Z Championship
  • twM Womens' Championship

External Links

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