Tsubasa Ozora
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Height 5 ft 11 1/2 in (1.84 m)
Weight 176.3 lbs.(80 kg.)
Date of birth 28 July 1987
Place of birth Nagoya,Japan
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Resides Bucharest, RO
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Trainer W365 Trainers
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Tsubasa Ozora is a Japanese professional football player turned into a professional wrestler who currently is under contract with WRM,W365 and IFF.


He made his debut in W365 in a 6-way match at W365 Dangerous Santa against Anthony Scott,The Steroinhy,Cioara,Mr.Rating and Thunder.Cioara and Tsubasa tapped simultaneously to Anthony Scott and Steroinhy losing the match that ended in a draw between Scott and Steroinhy.

In January,at Clash the japanese guy beat Cioara after a Chokkaku Feint.

At February's Clash,Ozora got out the pin from Mr.Rating after a Skywing Shoot.

At March's Clash,Ozora beat Ingus Jinx in a KotR qualifier with the Perfect Shoot.Unfortunately at W365 Spring's King Tsubasa lost to Killer Boy after being given 4 powerbombs and the KB Choke Slam.

W365 Peak was the perfect chance for him to rise and he did it winning a No.1 Contendership Match for the W365 RO Champion against Kevin Hacker,after Rated-R Destiny interfered giving Tsubasa the RKO and a chance for his title at the next PPV.


His debut in WRM was made at the "Rebirth of the Cruiserweights" tournament where he pinned Blazer to make it in the Round 2 after a Chokkaku Feint.In the Second Round,however,he lost easily in a 3-way against Crasquel Joker and Alexa Aristizabal tapping out to a Fujiwara Armbar after C.Joker and Alexa made an alliance.

At WRM Alive he lost in a 3-way against Magic Soldier and King of Galaxy,the members of Evolution Club,when he wass pinned by KoG after a Twist of Fate.

At April's Collision he participated in a 5-way Cruiserweight Showdown Ladder Match against Grave Digger,Magic Soldier,Riddler and 24 XS.The match was won by "The Worm" G.Digger who took off the box hurting himself bad.Ultimate Showdown began with a Cruiserweight Open Ladder Match.Tsubasa was the first who entered and the cruiser who got the briefcase,consisting in a Cruiser Title Match whenever he wants.Other participants were:Sergio Vora,Crasquel Joker,King of Galaxy,Alexa.


Following his matches in WRM,Tsubasa alligned with 24 XS and Andrew Riddler to form the faction named BETA.Now BETA has 6 members:24 XS,Andrew Riddler,Tsubasa Ozora,Andreea,Milena,Daddy Fizz.

In wrestling

  • Moves
  • Skywing Shoot(pele kick)
  • Chokkaku Feint(Over top-rope tiger feint kick)
  • Backflips and acrobatics
  • Overhead Backflip Kick(some sort of scissors kick)
  • Arrow Shoot(knee hits)
  • Drive Pass(Enziguiri Kick)
  • Jumping Pass(Diving Headbutt)
  • Perferct Shoot(Moonsault)
  • Drive Shooter(Hurricanrana)
  • Gamnen Block(Elbow Smash and after, Snap Suplex)
  • Green Cut(Backflip Side Slam)
  • Equaliser(Neckbreaker)

  • Theme music
  • "The Final Countdown" by Europe
  • "Candy" by Love Arcade (BETA Theme)

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