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Height 6'2"
Weight 240lbs
Date of birth February 16, 1982
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Trainer Shane Davis
Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation
World Wrestling Alliance, Ultimate Championship Wrestling, Global Wrestling Alliance
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Debut 2004 (WWA)
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Ring Name: Tuffy
Entrance Music: "Stand Up" by Ludacris
Alignment: Neutral/Face

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tuffy got his start in wrestling during his late teen years when he was exposed to it at a local gym. He was intrigued by the sport, and within the year his amateur career took off. He wrestled under various lesser-known names, including "Horseman" and "Cyclone". It wasn't until the summer of 2004 that Tuffy entered the pro ranks. He signed an entry level contract with a Canadian based federation run by Matt Chamois, the World Wrestling Alliance (WWA).


--- World Wrestling Alliance ---

The WWA was only weeks old upon Tuffy's arrival, and it didn't take long for him to make his mark. At the age of 23, Tuffy defeated a number of now legendary WWA superstars in a grueling tournament, including Nice Guy Nick, Tre Impact and "The Greatest Man Alive" Kevin Johnson, to become the first ever World Champion in WWA history. Following the tournament finals, Tuffy and Kevin Johnson, the two most dominant wrestlers in the federation at the time, joined forces to create the most powerful stable the federation would ever come to know, Ego Trip. Ironically, it is this same man who would grow to become Tuffy's career-long rival. Tuffy's career in the WWA spanned from its creation to its closing days, with a few brief absences in between. He would leave the federation months before its inevitable collapse, finishing with a 32-7-2 record.

--- Ultimate Championship Wrestling ---

With the WWA struggling, many superstars jumped ship to a newly formed federation by the name UCW. It had strong ties to the WWA roster, and with the appeal of various big names, Tuffy eventually joined the ranks. The UCW was set to crown its first ever champion, and Tuffy was not originally to be given a shot at becoming that champion. He was not even on the UCW roster at the time the card was made. However, through a series of odd occurrences involving UCW superstar Danny Bronco, who was originally on the championship card, Tuffy became a very late addition to the elimination chamber match. This epic battle included Tuffy's long-time rival, Kevin Johnson, and soon to be rival Bryan O'lynn. In the end, Tuffy came through with a win over the five other men to be crowned the first-ever World Champion of a federation for the second time in his career. He would go on to defend his title against Bryan O'lynn and end his reign only due to the federation's closure.

--- Global Wrestling Alliance/Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation ---

Tuffy made various appearances in this federation, run by Jesse Baker, throughout his career. His most significant appearance came while he was still under contract with UCW, and the reigning world champion there. During that time, Tuffy made a surprise appearance on GWA's weekly show GroundZero to accept an open challenge from current GWA World Champion Ed Sands. Tuffy defeated Sands to become the first ever GWA World Champion to not be under contract with the federation. It also meant that Tuffy held the world championship in two separate federations.He would go on to defend his title against Fortune in an iron-man match, before eventually losing it to "The Specimen of Perfection" Jeffery Jansen. Following this, Tuffy would leave the federation and in fact go into early retirement at the age of 26. After taking some time off from the wrestling world, Tuffy made his return to the squared-circle in November of 2007. He signed a contract with the federation in which he last wrestled, the GWA, which had since become known as the EHWF. His return was marked with a victory in a triple-threat match over BTB and Matt Margera.

After a successful run upon his return to the EHWF, Tuffy was granted a World Championship shot with several other men in a Web Match. He would end up finishing third in the match, not enough to claim the title, but enough to earn himself a second shot at the title at following pay-per-view, EHWF License II Kill. Tuffy was set to face champion and Web Match winner, Zircon Warmburn, but Bad Boy Benjamin was a late edition to the match making it a triple-threat. On February 17, 2008, in what was a hard fought match all-around, Tuffy would score the pinfall victory to claim his second EHWF World Championship.

Tuffy's second World Championship reign would come to an end after roughly 4 months, as Zircon Warmburn defeated him to capture the title for a second time as well. Following the loss, Tuffy took an indefinite leave of absence to attend to personal matters.

After sorting out his personal issues, Tuffy made a triumphant return to the EHWF, which now had a few new faces who had risen up the ranks. After a brief but intense feud with Tris Isles, Tuffy claimed the EC Championship and later earned himself a World Title shot against Tris, Mark Shaw and Blaze. Tuffy would win the World Championship for a third time, though not without controversy. Due to outside interference, a follow up match between Tuffy and Tris Isles would take place immediately. An already worn out Tuffy's third World Championship reign would end only minutes after it had begun. In the process, Tuffy would also lose the EC Championship, but claim the Shadow Championship in it's place as per the stipulations of the match.

After some controversy and issues within the EHWF, Tuffy would take another leave of absence while the federation restructured. Under new ownership, Tuffy agreed to a match at the first card upon the restart of the federation at the Breaking Ground pay-per-view. The match being against his long-time greatest rival, "The Greatest Man Alive" Kevin Johnson, and with the Shadow Championship on the line. Though not the main event, the significance of this match should go a long way in returning the federation to greater success.

--- Other Wrestling Appearances ---

Never one to back down from a challenge, Tuffy has competed in a wide array of inter-promotional tournaments throughout his career. These have included the first through third installments of Baker's Global Tournament of Champions tournament, as well as the Roughkut III tournament where Tuffy scored victories leading him into the third round. Tuffy's dedication to such events has often been questioned, as his interest level tends to fade after the early rounds.

Title History

WWA World Heavyweight Championship
Won: August 23, 2004 over Kevin Johnson and Tre Impact
Defenses: 1 - Nice Guy Nick
Lost: November 7, 2004 to Tre Impact

UCW World Heavyweight Championship
Won: July 29, 2005 over Kevin Johnson, Charlie Hustle, Orion, Summer, Todd Tellanski, Bryan O'Lynn, Mogul, Jimmy Cash
Defenses: 1 - Bryan O'lynn
Lost: N/A - held until closing of the UCW

GWA/EHWF World Heavyweight Championship
Won: July 11, 2005 over Ed Sands
Defenses: 2 - Fortune, Jeffery Jansen
Lost: September 13, 2005 to Jeffery Jansen

EHWF World Heavyweight Championship (2)
Won: February 17, 2008 over Zircon Warmburn and Bad Boy Benjamin
Defenses: 4 - Rachel Stevens, Terry Nash, "The Hardcore Assassin" John Thomas, Zircon Warmburn
Lost: June 15th, 2008 to Zircon Warmburn

EHWF World Heavyweight Championship (3)
Won: August 1, 2009 over Tris Isles, Mark Shaw and Blaze
Defenses: 1 - Tris Isles
Lost: August 1, 2009 to Tris Isles

EHWF EC Championship
Won: August 1st, 2009 over Andrew Hunter
Defenses: 2 - Tris Isles and Andrew Hunter, Jack Miller and Fortune and Joey Maxim and Mike Bowen
Lost: November 15th, 2009 to Jack Miller

EHWF Shadow Championship
Won: November 15th, 2009 over Joey Maxim
Defenses: 0
Lost: N/A - Still Currently Holds

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