Real name Twiggie
Ring Names The PETA Punisher
The Dire Wolf
The Hardcore Hippie
The Dreaded Deadhead
The High, Flying Hippie
Height 5'11"
Weight 216 lbs.
Date of birth June 7th, 1985
Place of birth Nederland, Colorado
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Resides Nederland, Colorado
Billed from Nederland, Colorado
Trainer Mr. Fill
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The Dire Wolf relies on his speed an unpredictable offence; not only in the air, but in the innovative free-form submission style he has also honed. And why shouldn't he? Doing just that he has earned himself honorable statistic of being the man to unify the heavyweight, hardcore, and pure titles into the Triple crown we know and love today. High-flying, high-risk moves are often followed up by a submission hold to continue stress on a targeted body part, as well as to let Twiggith McGee recover from the fall, while preventing his opponent from doing just the same.

He knows there’s a time and place for hardcore wrestling, and only in extenuating circumstances will he use a weapon outside of a no DQ or hardcore match. However there is no dispute over his hardcore abilities when it comes to crunch time. I mean, what else would you expect the first TWO Hardcore World Champion?

His dreadlocks are dark blonde and vary in thickness from 1in to 1/2cm, but are neat and clearly well kempt. In fact the occasional stray curl of hair appears healthy and conditioned. Twiggie wears a black bandana with the traditional "bandana print" design in white, folded into a triangle and tied around his head and dreads. The Twiggster has a trim beard, but shaves his upper lip and neck.

Backstage, he'll most often wear his faded black leather jacket without lapels. Under which is just a plain black t-shirt. More and more often he's been seen wearing muted-colored, cowboy-cut, button-up, long-sleeve shirts as well.

Entrance The fans as well as the entire arena, ring, and entrance stage are bathed in a yellow-based blue and green liquid light show; projected down on them from above. The crowd jumps to their feet, cheering as the serene whale songs make the lighting all the trippier.


Green pyros explode into the air from along the ramp, while blue fireworks crackle down from atop the TWOtron as the guitar kicks in. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp from among the continuing explosions. He smirks, leans back, and soaks in the cheers. Twig glides down the ramp on a cloud, each step taken in half-time to the fierce licks of Mr. Hendrix.

Chimmel: Ladies, and Gentlemen... weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixteen pounds. Wrestling out of Nederland, Colorado… [b][i]Twwwwwwwwwiggie![/b][/i]

The Dire Wolf jogs towards the ring, slides in, and starts to roll forward, but he suddenly handsprings up off the mat and lands on his feet. Camera flashes sparkle across the roaring audience.

The Hardcore Hippie takes a casual position, resting on the top rope with his feet up as his music fades out, the lights achieve normality. He sparks up a J and awaits his opponent's arrival.

  • Twig only reclines on the buckles if he and/or his team is the first to enter the ring****

Finishing and Signature moves


The Groove

Top rope inverted russian leg sweep (Twig faces away from the ring, the opponent is driven face first into the mat, like Mr. Anderson/Kennedy's Mic Check). His common finisher for putting people away, or for men too large to lift up for the Flow. Previously called the Weekapaug groove, after a Phish song.

The Flow

Pumphandle Emerald Frosion / Headspiked Egoist Schwein - Only used as the "ace in the hole" when he has no other option left. Twig lifts his opponent up on his right shoulder like in a pumphandle slam. The Colorado Troubadour wraps his right arm around the opponent's neck, and his left arm around the opponent's torso, sliding them forward on his shoulder so they are hung upside down. The Dreadlocked Wrestla then kicks his feet out to fall sitting down, leaning over onto the side where he's driving his opponent's head and neck into the mat. T-Wiggins rolls over his fallen foe and into a lateral press, bobbing his head and dreadlocks in time with the ref’s count. Twiggie's big finisher, most TV matches are finished with The Groove. Previously called the Twiggaludo Frosion


Muta Lock with an Asiatic Spike modification The Dire Wolf has his victim is lying on their stomach in the center of the ring. Twiggie stands over them, facing their feet. Twig’s right foot is planted between the legs of his foe, and he leans down bending their left leg over his right shin. Holding onto the left leg with one hand, The PETA Punisher bends the right leg of his victim backwards, so that it holds the victim’s left foot in the back of the victim’s right knee. The Dreaded Deadhead sticks the right foot of the victim behind Twiggie’s right knee. From there Twiggie falls back into a bridged position, applying pressure to the victim’s right knee which is bent over their own left foot. With his right arm, the Colorado Troubadour pulls back on the head of the victim stretching and exposing the neck. Twiggie flashes the hang-loose pinky-thumb gesture with his left hand, before jamming that thumb deep into a specific location of his opponent’s neck, completing the Asiatic Spike. SDB stands for Spike Driver Blues, a Grateful Dead Song.

Signatures moves

Throwing Stones- opponent is hung in a Tree of Woe with or without a chair leaning against his face. Twig jumps from an adjacent set of ropes, soars across the ring and dropkicks (the chair into) the face of his opponent. Named after the Grateful Dead song of the same name.

Smash The State (STS)- Twiggie handsprings across the ring, and uses the momentum gained to pop into the air off his feet and flip 450 onto a fallen opponent, laying on his back. It's reminiscent of RVD's Rolling Thunder, only done from corner to corner instead of from rope to rope.

Rhythm Devil’s Hold- This move is usually set up by Twiggz avoiding a clothesline, punch, or even a collar-elbow tie up, by hooking the opponent’s arm as he quickly moves behind them. The opponent typically passes out before they tap out. When this move is done to a much larger competitor Twig may not be able to support their full weight for too long. When this happens he will keep the hold locked in for as long as he can, but will end it with a modified piledriver,still holding the oppoents arms and leg. He calls that a Rhythm Devil's Driver. Named after the Grateful Dead drummers Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart, sometimes referred to as the Rhythm Devils, or the Two-Man 30-Minute Drum Solo.

The Squirming Coil- this move is most often performed after a high-risk maneuver wearing away at his opponent while also giving himself a moment to recover. Named after the Phish song of the same name. To transition out of the hold Twiggith McGee will often quickly drop to his back, sliding his knee out from under his foe's head, while holding onto their leg. Essentially he will hit a stunner/cutter with the effect of folding his opponent in half neck first.

Anthem of the Sun

It is the name given to a series of 5 moves hit (or attempted to be hit) one after the other, with Twiggie rolling through from each moves completion without ever breaking the moves basic setup(if sequence is broken Twiggie would most often attempt to return where he left off later in the match). Individually, they are known as:

  1. swinging fisherman's neckbreaker
  1. hanging fisherman's brainbuster
  2. sitout release fisherman's bomb (Twiggie finally releases hold of his victim's head and leg, landing in a position as though Twig just hit a sitout powerbomb.)

Signature spots

The BTW (is an untucked 630 Shooting Star Press. It's Twiggie's "big leap" spot, usually off of the TWOtron, the stage or floor that Twig lands on always gives way (to break the fall and allow Twig to land safely in the crash mats hidden below). Due to the slow rotation (and therefore increased danger) of performing an untucked 630 SSP there is no way the BTW could be pulled off from the turnbuckle into the ring. BTW stands for Black Thraoted Wind, a Grateful Dead song.

  • The green recycling bin- This used to be wheeled out to the ring by Twiggie for every match, and is filled with weapons made from recyclable materials. It may show up with the PeTA Punisher for any hardcore/no-dq match.


Normal Moves

forearm strikes
dread thumps (swings his head and smashes the whole weight ((which is quite substantial)) of his dreads into his opponent's head and shoulders)
knife edge chops
American boxing punches (punches only with proper motivation)
knee thrusts
mule kick (into a forward roll)


double under hook ddt
michinoku driver II (a scoop sitout piledriver, quite possibly the strongest move in twiggie's 'normal' arsenal)
monkey flip (often into the turnbuckle, giving the opponent little chance to land on their feet when their back hits the turnbuckles)
drop toe hold
cross-face chicken wing suplex (chickenwing done in the style of Bryan Danielson, with Twiggie's hands locked together behind the victim's left shoulder)
Japanese arm drag (more "front flip" than "side twist"
crucifix roll-up pin.
flipping crossarmbreaker (the cross armbreaker was his original submission finisher, and although the "stinky feet in face" element is gone it's still a damn good armbreaker)

lo-down frogsplash (youtube: D-Lo Brown)
tornado ddt
(springboard) flying head scissors
you get the point. All kinds of flippy twisty things.

elbow drops & smashes
mounted punches to head
mounted headbutts to head
mounted dreadlock thumps to head
standing 180 moonsault backsplash (into a non-chalant reclining pin)
standing 180 Senton Shooting Star Press (SSSP) (into a non-chalant reclining pin)

SUBMISSION: Twiggie won't let a submission break easily. If someone is fighting a hold too much for his liking, he may try transitioning into a new move. But a rope break is a rope break, and he'll give a clean break when the ref steps in.
cross armbreaker (see: flipping cross armbreaker)
cattle mutilation
cross-face chicken wing (done in the style of Bryan Danielson, with Twiggie's hands locked together behind the victim's left shoulder)
Boston crab
freestyle bow & arrow (legs trapped with one leg, head in a chinlock, and a knee in the back, all with both men on their sides)
cobra clutch
AT lock (with the opponent face down on the mat, Twiggie puts one arm in a hammerlock, and with a single leg across the back of their neck, he pins his victim's head to the mat.)

acid drop
tree of woe (set up for Throwing Stones)
running kicks of some kind (use your imagination)

-scoop slam with a chair (Twig holds the top of the chair with one hand over his opponent's shoulder, and the other hand holds the bottom of the chair through his opponent's legs)
-flaming leg drop (Twig sits on the top turnbuckle, sprays lighter fluid on his pant leg, lights it on fire and drops his flaming leg across his opponents neck)
-flaming-footed Gamengiri
-Shooting Star Press holding a chair across his stomach
-White Russian Leg Sweep (with a light tube across the opponent's neck)
-450 front flip flaming barbwire aluminum baseball bat shto (downward overhead swing of the bat results in Twiggie's flipping body to be surrounded by a ring of fire as he flies)

Favorite weapon

flaming, barbwire-wrapped, aluminium baseball bat


  • Before hitting a signature move or any other move named after a Phish or Grateful Dead song he may sing a line or two of the corresponding song, leading up to or including the move's titliture line, if applicable.
  • Throwing up a clenched fist... turned into a "Hang Loose" gesture by extending his thumb and pinkie; always, but not exclusively for when he's calling to turn his Muta Lock into the Spike Driver Blues.
  • After hitting a powerful signature move or crawling into the ring to beat a double KO, and while waiting for the opponent to get up, he'll often sprawl out with his head resting against a corner's secnd turnbuckle. After a second he'll reach into his dreads and pull out a perfect joint (surprisingly the "marijuana" cigarette is unbroken by whatever crazy actions have ensued in the match) and lights it up. As the opponent starts to stir and rise up, he'll flick it out into the crowd while rising up to his feet before them.

Team/Faction History

  • w/ Evil Gringo- As the dream team of TWO's singles babyfaces they just clicked so well. They had two tag team signature moves. When Twiggie has someone in the Rhythm Devil's Hold, Gringo would hit a Shining Wizard to the inverted victim. They like to called this "Comfortably Numb" They also have the "Sensational Feelin'" Which is a Gringo Frog splash followed by a Twiggie Moonsault. There was usually a lot of tandem martial arts-based kicking.
  • w/ The Dark Alliance (Sickness and Boyo) At the time Boyo had decided to take a step back, and while not leaving TV he switched to a managerial role as opposed to wrestling himself. Twiggie tagged with Sickness in what some have called the New Dark Alliance. With the Welsh Wonder as his mentor, Twiggie learned how to aplly the Cloverleaf in the most devestating way. Boyo also tried to teach Twiggie how to wrestle smarter, taking fewer risks and fewer trips to the top turnbuckle, but was never fully successful in taming Twiggie's desire to fly. All three members of the Dark Alliance were inducted into the TWOstars Hall of Fame together.
  • w/ The Prime-Time Playaz ( Lucian L. Jones and Kyle Gilmore) twig is an honorary team member, the PTP (LLJ and KG) were the longest reigning tag champ in the divisions history before the tag titles became defunct.

Titles held

  • Current ERE Heavyweight Champion - outlasting Johnny Rockefeller (defending co-champ), Randy Roko, Edward Samson, Craig Van dam (defending co-champ), Deadman, and Draven Cage in a team-based elimination match at Endgame 2010.
  • first TWOstars Triple Crown Champion- as the Hardcore Champ Twig beat Evil Gringo the World Heavyweight Champion, and Barry Gower the Prue World Champion to unify all three titles. It was Draven Cage (who played disgusting moind games with the entire company, posing as a violent religious zealot, and faking his fathers death as well) who was able to take the straps off the Dire Wolf in a match that nearly ended in a 60-minute time limit draw.
  • first TWOstars Hardcore World Champion- won in a first blood elimination 5-man 'battle royale'
  • TWOstars World Heavyweight Championship- won at Genocide, Sept. 23 2007 from Evil Gringo.
  • XTV Division Title- Won at Zero Tolerance, June 2007 In a 3-way match against Joseph Helms (C) and Sickness.
  • Twiggie’s Unrecognized Hardcore Title- not affiliated or endorsed by TWOstars or it's parent, sister, subsidiary, or affiliate promotions, programs, or companies. In his early days, Twiggie was so bold as to crown himself with this championship. The belt itself is made from crudely welded together faceplates of other title belts, the sideplates don't match, and the strap is vegan-imitation-leather. He is technically a two time champion, as Dante actually won the title in an unofficial championsihp match. Regardless of Dante's win of the overall feud, he awarded the belt back to Twiggs after the match.

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