Twilight Wrestling International
Federation Name Twilight Wrestling International
Abbreviation TWI
Shows Nightfall (bi-weekly)
Previous names None
Time open May 3rd, 2007 - ?
Owner(s) Merrill "Shadowbird" Waters
Based in United States
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views 1 per quarter
Website None as of yet
Website - Boards TWI Message Boards

Twilight Wrestling International (TWI) is a professional wrestling federation. It was founded and is owned by Merrill "Shadowbird" Waters. Its main headquarters is in Lafayette, Louisiana. Its biweekly wrestling program, TWI Nightfall, is scheduled to debut on May 3rd, 2007.



Not long after his first title defense in UHWF, Merill was given a couple of shows off by Clyde Wilson. Not being known for willingly slowing down, even on one of his gambling vacations, Merrill spent the time in thoughtful preparation. He began drawing up the plans for a unique promotion of his own, named after one of his own finishers. He decided to give it a celestial theme, as befitted the name. Using the money he won while competing in a poker tournament during his vacation, he purchased an office building in Lafayette and started transforming it into the headquarters for Twilight Wrestling International.

The resignation of his friend Dan Kilburn from UHWF made Merrill step up his plans, and he actively pursued his former teammate with the hopes of adding him to the booking staff and to the roster. In the meantime, he contemplated what his own role in the company would be. Since he was still busy with his UHWF feud with "Iceman" Rainer Wilz, he decided that he would remain in the managerial role for the infant days of the company and only later on compete as an active wrestler. With that out of the way, he sought to grow his roster and prepared expectantly for the day when TWI Nightfall would debut - May 3rd, 2007.

Long before the show debuted, though, he already planned how he would determine his champions. He and his management staff, which included his former tag partner, who had accepted the booking position, planned on an 8-Personal Universal Tournament to determine the TWI Champion. They also decided to crown the Tag and Supernova champions on the debut program, to kickstart those divisions. With these decisions in hand, with a new feature stipulation in the works, and with the card taking shape, Merrill prepared to launch his first ever wrestling promotion with a proverbial bang. The road to New Dawn 2007 was about to begin.

Heading For A New Dawn

On April 19th, 2007, TWI aired a kickoff show designed to preview key matches in the future and give their fans a taste of the TWI style and philosophy. It aired live from San Diego, California, and only included one match: Shion Hikari and Dan Kilburn in a Cookie Ladder Match, where the object was to grab a cookie and eat it. But that was not the sole event of the night; GM and owner Merrill Waters sat down for an interview with TWI reporter Skylar Monroe to reveal the operating philosophy of TWI, saying that "when night falls, the world will die...but with the New Dawn, the world will be reborn. Wrestling...will be reborn."

Also that night, a cocky rookie by the name of Shane Perells, involved with the militant Christian organization BattleCry, announced his crusade in TWI by burning several pieces of pop culture. But when he attempted to burn a DVD of the anime Ah, My Goddess!, GM Merrill came out and revealed that he had switched the actual AMG DVD with a copy of Dragon Ball GT, which Merrill stated Perells was "more than welcome to burn." Merrill then proceeded to lay down the law, placing Perrels in one of the first three Universal Tournament qualifiers: a Kendo Sticks Legal against the seven-foot-eight, 500-pound Apophis. Later, at the end of the show, the key match ups for New Dawn 2007 were announced: the eight-person Universal Tournament for the TWI Championship, the Classic Triangle Match for the Tag Team Championships, and the Royal Shootout for the Supernova Championship.

During the same period in time, a man by the name of "The Thrilla" Joe Santiago attempted to steal wrestlers away from TWI for his promotion, Joe Wrestling Federation, even before they'd aired the kickoff show. Officially, Merrill did no more than denounce Santiago's actions, but espionage missions from TWI employees revealed this was a desperate move on Santiago's part, as his corrupt management style was being uncovered and was causing dissension within the JWF roster. Merrill kept a professional attitude regarding Santiago's attempted sabotage, but at the same time, he opened his doors to accept three very disgruntled members of the JWF roster. Joe retaliated by forcing them to job on JWF's next show, but Merrill and his team continued undaunted, preparing for the first Nightfall.

Championships and Events

PPV Events

  • June - New Dawn
  • September - Rising Storm
  • December - Event Horizon
  • March - Zero Hour (The Big One)

Current Champions

Championship Current champion(s) Held since
TWI (Universal) Championship Kaji Fireson March 17, 2008
TWI Emerald Star Championship Vacant ???
TWI Supernova Championship White Guardian April 5, 2008
TWI Tag Team Championships The Birds of Prey May 3, 2008

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