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Ring Names
Height 6'4"
Weight 244 lbs
Date of birth September 6th, 1982
Place of birth Watford, England.
Date of death
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Resides Watford, England.
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Trainer AJ Styles
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Debut 2005
Retired 2007

Twist (born September 6th, 1982 in Watford, England) is a retired Sim wrestler, best known for his work in Society of Sim where he held the SOS Championship for over a year. He is the co-founder of British based promotion Immortals of Wrestling. He was a co-booker in IOW until leaving his duties to Daz.


Twist grew up on the streets of Watford, he was full of anger as a kid so he joined a wrestling school to quell his anger. He fell in love with wrestling joining SOS, PSW, NGSW and Genesis.

He had a successful career beating not one but three others at SOS: No Help Needed to win the SOS Championship. He held the belt until losing it to Joshua Leo Outland at Save Our Souls in a Ladder Match.

During his time in SOS he would develop an on scree rivalry with Y72 beating him a number of times. Of Screen they become great friends and together they formed Immortals of Wrestling in their home country of England.


Twist's career wasn't as successful in IOW, he was eliminated in the first round of the IOW Championship tournament involving long time rival Y72, Joe Riot and up and comer Dante. Twist would continue his feud with Y72 after the Doncaster native cost him several matches. This feud culminated at SummerFallout in a TLC match. Twist would move on and a rivalry with Joshua Leo Outland began. JLO would beat Twist down on two occasions. Twist would get his revenge when he disguised himself as a referee and cost Outland a match against Mr. Pink. They would face one another at IOW's second PPV event Theory of Chaos. Ironically this match would foreshadow the match that took place in SOS several weeks later where Twist eventually dropped the SOS Championship after a near one year long reign.


Twist's last match took place at Save our Souls in April 2007. It is not yet known if he will ever return. Like many other wrestlers of his time, he claimed to be 'Burnt Out' from the Wrestling business and attributed this reason to his retirement.

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