Two Front War is the annual September Pay-Per-View event held by World Wrestling Xistence.


Two Front War 2007
Promotion World Wrestling Xistence
Brand(s) Mayhem
Date September 30, 2007
Venue The Neal S. Blaisdell Center
City Honolulu, Hawaii
Attendance 8,800
Pay-per-view chronology
Coliseum 2007 Two Front War 2007 Hall of Pain 6
Two Front War chronology
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The official theme song was "The End is Here" by Alter Bridge.

  • Mad Bronco(c) def Blac and DMM in a Triple Threat Match for the WWX International Championship
    • Bronco won by pinfall.
    • This match marked the return of Wasted Youth and the tag team Nightwatch.

  • Mute def. Shadow(c) for the WWX Television Championship
    • Before the match, Shadow was jumped by the Dream Team. When Shadow was rolled into the ring, Egotripp refused to fight him.
    • Mayhem Commissioner Wesley Armitage immediately substitued Mute for Egotripp when he refused to fight. He won with a Falling Chokebomb.

  • The Missionaries of Hardcore (Adora Cruz and the Parks Brothers) def. Domi-Nation (Egotripp and The Dream Team)
    • The match was made impromtu when the Missionaries arrived unnannouced.
    • Lee Park picked up the win after a backbreaker/guillotine leg drop combo.

  • Krimzon Blaze def. 'Evil' sPeD Eastin(c) in a TLC Match for the WWX Triple A Championship
    • Blaze also won back the right to control his own gimmick.

  • The Dream Team(c) def. Damage, Inc to retain the WWX Tag Team Championship
    • The match was fought backstage due to in-ring damage caused by the TLC match.

  • Tommy Lipton(c) def. Ethan Cavanaugh to retain the WWX World Championship
    • Lipton won after outside interferance from Blair.
    • After the match, Lipton was attacked by Rick Dreamie and Cavanaugh was attacked by The Lost Soul.


Two Front War 2008
Promotion World Wrestling Xistence
Date September 28, 2008
Venue TBA
City TBA
Attendance TBA
Pay-per-view chronology
Coliseum 2008 Two Front War 2008 Hall of Pain 7
Two Front War chronology
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