Ty "Tygeress" Marx Levy Is a Female E-Fed character that is Known Dark and Often disturbing Promos and using seduction as a form of Psychological Play.

E Fedding History

Ty Debuted simply as "Tygeress" In November of 1998, participating in Various E-feds In the Obscure social networking site After about a year of Mediocre success, she went into hiatus.

Tygeress came back to the world of E-fedding in 2006, changing her name to Ty "Tygeress" Levy and Debuting in's popular E-Fed NWA. Shortly after her Debut in NWA, NWA Manager Mister X wrongly proclaimed her as Ty "Tygeress" Marx. After Making This mistake a few times , the name stuck.Ty has had a very successful career in NWA Holding the now retired Womens Championship Title several times, and holding the Tag Team titles with her sister, Cytheria Once. She also began her illustrious affair with NWA CEO Mister X.

Ty Had a short, yet successful stint in another popular Myspace Federation know as GRW.

Ty is currently still working in NWA and Is an active In another Fed, UWA, where she is the currently the only female Member of the Heel super group The Revolution


Ty Has been in Many short lived Feuds throughout her career but none as Memorable as Her ongoing Feud with Olivia over supremacy in the Women's Division.This Feud has been ongoing since the start of Ty's Career and has spread through many Federations and Many Battles. Even though at times the feud has had its slow times, it still hasn't been resolved.

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