Cpt. Tyler Bahr (Born March 15, 1976 - St. Louis Missouri) is known for being a American Professional Wrestler in one of the most hardcore company there was, CCW (Chevelle Championship Wrestling). He is currently retired until further notice.



In 2004, Ty Bahr debuted in CCW as a masked killer by the name of Leatherface. He wore exactly what Leatherface wore, and even brought a chainsaw. People were scared that he would actually kill someone, the owner and soon enough be a personal friend Cory Chevelle helped Bahr to change his gimmick so he could feel more laid back. Bahr wanted to be his normal self and so he became 'The Original Redneck'.

After the first few months Bahr was on a losing streak, things were not looking good for the Redneck. Till he faced a man that was 7 feet tall and over 400 pounds. He defeated the man by a count out, Bahr won his first match in his wrestling career.

After that match Bahr was confident that the pro wrestling business was the best business ever. He then was on a winning streak and became the CCW Hardcore champion. With that Hardcore title he was on a 4 month winning streak and soon enough became a CCW Original and future hall of famer.

But things went downfall when a storyline came up with Bahr feuding with the owner himself Cory Chevelle. Bahr facing Chevelle was a disaster when he lost against him and Chevelle kept getting on Bahr's back and soon enough he wanted Bahr to face Fatality, a CCW Hall of Famer and it was for Bahr's Hardcore title. Bahr successfully won against Fatality when this match was taken it was at the bar, the bartender was Cory Chevelle and hit Bahr with a bottle and Fatality pinned Bahr and as Chevelle the ref, Fatality won the hardcore title.

Bahr had enough for getting screwed so he left CCW, but it wasn't easy, CCW was and will always be his home.


During the time that CCW was going, Bahr thought to himself that he needed to be known more, he needed to gain more respect. So he joined Cory's best friend's company called WEF. The place wasn't as good as Bahr thought it was. There isn't much information about Bahr in here since he wasn't very active in this company, but as soon WEF was going down with personal staff going bad, Bahr won the Cruiserweight champion.

CCW: Underground

CCW went down, but Cory's idea wasn't gone when the TV Company shut him down for gore in the matches. Cory didn't want CCW to die so he brought it underground with the superstars behind him. Bahr being his right hand man became the Underboss. Being the 2nd highest pay roll he went crazy doing Chevelle's dirty work. And he wasn't very helpful in the fights because he was having personal problems at home. But he was very loyal to CCW and Cory.


Soon after Bahr left CCW: Underground he moved to WRW, a WEF creation. He was awesome in the X-Division. He was hunting for the X-Division title but he couldn't since again he was having personal problems at home. He came back with a vengeance, he invaded WRW with the CCW boys behind him. But Bahr didn't like the storyline and didn't like where it was heading so he left without telling anybody where he was going.


The most hated guy in the company came here to help his long time friend Greenbean. Bahr really didn't like the superstars that were wrestling in the company so he made his goal to ruin the superstars and he didn't care that if the fans hate him or love him. He became the hardcore champion. (His 4x reign as hardcore champion) He left UWE because of the superstars.


Bahr went to this soon enough the first CCW went out. This is still during his first year of wrestling and he became the world Champion their and also a 5 time hardcore champion.


Bahr finally after seven long months he got out retirement and jumped to UWE.

Personal Life

Bahr was a Cpt. and was in the War in Iraq in 2003. Soon enough in 2004 he went to the wrestling business. He was a amateur wrestler during his High School days and when he was in the Army. He has a lovely wife and a 10 year old daughter and is living at a ranch in Southeast Missouri. He also had knee surgery.

Move Set


  • DDT
  • Suplex
  • Belly to Belly overhead suplex
  • 3X German suplexes
  • Powerbomb
  • Big Boot
  • Flying Leg Drop off the turnbuckle (Like Kenny)
  • Moonsault
  • Lionsault
  • Back Suplex
  • Full Nelson Suplex

Title History

1x World Heavyweight Champion 5x Hardcore Champion 1x Cruiserweight Champion 1x Restricted Champion

Theme Music

Not Falling - Mudvayne Where ever I roam - Metallica Mr. Ken Kennedy's Theme Song

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