Ty Dhomie (real name Michael Rakis , born March, 1976 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a wrestler best-known for his runs in the Xtreme Championship Wrestling, and New Era Wrestling. He is also known for running XCW’s farm league Amateur Championship Wrestling and the CanAm Wrestling Alliance

Ty Dhomie
[[Image:|px|Image of Ty Dhomie]]
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Height 6'4"
Weight 261 lbs.
Born March, 1976
Hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Theme music Light It Up by Rev Theory
Federation(s) New Era Wrestling (2004-Present)
XWCWF (2008)
Previous federation(s) Xtreme Championship Wrestling (2000-2002)
CanAm Wrestling Alliance (2002)
Wrestling information
Wrestling style Technical
Signature Move(s)
Finisher Move(s) X-Cross
Professional career
Record 3-3-0



After apparently not making the cut as a hockey player, Michael Rakis decided to pursue a career as a wrestler. After being trained for a period of time, Rakies progressed and entered the regional championships where he managed to secure first place. This allowed him to compete at the Provincial championships and represent Ontario in the National championships. He then received scholarship at the University of Toronto and learnt his trade there for four years.

After this period, Rakis was signed to XCW by President Oklahoma and it was there where he adopted his identity of Ty Dhomie. He quickly rose up the ranks of XCW and after a month he defeated Kaine Salvo for the XCW Television Championship. The belt would then exchange hands between these two twice. After his second stint of XCW Television Championship, Ty gave up his title in order to pursue other major titles. Ty then joined forces with Lord Scot and captured the XCW Tag Team Championships. However, Ty suffered a back injury and this forced them to give up the belts as he recovered. Ty returned and in a surprise move betrayed Lord Scot and joined forces with TITAN to once again win tag team gold. Ty then took a short break from XCW.

During this break Ty Dhomie (alongside Lord Scot and Steve "The Judicator" Richtor) experimented with a couple of federations, including the AODWF in which he formed a stable with the other vets from the XCW and a couple of AODWF wrestlers. During this time, of the stable Steve Richtor was the most successfull, but the other members were stuck in the middle care despite obvious talents. Soon the long-running AODWF fell apart and the XCW vets and a good portion of the AODWF roster went to form the CIAWF (led by AODWF alum Vincent Cash) but this federation quickly fell apart as matches were determined by favortism than skill.

Shortly after his break, Oklahoma once again signed Ty Dhomie but this time it was for the position of president for XCW’s new farm league ACW, which would train and supply wrestlers for XCW. Ty mentored and trained the likes of Robbie B "The Boss", Joe Leonard and Marquis de Sade all of which would have successful careers in XCW. However, there were not enough wrestlers to keep on supplying ACW, which forced it to go on hold for a short time. However, it returned and Ty returned shortly after and it once again brought through the likes of Gaf, JTV, Suicide and Demon who all became fairly successful in XCW. However just before Gaf left XCW, Gaf and Ty Dhomie fell out and he helped Bobby Idol to defeat Gaf and become ACW champion. Gaf then joined forces with Oklahoma and Ty would go on to feud with the latter and Ty left due the two being unable to work together.

Ty would then go on to form the Canadian Wrestling Association (heading it with Steve Richtor and Lord Scot)and brought with him almost an entire roster from the ACW and XCW, which forced XCW to close for a short period of time. However, despite its early success Ty became worn out and war forced to close CWA, which saw the fickle roster that left XCW to return along with Ty who returned as a wrestler. However, XCW would only last for a month and Ty lost his only match against Gaf who beat him and Blake Lane in a triple threat match to become the TV champion and deny Ty the chance to regain his former title and gain revenge for his perceived betrayal.

After the collapse of XCW, Ty decided to join the New Era Wrestling federation. After a slow start he was put into the lower Killer division of the federation. However, Ty quickly regained his confidence and won the Killer Championship. He then formed the Unholy Nemesis with his old friend Travis Sutton. The two then won the tag team titles but Ty had to leave for a short period of time for personal reasons. After a 3 month break, he won the PrimeTime Championship and then the Ultimate Heavyweight Championship. However, Ty decided to leave for NEW when his wife,Tiffany Cross, a former wrestler in the XCW, CWA and NEW died in a car accident. However, he has since decided to return and is once again working his way up the ranks of NEW. In May 2006, it was announced that Ty an uncommon strain of cancer that directly affects his muscles, which looks set to end his life.


In wrestling

  • Finishing/Signature Moves:
    • X-Cross (Top Rope Stunner)

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