Ty Patterson is an American Professional Wrestler currently under contract with Supreme Federation Wrestling.

Ty Patterson
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Height 6'2"
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Supreme Federation Wrestling
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Early Years

Youngest of three brothers, was something of an accident, his older brothers being ten and twelve years his senior. David senior is an independent Baptist minister and avid surfer (glossed 'Reverend Ripcurl' by his small congregation, hasn't missed a day of surfing since he was eight) and this second influence weighs on Ty's personality far heavier than the first. Ty turned pro at the age of fifteen, competing around the world with moderate success. This enabled him to dabble in other extreme sports, including skateboarding, snowboarding (missed X Games bronze medal by 0.2 points), and motocross. During a surf tourney in Australia, he and several other competitors were given free ringside tickets to a SFW Oz tour show in Darwin. Ty got to see all the greats that night, seeing the immediate reaction and feedback the wrestlers got from the crowd. This, more than anything, hooked him, and he began studying under several retired SFW alumni before finally being accepted into the Federation. Ty still surfs when he can, if only to have some peace and quiet, and on occasion will show up to his matches soaking wet if the waves were particularly good.


The Beginning...

In 2008, Ty Patterson would sign a developmental deal with Supreme Federation Wrestling. He wouldn't be long for the big leagues, as not more than a month after being in the Training Camp, he was called up to the main roster. His first televised match would be at SFW's pay-per-view Vendetta against fellow rookie Trevor Adams in an Opportunity Knocks match, where the winner would earn a spot in the main roster. The two had a match that was heralded as one that set the standard for the rest of the night, with Patterson coming out on top.

The following week on Underground, Patterson would suffer is first taste of defeat as he was pinned by "The Suplex King" Christopher Powell. He would then go on to challenge then-SFW Heavyweight Champion Steel to a match on the next edition of Underground. But Mr. SFW had other plans in mind, as he opted out of the match and substituted himself with "The Satanist" Skar. Patterson would go on to lose the bout, due to outside interference from Skar's rival at the time, Harlequin. However, this would not be the last time The Satanist and The Suicidal Surfer would meet...

For Your Life

The SFW Brute Force Championship was without an owner, as Jim Rourke dropped the belt several weeks before. The Corp. went into seclusion for the next few weeks as they looked to determine the best way to resolve the situation. With For Your Life approaching fast, they made the decision to put together an SFW-wide Survival Match, where the participants would draw a number and enter accordingly. The only way to eliminate your adversary was to throw the over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. The battle would see 29 people compete, as #30 teased the return of The Dragon Reborn. The final two left standing were the ones who drew #1 and #3, Ty Patterson and Skar. The tandem would each last over an hour in the grueling marathon before Skar picked up the victory, and his first title in SFW.

Prelude To Never Surrender

Ty Patterson would not be satisfied with the result, as Skar's manager, Damien Zachary would nail him in the head with the Brute Title. He sought retribution for the incident, and a challenge was laid out for The Satanic Champion. If Ty Patterson could pull out a victory over Skar in a one on one encounter, he would receive a title shot at Never Surrender. Patterson would go on to make good on his promise by defeating Skar for the opportunity at the gold, setting up an opportunity at the Brute Championship. The Blond Bombshell had another idea, instituting a Steel Cage Match as the stipulation so that Zachary would not be a factor whatsoever. That night, Skar's first championship reign would come to a premature end, as a new champion was crowned. Ty Patterson had proven the naysayers wrong by defeating the Toronto Titan, or so he thought...

The Best Of Five

"Mr. Destruction & Desire" Dmitri Passion would make himself known as a detractor to Patterson's title aspirations. And he would not sit well with the success Patterson achieved, as he believed that he deserved the championship. Patterson would not back down however, and now the two are engaged in a Best Of Five series that sees Patterson up 2 to 1, but not without a bit of controversy.

The first match saw Patterson pick up the win, while the second match went in the favor of Passion. But the third match would have a different twist, as a constant threat to the Brute Championship Ghost would make his presence known in the contest. He would injure Passion's leg and ankle with a steel chair, and disappear after the lights went out. Patterson was down during this exchange as he had no clue of what was happening. He would unknowingly take advantage of the situation by forcing Passion to submit to the Ripcurl. And now, Patterson has taken the lead in the series, but with Passion's status in question, has the series ended prematurely?

Wrestling Facts

  • Finisher and Signature Moves
  • The Ty-up (Ty sets the legs of his opponent up for a surfboard stretch, then leans forward to grab both arms and loop them around his opponent's neck in a double arm cobra clutch/straightjacket sleeper.)
  • The McTwist (one-and-a-half corkscrew moonsault into a leg drop off the top turnbuckle or springboarded off the top rope)
  • The Total Wipeout (backflip into an impaler DDT/reverse DDT off the top turnbuckle or springboarded off the top rope)
  • Hang Time (flying headbutt off the top turnbuckle (in *or* out of the ring) (Ty *literally* has a steel plate in his head) )
  • Tidal Crush
  • Tidal Wave
  • The Trifecta (A left chop/right chop/standing drop kick in rapid succession, often used to soften up a fairly fresh opponent who is temporarily dazed/stunned )
  • Sticking the Landing (somersault double stomp, not usually off the ropes, but can be done that way)
  • Common Moves
  • Knife Edge Chop, usually to the chest, but gut shots while ducking a clothesline from a running opponent are a favorite as well
  • Standing Dropkick
  • Low Dropkick (seated/kneeling opponent or to the knees)
  • Missile Dropkick
  • Corner Pivot Dropkick (Jeff Hardy)
  • Baseball Slide
  • Plancha
  • Springboard Back Elbow (Carlito)
  • Springboard Vault Back Elbow (Tajiri)
  • Enzeguri
  • Running Bulldog
  • Flying Clothesline (usually a reversal to an Irish whip)
  • Spinning Mule Kick
  • Hurricanrana (with most of the standard variations as relates to launch point)
  • Moonsault (ditto)
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Head Scissors
  • Crucifix Roll-Up
  • Sunset Flip (into a power bomb off of a ladder or the second or top turnbuckle)
  • Pass-Through Clothesline in the corner (The Miz)
  • Inverted Atomic Drop
  • Drop Toe Hold
  • 270° Spinning Leg Drop onto the security barrier or apron (RVD)
  • Flying Forearm
  • Hip Toss
  • Arm Drag
  • Legline Lariat
  • Pele Kick
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Rocker Dropper (Fameasser)
  • Title History
1x SFW Brute Force Champion, defeated Skar (June 17 - )
  • Theme Music
  • Bombshell by Powerman 5000

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