Tyler Durden
[[Image:|px|Image of Tyler Durden]]
Real name Alexander Felix Anderton Jr.
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Height 6'3"
Weight 267 lbs.
Date of birth July, 17th, 1980
Place of birth Los Angeles California
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Los Angeles, California
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Debut April, 2007 (xWo)
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Alexander Felix Anderton Jr. (born July, 17th, 1980), better known by his ring name Tyler Durden. Durden is currently working for Xtreme Wrestling Organization where he is currently performing on the Melt Down Brand.


Alexander Felix Anderton Jr. was born in a middle class family in Los Angeles, California where his father, Alexander Felix Anderton Sr. was a business man who would be forced to travel the world and would barely have time to see his son, and Alex would only see his mother who was home all day with his three brothers, Tim, Mike and Jordan. Everyday after school the four boys would get home put there stuff away and go out to the backyard and wrestle each other in their backyard wrestling ring for fun. On May, 20, 1990, Alex's mother had gotten a call from the police saying that her husband had been involved in an air plane crash and had not survived mentally broken down by the news, Alex and his mother along with his brothers moved to Washington, DC to have some peace and quiet and to forget about his father and move on with his life. Alex would end up graduating from college and would start his adult life as what his father was and that was a business man or more like a body guard, soon enough, Alex quit and wanted to pursuit his dream and that was to become a professional wrestler like his grandfather before him. So Alex went to a wrestling tryout, and his first official match was against a guy by the name of Jordan Fredrick, Alex ended up losing the match but still impressed the judges to give him a contract and to train him for the WWA (World Wrestling Alliance). Alex made it and his first WWA match was against, AJ Badd whom he defeated after a fisherman's suplex followed by a springboard moonsault. Impressed so much with his performance against Badd, the current WWA Hybrid Champion at the time, the commissioner of WWA, Selina Gorgeous gave Alex a, shot at the Hybrid Championship at the Pay-Per-View, Final Judgment which Alex lost, thanks to interference by then WWA Champion, Ace Acid. Alex is currently signed with xWo (Xtreme Wrestling Organization) on their Melt Down brand.

xWo Career

coming soon

Finishing moves

  • The Downfall (Fireman's Carry Powerslam)
  • The Clincher (Step Over Toe Hold Sleeper)
  • Time's Up!(Koji Clutch)

Signature Moves

Eye of The Storm(Spinning Fisherman's Suplex)

Stalling Suplex

Fist Drop


Back Body Drop

Hip Toss

Face Crusher

Sitout Powerbomb

  • Nicknames
  • "The Revolutionizer"

Theme Music

Ladies And Gentlemen - Saliva

Championships and accomplishments

(x1) FOW Tag Team Championships 12\5\06 - Present

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